We test the adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol

adidas ACE 17+ Blue Blast
The Goal team took the adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol for a test run on artificial grass and here are the findings…

The Goal team took the adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol for a test run on artificial grass and here are the findings…

On the first look, the adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol  has layers of blue colours alongside the white and pink prints to give a pleasing and light look.  

The boot can be a little tough to get into, but once you’re in, it fits like a second skin – the inside of the boot features a synthetic leather lining which is comfortable.

When it comes to fit, adidas have opted for an upgrade with a new material in the midfoot called the Controlskin. While the material is seemingly stiffer than its predecessor: the ACE 16+, it hugs your foot more and brings your closer to the ball. Definitely a welcome upgrade from the 16+.

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With the Controlskin being thinner, the material gives you a barefoot feel while passing and dribbling, yet at the same time is thick enough to protect your foot.

Primeknit is all about the vamp and it sure does not disappoint. It is soft, flexible and provides a comfortable fit to the ankles and the heel. The Primeknit also allows you to cushion the ball when bringing it down. A further plus point is the ultra-thin film on the upper Primeknit that prevents any debris or water that could slip into the boots.

adidas ACE 17+ Blue Blast

The retention of the lightweight SprintFrame as seen in 16+ provides solid traction and stability which will prevent you from slipping or sliding around in wet conditions. There is also the retention of the arch in the center of the soleplate for increased stability, while moving at high speeds.

Running with the boots revealed that the ACE 17+ is a snug fit that may be a little too tight for some players – so it’s better to try them on at the store before buying one. The studs are conical which means that they easily dig into the artificial surface without leaving you stuck.

Controlling the ball would be easy for those who are used to playing with thin boots, but for those who prefer thicker ones, it could take some getting used to.

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Overall, the fit is perfect, there aren’t any slippages, and the boot is soft and can be used right out of the box.

We tested the ace 17+ on an artificial surface with no issues – this boot is also suitable for use on FG (firm ground) surfaces.

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