adidas Predator Accuracy+ FG Boots: Our tried & tested review

adidas predator accuracy+ GOAL
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The adidas Predator - an icon. Launching in 2023, adidas’ newest Predator, the Predator Accuracy, is already a player-favourite both on the national stage and among regular players, but how does it compare to its predecessors? 

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Boasting a flurry of new technologies, the boots claim to provide you with everything you could need to hit top bins every time. With a clear strike zone, great grip, and most importantly, a comfortable fit, they really do sound like a contender for the best football boot. 

So, we put the adidas Predator Accuracy+ to the test. From comfort to value for money, we take a deep dive into everything that makes this football boot stand out against the competition. 

How we tested the boots:

We enlisted a helping hand from London-based boot reviewer @ljcollects to take the adidas Predator Accuracy+ out on the pitch. We tasked @ljcollects with a list of questions, seeking everything from the boot's wearability to areas where they lack. Dribbling to shooting and everything in between, there’s nothing we didn’t try with these boots, giving you our most accurate review possible. 

At a glance: 


You’ve seen the ratings, now let's get into the boots in more detail: 

The adidas Predator Accuracy+ in three words

  • Grippy
  • Padded
  • Comfortable
adidas predator accuracy+ - FRONTGOAL

Most notable features

  • The Hybridtouch upper is comfortable out of the box, so requires very little break in time.
  • Rubber elements offer added grip on the ball and cover a larger surface area than previous generations.

How the Predator Accuracy+ compare to their competition

The adidas Predator Accuracy+ are a very different experience to most other boots in the market, including laceless due to the inclusion of hybridtouch for the upper. The combination of relative thinness and padded protection is relatively unique.

adidas predator accuracy+ - studsGOAL

The problem with the Predator Accuracy+

The primary problem with any laceless boot is the lack of adjustability for tightness/lockdown, and these do not hug your feet even when compared to other laceless boots.

adidas predator accuracy+ - sideGOAL

The Predator Accuracy+ are the perfect fit for

The adidas Predator Accuracy+ are perfect for midfield players hoping for a comfortable, structured option without excess bulk.

Our final thoughts

A significant upgrade on previous generations of the Predator and the best laceless Predator boot that adidas have released.