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Key Events

90' + 4'
M. Luongo
1 - 1
M. Boyle
Yellow Card
M. Milligan
Yellow Card
Hong Chul
Yellow Card
Hwang Ui-jo
Kim Min-Jae
0 - 1

Match Stats

48% 51%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 9 2
Total Passes 470 499
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FULL TIME (Australia 1 - Korea Republic 1) - The Socceroos came out breathing fire in the second half, being a goal down due to a 22nd minute goal from Ui-jo. They had plenty of shots on goal, but it came down to the final minute of play, the 94th minute, where Luongo was able to find the back of the net to draw the game, avoiding the embarrassment of a loss in his first home game at the helm for Arnold. 
M. Luongo
90' + 4' GOAL AUSTRALIA (Australia 1 Korea Republic 1) - Rogic with a penetrating kick on goal, which forces Seung-gyu to make the save, but it bounces off his chest and it spills to the feet of Luongo, who kicks it past him and into the net. The VAR has a look at it and awards the equalizer.
Kim Jung-Min
Hwang In-Beom
90' + 2' SUBSTITUTION KOREA REPUBLIC - Sixth and final change for Korea, as In-Beom is cheered off and Jung-Min replaces him.
90' We have three minutes of additional time to play.
M. Boyle
Yellow Card
89' YELLOW CARD AUSTRALIA - The debutant Boyle goes into the book, after he accidentally hits his opponent in the face, after trying to fend him off.
M. Milligan
Yellow Card
87' YELLOW CARD AUSTRALIA - Milligan with a heavy challenge and he is awarded a yellow card in the process.
T. Jurić
M. Leckie
85' SUBSTITUTION AUSTRALIA - The Socceroos also make a change as Leckie runs off and he is replaced by Jurić.
Jung Seung-Hyun
Kim Min-Jae
85' SUBSTITUTION KOREA REPUBLIC - More changes afoot for Korea as Min-Jae is out and Seung-Hyun is in.
83' Boyle sends it to the top of the box, forcing Seung-gyu to push it away and out of danger.
Lee Jin-Hyun
Lee Chung-Yong
81' SUBSTITUTION KOREA REPUBLIC - Korea make their fourth change of the match, as Chung-Yong makes way for Jin-Hyun.
79' Mooy with an important touch as he puts it into the direction of Rogic, who looks for Mabil, but it comes off a defender and out of play it goes for a corner kick.
77' Behich with a long range shot on goal looking for the top corner, which had Seung-gyu scrambling, as he pushes the ball forward, in order to make the easier save.
75' Leckie is in a very dangerous position as he rises up for the header and he is unable to cleanly connect with it.
73' The Socceroos have had 14 shots on goal with 5 on target. Korea have had 3 shots on goal with only 2 on target.
M. Boyle
J. MacLaren
71' SUBSTITUTION AUSTRALIA - MacLaren's night has come to an end as Boyle runs on to replace him.
Na Sang-Ho
Moon Seon-Min
69' SUBSTITUTION KOREA REPUBLIC - Korea make their third change of the night, with Seon-Min heading off for an early shower, being replaced by Sang-Ho.
69' Mabil with a bicycle kick into the Luongo direction just on the edge of the box, but Luongo pumps it over the crossbar for the Socceroos.
67' Mabil attempts to shoot from just outside of the box, but his shot is blocked.
65' Luongo with a little clip on Yong, in a bid to block his delivery to the middle of the ground.
63' The Socceroos need to change something up in the middle, as they seem to be lagging something here.
61' Seon-Min lets it fly from the set piece forcing Ryan to dive away to his left to make the save.
59' A bit of danger here for the Socceroos, as Seon-Min wins the free kick just outside the box.
57' A beautiful pass by Risdon into the box for Rogic, but his toe poke for goal is just wide of the mark.
A. Mabil
R. Kruse
55' SUBSTITUTION AUSTRALIA - The Socceroos make their first change of the match as Kruse is off and he is replaced by Mabil.
54' A chance gone begging for the Socceroos as Leckie slips offside and ceases what was a promising piece of play for Australia.
52' Leckie with the ball into the box for Rogic, but it favoured Seung-gyu and he makes an easy save.
50' Will the changes just before half time unbalance the Korean line up?
48' Korea have started the second half, much the same way as they did in the first half.
Suk Hyun-Jun
Hwang Ui-jo
46' SUBSTITUTION KOREA REPUBLIC - Another forced change for Korea as Ui-jo makes way for Hyun-Jun.
46' SECOND HALF- The Socceroos kick off to get us back under way for the second half.
HALF TIME (Australia 0 - Korea Republic 1) - The half time whistle sounds and the home team are behind the eight ball as they will need to pull a come from behind win, after a 22nd minute goal from Ui-jo. Korea has lost a couple of key players before the half time break, including the goal scorer Ui-jo, however it is not known as yet, whether he will feature in the second half.
45' + 1' Ui-jo has also gone down in the middle of the ground, holding his calf.
45' We have one minute of stoppage time to be added on for the first half.
Ju Se-Jong
Koo Ja-Cheol
45' SUBSTITUTION KOREA REPUBLIC - Ja-Cheol is taken off the ground with a stretcher and he is replaced by Se-Jong.
43' Ja-Cheol is down in the middle of the ground. He looks to have pulled a hamstring.
41' Rogic has options, as he sends the ball into the box for goal but it is a tame finish in the end, as he apologises to his team mates.
40' Leckie drives one into goal for the Socceroos, but Seung-gyu has it all under control.
Hong Chul
Yellow Card
38' YELLOW CARD KOREA REPUBLIC - Hong is the first man to go into the referee's book, after chopping Leckie from behind.
36' Australia need to go back to basics, as they are starting to be run off their feet in the middle of the ground.
34' The Socceroos attacking thrust seems to have dried up a little in the last few minutes.
32' Korea have been able to find some rhythm in the middle, as they look to find a way to extend their lead.
30' Australia are working the pockets really hard, trying to find a way past Korea in the middle.
28' The Socceroos need to find a way to equalize before half time, to go into the sheds and plot the downfall of Korea in this match.
26' Behich asks the question of Seung-gyu, who pushes it away and back into play it goes.
24' After dominating play for most of the game, the Socceroos find themselves one goal down.
Hwang Ui-jo
22' GOAL KOREA REPUBLIC (Australia 0 - Korea Republic 1) - Min-Jae with a lead up pass into the box for Ui-jo, who takes perfect control of it and sends it past Ryan and into the back of the net.
20' Behich lets one fly for goal but Seung-gyu is right underneath it and he manages to make an easy save.
18' The Socceroos are showing their hunger for the ball tonight, with 60.5% of the possession to 39.5%.
16' Behich centres the ball for Mooy just inside the edge of the box, but Mooy is unable to keep the ball down, watching it sail over the crossbar.
14' After being on the back foot for the last 10 minutes, finally Korea are on the positive end of an attacking play, but too much is put onto the kick and it goes straight to Ryan.
12' Rogic is streaming down the left side, he looks to pull the trigger on goal, but his shot is blocked by Seung-gyu.
10' The rain is starting to come down, in what will be a test for both teams.
8' Rogic with a shot from outside of the box, but it takes a deflection and it is wide of the mark.
7' Behich is one on one with Seung-gyu and the Korean keeper is able to eliminate the danger on this occasion.
6' The danger man Leckie is able to get a shot away on goal but it hits the side netting.
4' Leckie with a great flick of the ball as he attempts to break through and he is able to get the ball away,
2' A sluggish start from the Socceroos, but things are starting to turn Rogic has the break through the middle, he has some space, but he blasts it over the crossbar.
1' FIRST HALF - Korea kick off and we are under way.
TEAMS - KOREA REPUBLIC (4-3-3) STARTING XI - Kim Seung-gyu (GK); Lee Yong, Kim Min-Jae, Hong Chul, Kim Young-Gwon; Hwang In-Beom, Koo Ja-Cheol, Nam Tae-hee; Lee Chung-Yong, Hwang Ui-Jo, Moon Seon-Min. SUBS - Kim Jin-hyeon (GK), Ju Se-Jong, Park Joo-Ho, Lee Jin-hyun, Suk Hyun-Jun, Jung Seung-Hyun, Kwon Kyung-Won, Park Ji-Su, Choo Hyun-Woo, Kim Jung-Min, Lee You-Hyeon, Na Sang-Ho.
TEAMS - AUSTRALIA (4-4-1-1) STARTING XI - Mat Ryan (GK); Josh Risdon, Trent Sainsbury, Mark Milligan, Aziz Behich; Matthew Leckie, Aaron Mooy, Massimo Luongo, Robbie Kruse; Tomas Rogic; Jamie Maclaren. SUBS - Mitchell Langerak (GK), Danny Vukovic (GK), Milos Degenek, Alex Gersbach, Matthew Jurman, Tomi Juric, Andrew Nabbout, James Jeggo, Mustafa Amini, Jackson Irvine, Martin Boyle, Awer Mabil. 
Korea are a formidable opponent for the Socceroos, pushing them to extra time in their last meeting, during the Asian Cup Final in 2015. Their last outing was a 2-2 draw against Panama. This match will also be a measuring stick for them.
Australia are in the midst of a new era and are playing their first home game of 2018, as they have entered the Graham Arnold era. Their first outing under the new regime had them posting a 4-0 win over Kuwait. This will be a real test against a tough opponent.
Welcome to Suncorp Stadium for the International Friendly between Australia and the Korea Republic.