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90' + 1'
E. Dennis
João Pedro
2 - 5
J. King
E. Dennis
2 - 4
J. King
E. Dennis
2 - 3
J. Kucka
J. Hernández
2 - 2
M. Keane
2 - 1

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50% 49%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 8
Total Passes 389 388
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Ranieri has his first win in charge of Watford and it lifts his side up to 14th in the Premier League. Next up for them is Southampton at home. That's back-to-back defeats for Everton now and they stay in eighth. They travel to Wolves for their next match.
Watford come from behind to stun Everton with a 5-2 win. Davies broke the deadlock just three minutes in, but Everton only led for 10 minutes as King pulled one back. After the break, Richarlison came off the bench and scored a diving header to restore the hosts' lead. Watford left it late though, with four goals in the last 15 minutes. Kucka scored the equaliser from a corner before King got his hat-trick, scoring twice in six minutes to turn the game on its head. Dennis rounded it off in stoppage-time following another quick break.
S. Rondón
Yellow Card
90' + 3' Rondon catches Kucka with a late challenge and is shown a yellow card.
João Pedro
90' + 1' Pedro's run down the right drew the Everton players out of position and he had good awareness to square it into Dennis on the edge of the box.
E. Dennis
90' + 1' DENNIS SCORES! Everton are all over the place at the back again and Pedro pulls the ball back to the edge of the box. Digne slides in but completely misses it. It rolls through to Dennis, who steps away from Keane and he keeps his composure to slot the ball past Pickford. 5-2 Watford! 
90' SAVE! Richarlison pushes forward down the right and from a very tight angle near the byline, he pulls the ball back towards goal. Foster has his near post covered though and gets down to clear it from his near post. 
88' Everton are still pushing forward and they win another free-kick down the left. Yet again, Digne whips a good cross into the crowded far post, but Davies gets caught under it and it bounces harmlessly wide.
E. Dennis
86' Dennis was alert on the edge of the box and he did well to squeeze the ball through to King.
J. King
86' HAT-TRICK! It looks like the chance is wasted after Hernandez's pull-back is behind everyone, but Godfrey messes up his clearance. Dennis pokes it through to King, who dummies a shot that forces Coleman to commit to a tackle before he fires past Pickford for his third goal of the game. 4-2 Watford! 
84' GREAT CHANCE! Masina can't get anywhere near Coleman and the substitute pulls the ball back from the byline on the right. It's just too high for Iwobi in the middle, but Digne brings it down on the far side. He leans back as he hits the shot though and it blazes high over the bar. 
83' Everton are trying to get themselves back into this game, but they're struggling to keep hold of it in the final third. Townsend drifts out to the right again but his cross hits Cathcart at the near post.
81' GREAT SAVE! The Watford fans thought they had a fourth goal, but Pickford does brilliantly. Dennis turns and hits the shot on the volley after it bounces up on the edge of the box and the goalkeeper gets his fingertips to it to tip it just wide. 
J. King
Yellow Card
81' King took his shirt off in celebration of his goal and is shown a yellow card.
E. Dennis
80' Dennis gets his head down and makes a great run down the left. Godfrey gets across to try and close him down, but he still manages to curl a cross into King. 
J. King
80' KING SCORES! And just like that, Watford are ahead! It came from a quick break after Digne lost the ball and Dennis drives down the right. He curls a perfectly weighted cross into King, who is all alone in the box. He has time to bring it down before hitting his shot past Pickford and into the back of the net. 3-2 Watford! 
J. Hernández
78' It was a great corner from Hernandez and he put it into the open space through the middle for Kucka to run onto.
J. Kucka
78' KUCKA EQUALISES! It's a good corner from Hernandez, but Everton's defenders are all over the place. Kucka is completely unmarked on the penalty spot and he makes a late run to thump a header past Pickford and pull Watford level. 2-2! 
A. Iwobi
D. Gray
77' Everton are making a change as well as Gray is taken off and replaced by Iwobi.
N. N'Koulou
J. Ngakia
76' Final change for Watford now as Nkoulou comes on in place of Ngakia. 
74' CLOSE! Everton win a free-kick on the left and Digne whips another good cross into the far post. Keane rises highest to get on the end of it, but he heads it just wide. 
Yellow Card
72' Richarlison has his name taken by the referee now after he catches Dennis with a late challenge.
E. Dennis
Yellow Card
70' Dennis clips Richarlison in his attempts to stop the Brazilian from latching onto the ball and he's shown a yellow card. 
69' Gray has gone down after getting into a tangle with Ngakia and it looks like he's holding his knee at the side of the pitch. The medical team do go over to him, but he gingerly gets back up without needing treatment. 
67' Pedro squares the ball into King on the edge of the box, but his flick-on is blocked. Godfrey only gets it as far as Dennis, who tries to bring it down, but he uses his hand and Everton win a free-kick. 
65' GOOD SAVE! Watford look to make another quick response to going behind as Hernandez squares the ball to Kucka through the middle. He has a go from range, drilling it on goal and Pickford gets two strong hands to it to push it away.
E. Dennis
I. Sarr
64' Sarr is also making way, with Dennis replacing him.
João Pedro
O. Tufan
64' Watford are making a double change following Everton's goal. Tufan is the first to go off, with Pedro on for him.
M. Keane
63' Keane isn't put under any pressure when the ball comes back out to him and he has time to get his head up and pick out the cross to Richarlison.
63' RICHARLISON SCORES! Digne's shot was blocked, but Watford just don't clear their lines properly. It's curled back in by Keane and Richarlison has so much space through the middle. He dives forward to get his head on it and Foster is in no man's land as it flies past him into the net. 2-1 Everton! 
62' Everton win a free-kick on the left and Digne whips a great cross into the six-yard box. Davies gets caught under it though and his header ends up looping high and wide of the far post.
A. Gordon
60' Everton are making the first change of the game as Gordon is taken off and replaced by Richarlison.
58' GREAT SAVE! Watford switch it from left to right and Sarr drills a dangerous, low cross into the six-yard box. King is unmarked in the middle and pokes it towards goal. Pickford spreads himself and gets down quickly to deny him from close range. 
56' Everton sloppily give the ball away and Ngakia goes long over the top to try and pick out Sarr. He has two defenders around him and isn't able to bring it down. 
Yellow Card
54' Allan is the latest Everton player to go down in the box, but he was already going down when the contact came from Sissoko, so he's booked for diving. 
54' Gordon has acres of space to run into down the left and there are big shouts from the crowd when he goes to ground in the box. Tufan did make slight contact with him, but it came outside the box and the referee tells him to get back to his feet. 
52' King brings down Sissoko's cross well but sees another effort blocked from the edge of the box. Everton break quickly on the counter and Gordon scuffs a half-volley towards goal. It takes a lot of deflections and Foster does well to prevent it from going out for a corner. 
50' Davies is tugged down by Hernandez on the right and Everton have a free-kick. Gray whips a good cross into the box which is half-cleared by Troost-Ekong, and Allan's follow-up is collected by Foster.
48' Hernandez is still finding a lot of space down the left for Watford and he slides the ball past Coleman to pick out King on the edge of the box. He tries to curl it towards the far post, but Godfrey makes an important block.
46' Everton get us back underway for the second half! 
Ranieri will be pleased with how his side have reacted to last weekend's result and going behind so early on here. Besides the goal, they haven't tested Pickford and he'll be hoping they can improve that after the break. Everton looked dangerous going forward, but like Watford, haven't really tested the keeper, which Benitez will be looking to change in the second half.
It's all square at the break, with Everton and Watford drawing 1-1. It was the worst possible start for Watford, with Davies poking the ball into the net just three minutes in following a quick break, but the visitors reacted well. They equalised just 10 minutes later when King tapped in a free-kick. It was originally chalked off for offside, but it was given after a VAR check proved he wasn't. 
45' + 2' Watford go straight up the other end after winning the ball back and Kucka is teed up on the edge of the box. Godfrey commits to the challenge, but the midfielder pulls it back before taking the shot. It's always rising though and sails into the stands.
45' BLOCK! Gray gets away down the left again and lays the ball off to Gordon in the box. He skips away from Cathcart before hitting a shot on goal, but it bounces off Troost-Ekong and Sissoko before flying wide. 
W. Troost-Ekong
Yellow Card
44' Coleman was knocked over when Watford took the free-kick and when he gets back up, Troost-Ekong trips him again. It was unnecessary, and he's booked for dissent.
42' Allan clipped the back of Sarr's heels in an attempt to stop the run and the winger has stayed down here. Watford are setting up the free-kick, but he is able to get back to his feet without needing treatment. 
40' CHANCE! Coleman takes the ball to the byline and pulls a good cross back into the box. Rondon doesn't make contact at the near post and it hits Davies before he can react, with Cathcart there to clear the danger behind him.
38' It's really good play from Watford as King and Hernandez hold the ball up as they wait for support. The left-back spins away from Coleman before curling a cross into the box, but it's punched away by Pickford.
36' Gordon cuts inside from the left and Kucka is desperately trying to get across to him. Gordon goes to ground in the box under the pressure, but the referee had a good view of it and tells the winger to get up before pointing for a corner.
34' Gordon spins away from Tufan and links up well with Gray down the left as they both try and open up some space. Gray eventually squares it to Allan on the edge of the D, but his shot loops wide of the goal after Troost-Ekong blocked it. 
32' Davies sweeps it out to Digne on the left and he gets away from Ngakia to volley a first-time cross into the six-yard box. There's no one there for Everton though, and Watford are able to clear their lines. 
30' CLOSE! King holds off Digne to bring the ball down before switching the ball out to Hernandez on the left. He steps away from Coleman to get to the edge of the box before curling a low shot across goal, but a deflection helps it wide.
28' King has scored his first league goal since netting for Bournemouth against Everton in July 2020, ending a run of 29 league appearances across spells with Bournemouth, Everton and Watford without a goal.
26' Another Watford cross into the box is cleared by Everton, but this one bounces kindly for Sissoko, who made a late run towards the box. He hits the shot first time on the volley but fires it wide of the near post
24' Everton are having to sit deep in their own half as Watford continue to keep possession and patiently push forward. It's switched out to Hernandez on the left again and he curls another good cross into the box, but Sarr's scuffed shot is cleared by Keane.
22' CHANCE! Townsend keeps hold of the ball with some clever footwork as he dances past Watford's defenders, but none of his team-mates are in space. He decides to go it alone, drilling a low shot across goal, but it fizzes wide of the far post. 
21' Sarr has switched out to the left and he drives forward through the middle before touching it out to Hernandez, who makes the overlapping run. He tries to float a cross into King on the penalty spot, but Allan is back to block it. 
19' Ngakia makes another good run down the right for Watford, but his cross is straight at Keane. His clearance falls for Kucka on the edge of the box, but he ends up scuffing the shot, and Godfrey does hook it away.
L. Digne
Yellow Card
17' Digne is shown the first yellow card of the game after he stuck out a leg to trip Sarr and stop him from cutting inside from the right. 
15' There was a very long VAR check on the goal as King had just stepped in front of Davies at the far post. The replays showed that Gray was playing him on after not getting back into position after being in the wall.
C. Cathcart
13' Assist Craig George Cathcart
J. King
13' KING EQUALISES! Digne gives away a free-kick on the right and Masina whips a great cross into the middle, which is flicked on by Cathcart. King is waiting at the far post and he sticks out a leg to poke it past Pickford. The offside flag originally went up, but a VAR check proves King was onside and the goal stands. 1-1! 
12' Davies' opener for Everton (130 seconds) is the fastest Premier League goal the Toffees have scored at Goodison Park since April 2017 vs Leicester City (Davies also netting on that occasion after 30 seconds).
10' GOOD SAVE! Everton move the ball upfield quickly again and Gordon plays a one-two with Allan as he cuts inside from the left. He tees up Townsend on the edge of the box, who curls a first-time shot on goal, but Foster gets two strong hands behind it.
9' Hernandez cuts back inside from the left and he curls a good cross towards King at the far post. Godfrey half-clears it ahead of him, but only as far as Sissoko, who fouls Davies in his attempts to head an effort on goal.
7' The visitors are moving the ball around comfortably again here and Hernandez finds space to run into down the left. He pulls it back for Kucka, who is in space through the middle, but Everton quickly crowd him off it. 
5' Watford look a little shaken after conceding that early goal, and they're struggling to move the ball upfield. Sissoko tries to sweep it out to Sarr on the right again, but he can't bring it down under pressure from Digne. 
D. Gray
3' It's a great run from Gray and he only has one thought in his mind as he drives into the area. He puts a dangerous cross into the six-yard box for Davies to put them ahead.
T. Davies
3' DAVIES SCORES! It's direct from Everton as Gray pushes forward down the left and isn't put under any pressure by the Watford defenders. He fizzes a low cross into the box and Davies slides it to reach it ahead of Foster and it loops into the back of the net. 1-0 Everton! 
2' Watford are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening couple of minutes, with Ngakia sliding a good throughball down the right for Sarr to chase. He drives down the wing to try and reach it, but Godfrey gets across to put it out.
1' King gets the game underway for Watford! 
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Everton have never lost a home game to Watford in any competition (W13 D2) - it's the most they've ever faced a team at home without defeat in their history.
Ranieri makes three changes to his team after the defeat to Liverpool, bringing in Ngakia, King and Tufan. Dennis starts on the bench, while Danny Rose and Kiko Femenia are left out of the squad.
Rafa Benitez makes just two changes from the loss to West Ham as Everton's injury woes continue. Dominic Calvert-Lewin remains out and Abdoulaye Doucoure is also unavailable with a broken foot. Davies and Gordon both come into the side, while Iwobi drops to the bench.
WATFORD SUBS: Daniel Bachmann, Tom Cleverley, Ken Sema, Joao Pedro, Nicolas Nkoulou, Ashley Fletcher, Dan Gosling, Imran Louza, Emmanuel Bonaventure Dennis.
WATFORD STARTING XI (4-5-1): Ben Foster; Jeremy Ngakia, Craig Cathcart, William Troost-Ekong, Adam Masina; Ismaila Sarr, Ozan Tufan, Juraj Kucka, Moussa Sissoko, Juan Hernandez; Joshua King.
EVERTON SUBS: Richarlison, Lewis Dobbin, Andy Lonergan, Jonjoe Kenny, Asmir Begovic, Mason Holgate, Jean-Philippe Gbamin, Alex Iwobi.
EVERTON STARTING XI (4-4-1-1): Jordan Pickford; Seamus Coleman, Ben Godfrey, Michael Keane, Lucas Digne; Andros Townsend, Tom Davies, Allan, Anthony Gordon; Demarai Gray; Salomon Rondon.
Watford didn't get off to a good start under new boss Claudio Ranieri in his first game last weekend as they were thrashed 5-0 by Liverpool. They're now winless in their last four in all competitions, but Ranieri will be hoping to turn things around today. As for Everton, they've won just one of their last five matches in all competitions (D2 L2), and come into this game on the back of a 1-0 home defeat to West Ham last time out.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Everton and Watford at Goodison Park!