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Manchester City v Brighton & Hove Albion Live Commentary, 22/10/2022

3 - 1
E. Haaland (22)
E. Haaland (43 pen)
K. De Bruyne (75)
L. Trossard (53)
Etihad Stadium


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That win means that City have closed the gap at the top of the table to just one point, though Arsenal don't play until tomorrow. Their attention now turns to Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League. De Zerbi's wait for his first win at Brighton goes on, and they're now winless in five. They host Graham Potter's Chelsea next weekend.
City get back to winning ways as they brush aside Brighton with a 3-1 win. Haaland was the star of the first half, scoring with the only two shots on target. Ederson set him up for his first, rounding Sanchez outside the box to slot it into the empty net before dispatching the penalty that was awarded by VAR after Dunk tripped Silva. Trossard pulled one back just after half-time, rifling it in at the near post, but De Bruyne sealed the points with a wonderful effort from the edge of the D.
90' + 5' Laporte hurt himself as he tried to cut off Sarmiento's run and he stayed down holding his ankle. He's quickly back to his feet after treatment though, and he'll be able to see out the game.
90' + 3' Sarmiento gets the better of Laporte and surges forward down the right before squaring it into the middle. It's behind Gilmour, but Caicedo picks it up only to foul Rodri before he can have a shot.
90' + 1' Laporte goes for the more direct approach this time, going long over the top looking for De Bruyne. He's away through the middle, but it's too close to Sanchez, who comes to the edge of his area to collect it.
89' It's a poor clearance by Sanchez as he fizzes it straight at Palmer just outside the box. He manages to touch it into De Bruyne, but Dunk is quick to close him down before he can take a shot.
J. Sarmiento
P. Groß
Brighton & Hove Albion
87' And Gross is also making way, with Sarmiento replacing him.
B. Gilmour
A. Mac Allister
Brighton & Hove Albion
87' Final changes for Brighton now. Mac Allister is the first to go off, with Gilmour on for him.
86' Mac Allister whips in a cross and Estupinan just manages to keep it in play at the byline. He pulls it back to Caicedo on the edge of the box, but his first-time shot is blocked by Dias.
84' City are starting to give away a few needless fouls as Brighton continue to push forward in search of another goal. The free-kick is swept out to Estupinan on the left, but he can't get past Palmer.
82' De Bruyne takes the corner short to Foden so that he can open up a better angle for a cross when he gets it back. It's over everyone though, and it harmlessly bounces wide.
J. Álvarez
E. Haaland
Manchester City
80' Final change for City now, and Haaland isn't going to have the chance to get a hat-trick as he's replaced by Alvarez.
D. Undav
D. Welbeck
Brighton & Hove Albion
79' Brighton are making their third change. It's Welbeck that's taken off for Undav.
C. Palmer
J. Grealish
Manchester City
77' Second change for City now, and it's Grealish that's making way for Palmer.
Bernardo Silva
Manchester City
75' After working it between Brighton's midfield, the space opens up for Silva, and he surges upfield before laying it off to De Bruyne.
K. De Bruyne
Manchester City
75' WHAT A GOAL! It's well worked down the left by City and Silva squares it to De Bruyne, who is hovering just outside the D. Estupinan tries to close him down but doesn't get there in time as he fires the shot over him and Sanchez into the back of the net. 3-1 City!
P. Estupiñán
Yellow Card
Brighton & Hove Albion
74' Estupinan trips Foden when the Englishman tries to spin past him, and he goes into the referee's book.
73' GOOD SAVE! March nudges Silva off the ball and touches it through to Trossard, who has space down the left. He manages to hold off Cancelo long enough to get his shot away from a tight angle, but Ederson gets down quickly to smother it.
72' CLOSE! Laporte almost scores from the resulting corner. Foden swings the corner in and Laporte rises highest near the penalty spot. He thumps his header towards the far post and Sanchez is beaten, but it bounces just wide.
71' CHANCE! De Bruyne threads it through to Haaland on the edge of the box, with the forward timing his run perfectly. He cuts back inside, losing Webster before Dunk steps in to block his shot and send it over.
69' Haaland surges forward on the counter after Rodri cut out Brighton's attack, but nobody is up with him in support. He ends up fouling Dunk in his attempts to hold it up, much to his frustration.
67' CHANCE! Silva plays a loose pass out of his own box straight to Mac Allister, and he finds himself in a pocket of space. He's trying to pick out the near-top corner with his swerving shot, but it sails just over the bar.
P. Estupiñán
J. Veltman
Brighton & Hove Albion
66' Veltman was receiving treatment for what looks like an ankle injury, and he makes his way straight off the pitch with the physio. Estupinan is on in his place.
64' Akanji cuts out a loose pass from Sanchez and nods it out to Foden on the right. He fizzes a low ball into Rodri on the edge of the box, but he can't find space for a shot.
P. Foden
R. Mahrez
Manchester City
62' City are making their first change of the game now, and it's Foden that comes on to replace Mahrez.
P. Groß
Yellow Card
Brighton & Hove Albion
61' Gross slid in with a late challenge on Rodri, catching the Spaniard on the ankle, and he's booked for it.
60' City's second goal in this game was their 600th in the Premier League under Guardiola, becoming only the third club to reach 600+ goals under a single manager in the competition after Manchester United under Alex Ferguson and Arsenal under Arsene Wenger.
58' City are moving it quickly upfield and it's Silva that picks out Mahrez in space down the right this time. He cuts inside before having a go from the angle again, but Webster slides in with a block.
56' Brighton's confidence has soared after scoring that last goal, and they're keeping City penned back in their own half. March slides it through for Caicedo, but his cross is headed away by Laporte.
R. Mahrez
Yellow Card
Manchester City
54' March is spinning away from Mahrez, and the City man just puts an arm out to block his run. He's shown a yellow card.
S. March
Brighton & Hove Albion
53' Nobody closes March down and he has time to get his head up and play the return pass into Trossard.
L. Trossard
Brighton & Hove Albion
53' TROSSARD PULLS ONE BACK! Laporte nods it to Akanji, and he gets caught on the ball by March. He links up well with Trossard, pulling it back to him on the edge of the box, and he rifles his shot into the near post. It flies under Ederson's arm and into the net. 2-1!
52' GOOD SAVE! It's a great break from City, with De Bruyne surging through the middle. He spreads it out to Mahrez, who is unmarked as he cuts inside from the right, but his low drive is blocked by Sanchez's foot.
50' Brighton win a free-kick through the middle and Gross is standing over it. He tries to float it into the far post towards Welbeck, but nobody gets near it and it bounces harmlessly out of play.
48' Brighton are looking to make a quick start to the second half and March finds himself in space down the left. He whips a low cross into the six-yard box, but it's too close to Ederson.
46' City get us back underway for the second half!
T. Lamptey
A. Lallana
Brighton & Hove Albion
46' There's a change for Brighton at the break, and it's a defensive one. Lallana is taken off and replaced by Lamptey.
Despite taking a 2-0 lead into half-time, Guardiola still didn't look overly happy with his side on the whistle. They've barely created anything of note, and he'll be looking for more dominance after the break. De Zerbi's side have struggled defensively, causing themselves a lot of their own problems. They need that to change if they want to get back into this game.
City are in control at the break, with a 2-0 lead over Brighton. There haven't been a lot of chances in the first half for either team, but Haaland has been clinical when it mattered, scoring with the only two shots on target. Ederson played it long and Haaland rounded Sanchez outside the box before coolly slotting into the empty net. VAR awarded a penalty just before the break after Silva was tripped by Dunk and the Norwegian fired it past Sanchez into the bottom corner.
45' + 2' Haaland spins and plays a sloppy pass back towards Dias which is cut out by Welbeck. He tries to sweep it out to Trossard down the left but overhits it straight out of play instead.
45' Brighton are still struggling to play out from the back as Veltman gifts the ball to City this time. Rodri instantly looks for Grealish, but he wasn't expecting it and it bounces straight off him.
E. Haaland
Penalty Goal
Manchester City
43' HAALAND SCORES! He was made to wait a long time to take the penalty while Brighton argued their case, but it didn't faze him! It's a great spot-kick from the forward, who powerfully slots into the bottom right corner. Sanchez had barely shifted from his starting position before it hit the back of the net. 2-0 City!
41' PENALTY TO CITY! While the game carried on, VAR was checking that incident with Silva. Dunk's trailing leg caught Silva and the defender got nowhere near the ball. After seeing the replays, he goes back onto the field and points to the spot.
39' For the third time in this game, City are asking for a penalty that isn't given. Silva's waiting for it to drop, and he gets a slight nudge in the back before tripping over Dunk's outstretched leg, but the referee waves play on.
38' CHANCE! After another good break from Brighton, Trossard's cross is blocked for a corner. Gross whips it into the near post, where Welbeck flicks it on at the front of the crowd, but it loops wide of the far top corner.
36' It's better from Brighton as Mac Allister sweeps it out to Trossard on the left. He drops a shoulder to lose Akanji, but there are still a lot of bodies between him and the goal when he hits the shot, and Dias blocks it.
34' Brighton are causing a lot of their own problems here as they continue to try and play it out from the back. Dunk is closed down by Silva this time and just squeezes it through to Sanchez, who had moved away from his goal to create the angle to clear it.
32' It's a great break from City, with Mahrez touching it through to Silva down the right. He squares it to De Bruyne, who plays a one-two with Rodri while he gets into the box. He hits the shot first time, but Dunk stretches to make the block in front of Sanchez.
30' Grealish wins it back and knocks it into Haaland, who loops it back out to the winger. He sets himself to volley it first time but kicks Veltman who had got across to block it. There are more shouts for a penalty, but it's not given.
28' It's lovely play from Brighton to work it upfield this time, but City quickly drop back into their shape. The visitors are switching it from side to side in an attempt to open them up, but are struggling at the moment.
M. Caicedo
Yellow Card
Brighton & Hove Albion
26' Haaland is holding off Caicedo and the midfielder eventually drags him down in frustration. He's shown the first yellow card of the game.
24' Brighton look nervy at the back and it doesn't help when Gross knocks it back to Dunk in his own box. Haaland and De Bruyne both close him down and the defender does well to win a goal-kick under pressure.
Manchester City
22' Ederson stays in his box this time, but gets his head up and picks out a wonderful long ball over the top that's perfectly weighted for Haaland to bring down.
E. Haaland
Manchester City
22' HAALAND SCORES! Brighton are all over the place at the back, and the Norweigan takes advantage! It starts with Ederson, who pings a lovely ball upfield and Sanchez rushes out of his box. Haaland chests it past him, before nudging Webster out of the way and slotting his shot into the back of the empty net. 1-0 City!
20' NO PENALTY! City are asking for a penalty after Haaland takes a tumble over Sanchez in the box. De Bruyne squared it in, and the keeper stuck out a leg to try and block the ball but caught Haaland on the ankle instead. After a check, VAR sticks with the onfield decision.
18' Brighton are just starting to press City higher up the pitch now and Lallana picks Haaland's pocket. He has no one ahead of him though and can't set the visitors on the counter.
16' City have won each of their last nine Premier League home games, scoring at least three goals each time. There have only ever been two longer such runs in English top-flight history, both by Aston Villa (12 between March-December 1897 and 13 between December 1930 and September 1931).
14' Brighton clear the City corner but then get caught on the ball trying to pass it out of their own area. It's worked out to De Bruyne on the left, but there's no one in the middle to get on the end of his deep cross.
12' CHANCE! Again, Ederson leisurely comes out of his box with the ball before looking for Cancelo, and this time, it's cut out by Welbeck. He takes the shot early while the keeper is still well off his line, but he slips and fires it high into the stands.
10' Haaland drops deep to get on the ball and slides it down the right for Mahrez. His first thought is to square it to De Bruyne, who slips as it's played, but it was well behind him anyway.
8' When Trossard swung that last cross in, Dias backed into Welbeck and accidentally caught the forward in the eye with his elbow. He's back on his feet after treatment and will be able to carry on.
6' Ederson is being allowed to come a long way out of his box with the ball to pick out a pass and none of the Brighton players are closing him down. Webster does cut intercept the ball and play it forward for Trossard, but he can't find Welbeck with his cross.
4' Brighton are patiently trying to work it out from the back, but Webster gifts it to Haaland on the edge of the box with a sloppy pass. The Norwegian squares it to Mahrez, but Webster recovers well to nick it off him.
2' City are enjoying all of the early possession here and Cancelo tries to set Grealish away down the left. He clips Veltman as he cuts in front of the defender though, and gives away a free-kick.
1' Gross gets the game underway for Brighton!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Brighton have never won an away league game against City - they've lost 10 of their 12 such visits, including each of the last eight by an aggregate score of 21-2.
De Zerbi was clearly happy with his team's performance in the draw with Nottingham Forest on Tuesday as he names an unchanged line-up here today. He also has Colwill back on the bench, with the defender deemed fit enough after shaking off a knock.
Pep Guardiola makes three changes to the side that lost at Liverpool last weekend. Laporte gets his first start of the season, with Mahrez and Grealish also coming in. Ake, Foden and Gundogan all drop to the bench, and Stones is also named as a substitute after recovering from a hamstring injury.
BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION SUBS: Jan Paul van Hecke, Levi Colwill, Jason Steele, Julio Enciso, Jeremy Sarmiento, Deniz Undav, Tariq Lamptey, Billy Gilmour, Pervis Estupinan.
BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Robert Sanchez; Joel Veltman, Lewis Dunk, Adam Webster; Solly March, Alexis Mac Allister, Moises Caicedo, Leandro Trossard; Pascal Gross, Adam Lallana; Danny Welbeck.
MANCHESTER CITY SUBS: Sergio Gomez, Stefan Ortega, Julian Alvarez, John Stones, Rico Lewis, Nathan Ake, Phil Foden, Ilkay Gundogan, Cole Palmer.
MANCHESTER CITY STARTING XI (4-3-3): Ederson; Joao Cancelo, Ruben Dias, Manuel Akanji, Aymeric Laporte; Kevin De Bruyne, Rodrigo, Bernardo Silva; Riyad Mahrez, Erling Haaland, Jack Grealish.
City suffered their first defeat of the season last time out in a 1-0 defeat to Liverpool at Anfield. It ends their 13-match unbeaten run in all competitions (W10 D3), and they'll be looking to get back to winning ways today to close the gap at the top between them and Arsenal to one point. As for Brighton, they're still looking for their first victory under new manager Roberto De Zerbi (D2 L2). They've also failed to score in their last three outings after a 3-3 draw with Liverpool in the Italian's first game.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Manchester City and Brighton and Hove Albion at the Etihad Stadium!