A-League Star Wars Round: Which awards will your club win?

May the Force be with you during A-League round 10...

The bizarre Star Wars-themed A-League round is here to coincide with the release of the movie 'The Last Jedi'.

To celebrate and get into the spirit, Goal has compiled a list of Star Wars-themed awards that could be given to clubs during this weekend's matches - which include the Sydney derby and Melbourne Victory v Adelaide United.

Thanks to Facebook group Caltex Australian Football Fans for the list of awards.

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  1. #1 Stormtrooper award

    Most shots without a goal.
  2. #2 Darth Vader award

    Scoring against your former club and winning the match.
  3. #3 The Force award

    VAR-assisted goal.
  4. #4 Admiral Akbar award

    Player most caught by the offside trap.
  5. #5 Chewbacca award

    Loudest/best goal celebration.
  6. #6 Mace Windu award

    Blowing a lead and losing the match. 
  7. #7 Jar Jar Binks award

    The most annoying individual of the round.
  8. #8 Jabba The Hut award

    The most lethargic player of the round.
  9. #9 Millennium Falcon award

    An old player, who still has surprising pace.
  10. #10 Ewok award

    Shouldn't be winning the match but pull off the victory in the end.
  11. #11 Jango Fett award

    Player who loses their head.
  12. #12 C-3PO award

    The player who contributes nothing for 90 minutes.
  13. #13 Padme Amidala "You're breaking my heart" award

    A player who scores a second-half stoppage time goal to get a result for their team.
  14. #14 You Rebel Scum award

    The team that causes the biggest upset of the round.