What football will look like at the SCG for Sydney FC

The Sky Blues have revealed their plans to make football work at the SCG next season

After confirming last week that Sydney FC will split their home games between the Sydney Cricket Ground, Jubilee Oval and Leichhardt Oval next season, Sky Blues' fans were given a sneak peek of what football will look like at the sacred cricket ground.

With Allainz Stadium, or Fortress as the club like to call it, set to be knocked down and completely renovated, the SCG has been chosen to host the majority of home games. 

While backed by some fans for still being located in the Moore Park precinct, the oval-shaped venue isn't ideal for football and the club is eager to show how it'll attempt to make the round ball game work there.

Ahead of Sydney FC's clash with Adelaide United on Sunday, which they won 3-0, members were invited to the SCG to look at the venue's facilities and the layout of the pitch.

On the arrangement of the field, Sydney FC CEO Townsend stressed the importance of the club's decision to run it against usual convention and that they will centre the pitch for bigger games.

"We have agreed with all parties that the pitch for all our matches at the SCG will run east to west instead of the usual north to south at the venue, which is a huge benefit for a number of reasons," Townsend said in a statement to members last week.

"It means we can push the pitch as close to the world-class Noble-Bradman Stand as possible, for non-derby games which will house the majority of our members and fans.

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"For derby games, the pitch will be centred, in order to accommodate the higher anticipated crowd."

Check it out below.