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Ranking the 20 greatest Serie A kits of all-time: Juventus, Parma, AC Milan and more

10:21 EAT 17/09/2022
You are going to want to wear every one of these.

Serie A is rightly known as one of the best-dressed leagues in the world. Whether it's the rarely seen colours – think of Fiorentina's Viola and Palermo pink – or the great all-conquering Italian teams of the '80s. For many, the golden era of Italian football coincided with the launch of Channel 4's Football Italia almost exactly 30 years ago, introducing a new generation to the world of Serie A.

To celebrate the stylish history of Serie A, here are the 20 best kits to ever grace the Italian top division.

  • Juventus home 2005-06

    #20 Juventus home 2005-06

    The stripes are thinner, there are more of them, Del Piero and Trezeguet are banging them in, Juve have won the league again. By the middle of the summer, though, the Calciopoli scandal had been discovered and Juventus were stripped of their title and sent to Serie B. None of that takes away from this kit, which accentuated the club’s black and white stripes with gold detailing, and remains a classic all these years – and scandals – later.

  • Bologna home kit 2015-16

    #19 Bologna home 2015-16

    Bologna may not be one of Serie A’s historic big boys, but their home kit for the 2015-16 season still stands up. The club’s signature dark blue and dark red stripes remain, and thicker than ever, while the stand-out detail is the white collar complete with a subtle blue and red trim.

  • Sampdoria home kit 2003-04

    #18 Sampdoria home 2003-04

    Sampdoria’s middle stripe – combining white, red and black – has been a staple of the club’s kits all the way back to the club’s earliest days. It’s a classic of Italian football, and has helped elevate almost all of the club’s kits over their rivals’ designs. The 2003-04 kit, made by ASICS, combines the stripe and Baciccia crest with a smart collar.

  • AC Milan away kit 2006-07

    #17 AC Milan away 2006-07

    There’s something about AC Milan’s 2006-07 away kit that immediately dates it to the mid-aughts. The adidas template was popular that time, but the colour combination helps to make this one of the best. The kit is most associated with their Champions League win, with the white base offset with red and black detailing. 

  • Fiorentina home kit 1983-84

    #16 Fiorentina home 1983-84

    There are few sites as regal in football as Fiorentina’s home colours, launched in 1928 and the origin of the club’s La Viola nickname. In the mid-1980s, Fiorentina combined the purple with red and white – its original colours – most notably through the huge crest in the centre of the shirt, which showcased the club’s then logo, a mix of the letter “F” and its signature Fleur De Lis.

  • AS Roma home 1992-93

    #15 AS Roma home 1992-93

    AS Roma kept it classic with this early '90s shirt. Their classic “Carmine Red,” orange detailing and, crucially, a big pasta sponsor’s logo. There are other features that set it apart, though, beginning with the Roma crest used back in those days, which was simply an embroidered wolf’s head.

  • Catania away kit 2008-09

    #14 Catania away 2008-09

    Nowadays, they ply their trade in Serie D, but once upon a time Catania and their light blue and red stripes were a Serie A fixture. In the 2008-09 season, they reinterpreted those stripes for their away kit, as the two classic colours became a single diagonal stripe that ran across the white shirt. 

  • Juventus away kit 2015-16

    #13 Juventus away 2015-16

    Thanks mainly to Drake, Juventus’ 2015-16 away shirt managed to take on a meaning a long way from football. The pink design became an instant classic, crossing the divide between fashion and football. The secret to its success was obviously the bright pink base, which was offset with black detailing, and a white and red stripe across the sponsor’s logo.

  • Atalanta away kit 2021-22

    #12 Atalanta away 2021-22

    Atalanta are best known for their black and blue stripes (a la Inter Milan) and managed to incorporate them into the 2021-22 away shirt. The stand-out feature of the shirt is how thin the pinstripes are, offsetting the white shirt with alternating black and blue stripes. The club also replaced its logo with the historic “Atalanta Running” crest in gold.

  • Lazio home kit 1991-92

    #11 Lazio home 1991-92

    The early ‘90s were the golden era for Italian football kits, and Lazio’s home shirt at the start of the decade is one of the best. The club’s usual light blue was given a subtle all-over pattern that was in keeping with some of Umbro’s other designs from the period – perhaps most notably England’s shirts around the same time.

  • Inter Milan home kit 1992-93

    #10 Inter Milan home 1992-93

    Inter Milan’s early ‘90s kits have gained a fashion following that is, sadly, based on misinformation. The club’s sponsor in those days was Fiorucci, but it wasn’t the cult Italian label beloved by Andy Warhol and Madonna but a meat and dairy company. That doesn’t take away from the kits, though. Including this one, which combined a lighter blue colour with contrasting gold details.

  • Palermo home kit 2006-07

    #9 Palermo home 2006-07

    In 1905, one of Palermo’s founders suggested they wear pink and black as they were the “colours of the sad and the sweet.” A century later, the colour combination had become one of Italian football’s defining features. The Lotto-designed 2006-07 kit came predominantly in the signature light pink, while black stripes all pointed towards the club’s golden eagle crest.

  • AS Roma away kit 2020-21

    #8 AS Roma away 2020-21

    Roma’s away kit for the 2020-21 season kept it simple again, with the Galirossi colours appearing as the detailing on the “Pale Ivory” shirt. The whole combination shows that a good kit doesn’t have to be flashy, allowing the Lupetto badge – this time in black with red eyes – to take the focus. 

  • Napoli away kit 1992-93

    #7 Napoli away 1992-93

    Like many away kits of this time, Napoli’s was covered with an absolutely massive graphic. The upper section of the white shirt plays host to what looks like shards of glass pointing towards the club’s crest. Even the colour and the font of the sponsor’s logo – for pasta maker Voiello – add to the overall design.

  • Venezia away 2021-22

    #6 Venezia away 2021-22

    The kit that started it all. Venezia’s journey to becoming “the coolest club in the world” started when people took notice of its 2021-22 kits. The club’s away kit that season saw a cream-coloured shirt covered with a triangle pattern. Completing the pattern was a gradient finish that included the club’s orange and green colours.

  • Fiorentina home kit 1993-94

    #5 Fiorentina home 1993-94

    Throughout their life, Fiorentina have had some iconic sponsors – who can forget Batistuta proudly wearing his Nintendo-branded shirt – but 7UP could be the best. The soft drink adorned La Viola’s shirts in the early ‘90s, including this tie-dye style take on its traditional colour. The design was finished with a subtle Fleur de Lis graphic and a white trim around the sleeves and collar. 

  • Juventus away KIT 1995-96

    #4 Juventus away 1995-96

    Juventus will always, rightly, be known for their black and white stripes. But arguably their best-ever kit arrived in a surprisingly blue and yellow design. While the colours were Juventus’ traditional away colours – and have been used again since then – the shirt became a classic because of the huge star that adorned each shoulder. A bold move, backed up by Champions League victory that season.

  • Parma home kit 1999-00

    #3 Parma home 1999-00

    Parma’s excess around the turn of the millennium has become the stuff of legend, and their iconic kits are an important part of that. Perhaps the best of the lot was the 1999-00 Champion shirt, covered with blue and yellow stripes and worn by a golden generation including Hernan Crespo, Fabio Cannavaro and Lillian Thuram.

  • Inter Milan away 1995-96

    #2 Inter Milan away 1995-96

    As clubs constantly try to reinvent the wheel with their away shirts, the broken-up badge has never had a second coming. This unique take on the crest is the stand-out feature of Inter’s mid-'90s classic, where it was combined with stripes that looked like they’d been coloured in by hand and, of course, that much-loved Pirelli sponsorship.

  • AC Milan home kit 1988-89

    #1 AC Milan home 1988-89

    There’s not a lot that can be said about AC Milan’s 1988-89 kit. It’s an all-time classic, worn by an all-time great team as they dominated Europe (although not Serie A). For a lot of people, this AC Milan kit is the quintessential Serie A shirt, and it’s about as good as it gets.