Manchester United v Arsenal Live Commentary, 02/12/2021

3 - 2
Bruno Fernandes (44)
Cristiano Ronaldo (52)
Cristiano Ronaldo (70 pen)
E. Smith Rowe (13)
M. Ødegaard (54)
Old Trafford


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That's United's first home win since early September, and they move up to seventh in the table, now just three points off the top four. Rangnick will take charge next time out when they face Crystal Palace. That's back-to-back defeats on the road for Arsenal, and they stay in fifth. They travel to Everton on Monday.
United come from behind to beat Arsenal 3-2. It was a bizarre opening goal for Arsenal, with De Gea down injured by his own player when Smith Rowe fired in. Fernandes then finished off a good United move to equalise just before half-time. Ronaldo swept in a good goal to put United ahead, but two minutes later, Odegaard equalised. The Norweigan later caught Fred to give away a penalty, which Ronaldo emphatically put away to earn the three points.
90' + 4' Telles slices a clearance high into the stands and the fans are refusing to give the ball back to Arsenal. It takes a little while, but eventually, it's thrown back down to the pitch and the visitors can take their throw-in.
90' + 2' The hosts are dropping deep into their shape as Arsenal patiently work it forward. It's switched from right to left and back again before Tomiyasu's deep cross is cleared by McTominay.
D. van de Beek
Bruno Fernandes
Manchester United
90' United make their final change now and it's Fernandes that's going off for Van de Beek.
A. Martial
Cristiano Ronaldo
Manchester United
88' Ronaldo looked like he was struggling a moment ago before making that sprinting run, and he gingerly makes his way off-field now. Martial is on in his place.
88' BLOCK! It's a brilliant break from United, with Fred playing it forward for Sancho down the right. He has Fernandes and Ronaldo sprinting up with him, and he pulls it back for the midfielder, but Tomiyasu throws himself in front of the shot to block it.
87' BLOCK! Tavares curls a good cross into the box, and it's just over Lacazette's head in the middle. Saka brings it down on the far side and tries to curl a shot across goal, but Fred slides in with an important block.
85' Ronaldo gets himself out of a tight spot as he squeezes the ball forward to Lingard. Somehow it stays in play, with the substitute driving down the left. The shot at the end lets him down though, as he tamely hits it at Ramsdale.
83' Arsenal play it back to Gabriel on the halfway line after a corner is cleared and Ronaldo is giving him no time on it. He pulls back the defender to win the ball though and gives away a free-kick.
81' Fernandes peels off the back of White and McTominay tries to pick him out with a throughball. Gabriel keeps his cool just ahead of the midfielder and intercepts the pass before clearing his lines.
A. Lacazette
P. Aubameyang
79' And Aubameyang is also going off, with Lacazette replacing him.
E. Nketiah
M. Ødegaard
79' There's a double change for Arsenal as well as they try to find an equaliser. Odegaard is first to make way, with Nketiah on for him.
J. Lingard
M. Rashford
Manchester United
79' United are making their first change of the game now. Rashford is going off, with Lingard on in his place.
78' SAVE! Tomiyasu's cross deflects off the back of Fred and Odegaard slices as the ball drops for him. It falls kindly for Aubameyang, who hits his shot on the half-volley from close range and De Gea does well to hold onto it.
76' Rashford runs straight into a crowd after a quick break, but that allows Arsenal to counter themselves. Martinelli drives through the middle before touching it out to Aubameyang. He goes for goal himself, but it's a comfortable save for De Gea.
74' Arsenal have a free-kick and Odegaard is stepping up to take this one. He floats a cross into the box instead of going for goal and Lindelof gets up to head it out for a corner.
72' Arsenal are keeping the ball well in their own half, but can't find a way forward at the moment. United are dropping deeper, for now, trying to protect their lead better than last time.
B. Saka
E. Smith Rowe
70' Before the game restarts, Arsenal are making a change. Smith Rowe, who opened the scoring, goes off with Saka coming on to replace him.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Penalty Goal
Manchester United
70' RONALDO SCORES! Ronaldo places the ball on the spot, and it's a confident penalty. He gives Ramsdale no chance, smashing it down the middle, over the goalkeeper, who dived to his left, and into the back of the net. 3-2 United!
69' PENALTY TO UNITED! Martin Atkinson has been asked by VAR to go and have a look at the monitor. It wasn't a great tackle from Odegaard and after seeing the replays, the referee points to the spot.
68' PENALTY SHOUT! Sancho squares the ball into the box for Fred and Odegaard comes in from behind. He gets nowhere near the ball and takes the Brazilian down. The referee waves the claim away but VAR is having a look at this...
66' SAVE! White plays a good ball over the top of Telles and Aubameyang gets goalside of the left-back to bring it down. He hits the shot from the right of the box, with De Gea punching it away and Tavares heads the follow-up over the bar.
64' It's another good long ball over the top from Maguire and Rashford is rushing onto it down the right. He hits the cross first time after it drops over his shoulder, but it bounces into the ground and White clears.
62' Dalot does well to get back and cut out Smith Rowe's run and Maguire then sets United on the counter. It's switched out to Sancho by Ronaldo, but his floated cross is cut out by Tavares ahead of Rashford.
60' Ronaldo's goal was the 800th of his professional career for club and country, scoring 129 of those for United (also five for Sporting, 450 for Real Madrid, 101 for Juventus and 115 for Portugal).
58' Fred is in quickly to win the ball off Elneny in midfield and he turns before trying to float it over the top to Fernandes. He sells him short though and Tavares clears his lines.
56' United are knocking the ball around well here as they try to regain their lead. They're patiently playing out from the back, but again, Arsenal are dropping deep to close down the space.
Gabriel Martinelli
54' The United defenders are nowhere near Martinelli, and he has so much time down the right before picking out a great cross for Odegaard.
M. Ødegaard
54' ODEGAARD EQUALISES! Just over two minutes after Ronaldo scored, Arsenal are level again! Martinelli times his run perfectly down the right, and he pulls a great cross back to Odegaard. He hits the shot first time, squeezing it past Aubameyang, and De Gea can't get down in time to keep it from nestling in the corner. 2-2!
M. Rashford
Manchester United
52' Again, the Arsenal defenders give Rashford time on the ball and he's allowed to wait for the support to get into the box before playing in Ronaldo.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Manchester United
52' RONALDO SCORES! It's a brilliant reverse pass from Dalot to pick out Rashford's run down the right, and he waits for Ronaldo to get into the box. He squares a low cross into him and Ronaldo hits it first time, guiding it into the far bottom corner of the net. 2-1 United!
50' United win the ball back high upfield and Fred squares in Fernandes, who tees up Rashford. The Arsenal defenders sit back, so he has a go from range, but he drills his shot straight at Ramsdale.
48' GOOD SAVE! Down the other end, Fernandes makes a good run down the right before squaring it to Ronaldo. He cuts back inside, leaving Partey on the ground, before hitting the shot from a tight angle, but Ramsdale smothers it at the near post.
46' GREAT SAVE! Odegaard swings a good corner into the box for Arsenal and it hits Gabriel's back which takes it goal bound. De Gea sees it late but gets a strong hand behind it to push it away.
46' United get us back underway for the second half!
United took a while to get going, especially after going a goal down, but they grew into the game and finally managed to break Arsenal down. Carrick will be expecting much better from his side after the game. Arsenal have played well and stayed compact after going ahead. Arteta will be disappointed to concede, but happy with the majority of that performance.
It's all square at the break, with United and Arsenal drawing 1-1. The visitors took the lead in bizarre circumstances early on - Smith Rowe fired in a shot from the edge of the box while De Gea was down on his line. The whistle went after the ball hit the net, and replays showed that it was Fred that caught the keeper, so the goal had to stand. Fernandes equalised just before the break with a smart finish after a good move from United.
45' + 3' Some of the Arsenal players aren't happy here as they think they should have a penalty. It looked like Maguire was pulling Tomiyasu back during a free-kick, but the referee saw nothing wrong with it.
S. McTominay
Yellow Card
Manchester United
45' + 1' It's a poor challenge from McTominay, who slides in very late on Partey and he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
Manchester United
44' Fred knows where Fernandes is being him, and he does well to get it out of his feet before playing him in.
Bruno Fernandes
Manchester United
44' FERNANDES EQUALISES! It's brilliantly worked by United, with Fernandes finishing it all off. Sancho wrongfoots Tomiyasu before playing in Fred, who pulls it back for Fernandes. He takes it first time, hitting his shot across goal and Ramsdale can't keep it out despite getting a hand to it. 1-1!
42' Fred is late with a challenge on Partey, and Arsenal have a free-kick in a good position through the middle. Odegaard leaves it for Partey, who hits it against the back of Aubameyang, and it loops wide of the goal.
40' Fred lets the ball bounce in front of him, not realising that Elneny is bearing down on him. The midfielder switches it out to Aubameyang, but he can't find a way past Dalot.
38' CHANCE! It's a lovely bit of play from Odegaard, bringing the ball under control before spinning away from Maguire to tee up Martinelli. He has time to take a touch but then drags his shot wide of the near post.
37' It's great pressure from United to win the ball from Elneny high upfield. He plays a one-two with Rashford before having another go from long-range, but this one is straight at Ramsdale.
35' There are big shouts for a penalty from the United fans after Telles goes to ground, but there's not much in it. It's a good tackle from White, who got the ball from behind the left-back, and the referee waves the claims away.
34' Arsenal are staying compact at the back, and they're making life difficult for United. The hosts can't find any space in behind, even as they switch it from right to left again.
32' Tavares slipped as Dalot came in to try and win the ball off him, and he takes an accidental hit to the face. He stayed down as play continued, but he's quickly back to his feet after treatment.
30' Telles pulls the ball back to Maguire, who is a long way upfield, and the space opens up ahead of him. He fires a shot on goal, but there's no dip on it and it flies high into the stands.
29' Smith Rowe (21y 127d) is now the second-youngest goal scorer for Arsenal in the Premier League at Old Trafford, after Nicolas Anelka in February 1999 (19y 340d).
27' The hosts are just upping the pressure a little now as Rashford touches it into Fernandes before continuing his run. He returns the one-two, but Tavares slides in to put it out for a corner.
25' United are keeping the ball well at the moment, but they're struggling to get in behind Arsenal. The visitors are dropping deep for the moment to close down the space.
23' Telles spins away from Tomiyasu and lays it off to Ronaldo on the edge of the box, but he switches it out to Dalot. He fizzes a good, low cross into the middle, but no one is there for United and Partey clears his lines.
21' Sancho switches play out to Fernandes on the right and he curls a good cross into the far post. Ronaldo goes for the spectacular with an overhead kick, but White gets a deft touch just ahead of him to stop the shot.
19' United are trying to have a quick response here and McTominay slides a good throughball into Ronaldo down the left. He cuts inside, but again, can't get any power behind the shot and Ramsdale gets down to stop it.
17' The referee has had the call from the VAR officials, and they've spotted nothing wrong from the Arsenal players in the build-up to the goal. The United players feel aggrieved, but the goal will stand. 1-0 Arsenal!
15' De Gea has received treatment and is now back to his feet and VAR has had a good look at the replays on this goal. There was no foul on the keeper by an Arsenal player, and the United players are surrounding the referee to find out what will happen.
Mohamed Elneny
13' Elneny rose higher than Sancho on the edge of the box to reach the clearance and nod it down for Smith Rowe.
E. Smith Rowe
13' SMITH ROWE SCORES! De Gea is down on his line after being caught by Fred during an Arsenal corner. Maguire clears the cross, but only to Elneny, who cushions it to Smith Rowe. He fires a good shot into the back of the net, but the keeper is still down. The referee's whistle goes, but not until the goal is scored.
12' CHANCE! Partey takes a heavy touch and Fred is quickly in to win it back. He slides in Ronaldo, who weaves past Gabriel to get to the edge of the box. He drags at the shot though, sending it rolling wide of the near post.
10' It's a lovely turn away from Fred by Smith Rowe and he fizzes it straight into Aubameyang's feet. He drags it away from Maguire, but can't get any power on the shot, and De Gea holds it as his near post.
8' Fernandes gets it out to Dalot on the right, and he cuts inside as he wrongfoots Tavares. He takes the shot from long range, and it takes a slight nick off Gabriel, but it's a comfortable save for Ramsdale.
6' Aubameyang wins the ball off Lindelof on the left and United are being are on the back foot again. McTominay gets across to cut out Smith Rowe's run, and Arsenal are forced to play it back.
4' United are patiently playing out from the back, but they're struggling to get upfield due to Arsenal's high press. It's swept out to Dalot on the right, but he can't find a way past Tavares.
2' Sancho gifts the ball to Aubameyang and Maguire blocks his shot. Odegaard swings the resulting corner into the box, with White flicking it on at the near post and Rashford slices his clearance over the bar. It's a nervy start for United.
1' Odegaard gets the game underway for Arsenal!
The teams are out on the pitch, with kick-off just moments away!
Following their 1-0 win at Old Trafford last season, Arsenal are looking to win consecutive away league games against United for the first time since February 1979.
Mikel Arteta makes just two changes to the side that beat Newcastle United on Saturday. Martinelli, who came off the bench to score in that game, comes in along with Elneny. Saka and Lokonga both drop to the bench.
Carrick makes three changes from the draw with Chelsea last time out; Ronaldo returns up front, Maguire is back from suspension and Dalot also comes in. Eric Bailly starts on the bench, where Greenwood is also named after recovering from coronavirus. Nemanja Matic and Aaron Wan-Bissaka are both missing from the squad.
ARSENAL SUBS: Alexandre Lacazette, Arthur Okonkwo, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Eddie Nketiah, Rob Holding, Albert Sambi Lokonga, Kieran Tierney, Nicolas Pepe, Bukayo Saka.
ARSENAL STARTING XI (4-4-1-1): Aaron Ramsdale; Takehiro Tomiyasu, Ben White, Gabriel Magalhaes, Nuno Tavares; Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey, Mohamed Elneny, Emile Smith Rowe; Martin Odegaard; Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.
MANCHESTER UNITED SUBS: Anthony Martial, Amad Diallo, Jesse Lingard, Donny van de Beek, Dean Henderson, Mason Greenwood, Eric Bailly, Phil Jones, Juan Mata.
MANCHESTER UNITED STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): David de Gea; Diogo Dalot, Victor Lindelof, Harry Maguire, Alex Telles; Scott McTominay, Fred; Jadon Sancho, Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford; Cristiano Ronaldo.
United officially announced the signing of their new interim manager Ralf Rangnick on Monday, but they'll have to wait for his first game as he watches from the stands today. Michael Carrick takes charge for the last time, and United are unbeaten under him, winning one and drawing one. Their league form is still a worry though, as they've won just one of their last eight in the competition (D2 L5) and haven't won at home since the beginning of September. As for Arsenal, they've lost just one of their last 12 games in all competitions (W9 D2), though that was in their last away match when they were beaten 4-0 by Liverpool.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Manchester United and Arsenal at Old Trafford!