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Liverpool v Southampton Live Commentary, 12/11/2022

3 - 1
Roberto Firmino (6)
D. Núñez (21)
D. Núñez (42)
C. Adams (9)


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That win lifts Liverpool into sixth, and they're now five points off the top four. Their first game back after the World Cup is an EFL Cup tie at Manchester City. Southampton drop down to 19th after Nottingham Forest's win. They also come back to an EFL Cup game, facing Lincoln City.
Nathan Jones' first game at Southampton ends in a 3-1 defeat to Liverpool. Firmino opened the scoring just six minutes in, glancing a wonderful header into the bottom corner, but Adams equalised not long after with a thumping effort of his own. Nunez's brace secured the points for Liverpool as he volleyed in the first before poking in another just before the break. Van Dijk came close a couple of times, while Alisson made good saves to deny Adams and Edozie in the second half, but neither side could add to their tallies.
90' + 3' Salah weaves between two Southampton defenders to get to the edge of the box before curling a shot towards the far post. Lyanco throws himself forward to make the block and deflects it wide.
90' + 1' Into the first of four added minutes here, and Southampton are still pushing forward. Elyounoussi swings an early cross into the box this time, looking for Adams, but his header is straight down the middle at Alisson.
89' CLOSE! The corner comes in from Tsimikas, and it's Van Dijk that rises highest in the middle again. He flicks his header towards the far post, and a slight nick off Adams helps it just wide.
N. Phillips
T. Alexander-Arnold
87' And Alexander-Arnold is the other player making way, with Phillips replacing him.
Fábio Carvalho
D. Núñez
87' Nunez won't get the chance to go for his hat-trick goal as Carvalho comes on in his place.
K. Tsimikas
A. Robertson
86' Liverpool are making a triple change as they look to see out their win. Robertson is the first to go off, with Tsimikas on for him.
84' Southampton are still making a late push for another goal, but their final pass is letting them down. Perraud looks for Edozie down the left, but there's just too much on it, which allows Milner to get back and block his run.
J. Aribo
R. Lavia
82' Southampton's final change does see Lavia making way, with Aribo on to replace him.
81' Lavia goes down after stretching to block Salah's cross, and it looks like he has cramp. The medical team are on to see to him, but it looks like they won't risk him as a substitution is coming for the Saints.
79' Southampton win a free-kick on the right and Ward-Prowse swings another good delivery in. It runs all the way through to the far post, but it's just out of Lyanco's reach as he slides in on the stretch.
77' GREAT SAVE! Walcott spins before surging down the left and he gets away from Fabinho to knock it out to Lyanco on the right. He clips a good cross into the middle and Adams thumps a header on goal, but Alisson denies him with a strong hand.
A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
Roberto Firmino
75' Liverpool's second change sees Oxlade-Chamberlain come on in place of Firmino.
74' Thiago finds himself in space down the left this time and he's looking for Salah with his cross. It's too high for him, though Firmino tries to keep it alive at the far post before turning straight into Salisu.
A. Bella-Kotchap
72' Fourth change for Southampton now, and it's Lyanco that's coming on to replace Bella-Kotchap.
72' CLOSE! Alexander-Arnold's corner is cleared, but Liverpool keep it alive by working it out to Robertson on the opposite flank. He whips another good cross into the box and picks out Van Dijk. He thumps a header towards the near post, but it bounces just wide.
70' Liverpool work it well down their left before Robertson squares it to Salah on the edge of the D. He has the right idea by playing it between the lines for Alexander-Arnold but he wasn't expecting it, and Bazunu collects.
J. Milner
H. Elliott
68' Liverpool are making their first change now. Elliott is taken off, with Milner replacing him as he makes his 600th Premier League appearance.
M. Salisu
Yellow Card
66' Salisu took a heavy touch which allowed Elliott to nick it back. The defender tries to make up for his error, but trips him and goes into the referee's book.
65' Southampton are enjoying a good spell of possession at the moment, but they're struggling to get forward. The Reds are staying compact and stopping them from getting out of their own half.
63' GOOD SAVE! There are big shouts from the Liverpool fans and players for a penalty as they feel Salah was dragged back, but nothing's given and Southampton break on the counter. Edozie spins before hitting a shot down the middle, but Alisson makes another good stop.
62' SAVE! Elyounoussi gets in front of Gomez again, and he drills a low shot towards the near post from the left of the box. Alisson smothers it and sets Liverpool on the counter.
61' Southampton are starting to move it quicker now and it's catching Liverpool's defenders out. Ward-Prowse slides a throughball into the box for Walcott to chase, but he can't keep it in.
A. Maitland-Niles
D. Ćaleta-Car
59' And Caleta-Car, who is on a yellow card, is also taken off. Maitland-Niles is on for him, gesturing that there'll be a change to three at the back.
S. Edozie
A. Armstrong
59' Substitution Adam James Armstrong Samuel Ikechukwu Edozie
T. Walcott
S. Armstrong
58' Southampton are making a triple change here. Stuart Armstrong is the first player to go off, with Walcott on in his place.
56' Elliott finds himself in a pocket of space down the right and he clips another good cross into the six-yard box. This time, he picks out Salah, but he gets caught under it and his header loops high over the bar.
54' Southampton are still showing a threat down their left and Perraud cuts back before squaring a low cross into the box. Gomez slips at the wrong moment, but Adams can't bring it under control.
52' With his two assists in the first half, Robertson has equalled Leighton Baines as the defender with the most assists in Premier League history (53).
50' CLOSE! Liverpool win a corner, and Robertson swings another good delivery in. He picks out Firmino at the near post, and he glances a header on which has Bazunu scrambling, but it sails just over the bar.
48' SAVE! Southampton win it back on the halfway line, and Lavia spins before sliding it through for Adam Armstrong. Alexander-Arnold was playing him onside and he drills a low shot across goal, but it's straight at Alisson.
46' Liverpool get us back underway for the second half!
Klopp looked fairly pleased with his side's performance from his spot in the stands, and he'll be hoping for more of the same after the break. Jones' first game isn't going the way he would've liked so far, though Southampton have had some bright moments. He'll be looking for a quick start to the second half to try and get back into this game.
Liverpool take a 3-1 lead over Southampton into half-time. Firmino broke the deadlock just six minutes into the game, glancing a wonderful header into the bottom corner from Robertson's free-kick. Adams equalised from a similar set-piece at the other end not long after, thumping his header past Alisson. Nunez's double put Liverpool in control though, volleying in his first past Bazunu before poking in his second just before the break.
45' + 1' MISS! Alexander-Arnold steps in front of Adam Armstrong to stop him from getting in on goal, but his interception falls straight to Adams. He holds off Fabinho before drilling a shot wide of the near post, but it wouldn't have counted anyway as he fouled the Brazilian in the process.
44' Southampton were just starting to take more risks before Liverpool's third goal, but they're trying their luck again now. They're moving it nicely until Bella-Kotchap takes a heavy touch, but he's fouled by Robertson when he attempts to steal it off him.
A. Robertson
42' Robertson got the better of Bella-Kotchap again, and he has his second assist of the game.
D. Núñez
42' NUNEZ SCORES AGAIN! It's another quick move from Liverpool, as Thiago slides it down the left for Robertson to chase. He fizzes a dangerous low cross into the middle and Nunez slides in to poke it past Bazunu on the edge of the six-yard box. 3-1 Liverpool!
41' It's better from Southampton here as it's switched out to Elyounoussi on the right. He gets a yard on Nunez to clip a cross into the middle, and it's just out of Adam Armstrong's reach as he throws himself forward.
39' Fabinho spins away from Lavia before going long for Nunez. He brings it down on the edge of the box and squares it into Salah, but his heavy first touch bounces straight to Salisu, who clears the danger.
37' Southampton just can't keep hold of the ball and Liverpool are on the attack again. Van Dijk slides it through for Elliott down the right, and his cross almost causes Bazunu a problem, but it lands on the roof of the net.
35' Thiago has switched out to the right for the moment and his clipped cross is cleared away by Bella-Kotchap. He only gets it as far as Alexander-Arnold, who hits the shot first time on the volley, but it sails high over the bar.
33' Liverpool are really starting to up the pressure now, and Southampton just can't get out of their own half. Thiago curls in a cross from the left, but Nunez just slips before he can get on the end of it.
31' Alexander-Arnold's cross is just too high for Nunez and Bazunu flaps it away as far as Firmino. He does well to hold it up, spinning away from Bella-Kotchap before touching it to Robertson. He squares it to Salah in the middle, but he scuffs it straight at Bazunu.
29' GREAT SAVE! Stuart Armstrong's loose pass is cut out by Liverpool and Elliott bursts forward on the counter before switching it to Salah. He feeds in Nunez, who touches it to Firmino at the near post, but his clever flick is blocked by Bazunu and held at the second attempt.
27' Again, Southampton look to their left to make something happen as Perraud and Stuart Armstrong try to open up Liverpool. Alexander-Arnold stands his ground well, and Gomez helps clear the danger.
25' It's well worked by Southampton this time as Caleta-Car intercepts Salah's throughball and links up well with Lavia to get out of trouble. Adam Armstrong has space to run into, but a heavy touch gifts it straight to Gomez.
23' Southampton are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but they're not moving it as quickly as they were before. They're patiently working it upfield but can't find a way in behind Liverpool.
H. Elliott
21' It was Elliott's shot that started the move, and he found a pocket of space to get his head up and pick out a cross when it eventually came back to him.
D. Núñez
21' NUNEZ SCORES! Southampton just can't clear their lines, despite many opportunities to do so. Elliott eventually picks out a team-mate with his cross, and Nunez gets behind Salisu to volley his first-time shot out of Bazunu's reach and into the far-bottom corner of the net. 2-1 Liverpool!
20' Liverpool are just starting to get a foothold in this game, and Nunez drives through the middle. It deflects into the air and Elliott nods it into the box, but the three forwards get in each others' way and Bazunu collects again.
18' It's a really open game here as Liverpool break forward again. Firmino drops deep to touch it out to Elliott, who squares it into Nunez. He gets goalside of Salisu, but can't get the ball out of his feet quick enough to get a shot away.
16' GOOD SAVE! It's fizzed down the left for Nunez by Robertson and he has a quick glance into the box before squaring it to the far post. Salah reaches it first and pokes it towards goal, but Bazunu gets down quickly to smother it.
15' Bazunu goes long with a free-kick and Adams gets in front of Van Dijk to flick it on towards Adam Armstrong. He's just beaten to it by Gomez, who takes two attempts to clear his lines.
13' BLOCK! The threat for Southampton comes down their right this time, with Elyounoussi clipping in a cross from the byline. Perraud runs onto it and drills it on goal first time, but it's blocked by Alexander-Arnold.
11' Southampton are on the attack again here after winning the ball back high upfield. Perraud tries to pick out space for a cross down the left, but he hits it straight against Alexander-Arnold.
J. Ward-Prowse
9' Just like Liverpool's at the other end, it's a great set-piece from Southampton, with Ward-Prowse putting it into the space just outside the six-yard box.
C. Adams
9' ADAMS EQUALISES! Ward-Prowse steps up to take Southampton's free-kick on the right and he whips a wonderful cross onto the edge of the six-yard box. Alisson had come off his line, but the forward gets there in front of him and thumps his header into the back of the net. 1-1!
8' Southampton are looking to get an instant response to going behind, and they're working it quickly upfield. Perraud makes a driving run down the left before he's tripped by Firmino to win a free-kick.
A. Robertson
6' It's a brilliant delivery from Robertson on the free-kick to set up the opening goal.
Roberto Firmino
6' FIRMINO SCORES! It's Robertson that swings in the resulting free-kick on the right for Liverpool and Firmino gets in front of Elyounoussi as he moves towards the ball. He has his back to goal, but glances his header on. He gets enough on it to lift it over the crowd and into the far-bottom corner. 1-0 Liverpool!
D. Ćaleta-Car
Yellow Card
5' Salah knocks the ball past Caleta-Car, who just steps across the Egyptian to block his run. He picks up an early yellow card.
4' Liverpool are moving it quickly upfield and Thiago lifts a lovely ball over the top for Nunez to chase down the left. He quickly hooks a cross to the far post under pressure from Bella-Kotchap, but Salisu chests it back to Bazunu.
2' Thiago is crowded off the ball and Southampton quickly break on the counter. Elyounoussi's throughball is shielded back to Alisson, who slices it out for a throw-in. Elyounoussi swings a cross in this time, which Adams flicks on, but he sends it wide.
1' Adam Armstrong gets the game underway for Southampton!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Liverpool have lost their last three Premier League games against sides in the relegation zone, going down against Manchester United, Nottingham Forest and Leeds this season. They've never lost four consecutive such matches in the competition before.
Jones makes seven changes from the side that started in the EFL Cup on Wednesday, with only Caleta-Car, Salisu, Ward-Prowse and Adam Armstrong retaining their places. They are without Juan Larios, who misses out with an adductor injury.
Jurgen Klopp is serving a one-match touchline ban today, so it's Pep Lijnders that will be in the dugout for Liverpool. After making wholesale changes in midweek, they revert back to last week's line-up, which is changed by one. Gomez, who did start against Derby, replaces Ibrahima Konate, who misses out with a minor injury.
SOUTHAMPTON SUBS: Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Joe Aribo, Lyanco, Ibrahima Diallo, Moussa Djenepo, Theo Walcott, Sekou Mara, Alex McCarthy, Samuel Edozie.
SOUTHAMPTON STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Gavin Bazunu; Armel Bella-Kotchap, Duje Caleta-Car, Mohammed Salisu, Romain Perraud; Romeo Lavia, James Ward-Prowse; Stuart Armstrong, Che Adams, Mohamed Elyounoussi; Adam Armstrong.
LIVERPOOL SUBS: Ben Doak, Stefan Bajcetic, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Nathaniel Phillips, Caoimhin Kelleher, Kostas Tsimikas, Fabio Carvalho, James Milner, Adrian.
LIVERPOOL STARTING XI (4-3-1-2): Alisson; Trent Alexander-Arnold, Joe Gomez, Virgil van Dijk, Andy Robertson; Harvey Elliott, Fabinho, Thiago Alcantara; Roberto Firmino; Mohamed Salah, Darwin Nunez.
Going into their final game before the World Cup break, Nathan Jones takes charge of Southampton for the very first time, and a win could lift them out of the drop zone. Ralph Hasenhuttl's last match ended in a 4-1 defeat to Newcastle United last weekend, with his replacement being announced on Thursday, the day after they knocked Sheffield Wednesday out of the EFL Cup on penalties. Liverpool also needed a shoot-out to see off Derby County in midweek. They're unbeaten in three since their last Premier League home game, which saw them lose 2-1 to Leeds United, ending a 29-match unbeaten streak in the competition at Anfield.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Liverpool and Southampton at Anfield!