From Thibaut Courtois to Alvaro Morata - Meet the players who crossed the Madrid derby rivalry and played for both Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid

Alvaro Morata and Thibaut Courtois played for both Real and Atletico MadridGOAL

El Derbi Madrileno between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid is one of the best derbies in Spanish football.

The rivalry started after 1902 when 'Madrid Foot-Ball Club' (Madrid FC) was founded with the intention of merging with smaller clubs in the region to create a footballing powerhouse.

Madrid FC also signed the best players from the clubs it could not merge with, which also made those clubs defunct when they were unable to compete against the heavyweights.

Only Athletic Club Madrid (founded in 1903, later renamed to Atletico Madrid) took a stand against Real and were able to keep most of their star players courtesy of the financial aid provided to them by their parent club Athletic Club Bilbao.

Since then till date, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have been rivals and continue to carry their own respective legacies in modern day football.

Despite their enmity, many players have played for both Los Blancos and Los Rojiblancos over the years.

Who are they? Let's take a look!