We Are Young Bafana: Sihle’s Golf Day

Young Bafana's Sihle continue's with his life changing fiction in another chapter of "We are Young Bafana"

Sihle rolled over in bed and smiled as he looked out the window. It was a beautiful sunny day, without a drop of wind. He got out of bed and quickly jumped into his Young Bafana Soccer jersey. He certainly did not want to miss John at the taxi rank this morning. Today was Young Bafana’s golf day and the day when the artwork they had created would be auctioned off.

An added bonus was that Sihle and a few friends would spend the day at De Zalze Golf Course, meeting the players while representing their academy. He was happy to spend the day somewhere new and different to his usual environment.

At the appointed time, the boys piled into the Young Bafana bus and headed through to the golf course. The day flew by. Welcoming the players, helping the coaches set up and of course, one of the highlights, driving in the golf carts. Sihle wished he could have a turn driving the golf cart.

Finally, the best part of the day arrived, the evening festivities would begin soon. The boys had prepared a simple question and answer segment. It still amazed Sihle that all these grown-ups would be interested in what he and his friends had to say. It was so rewarding to know that he did, in fact, have something to say that others would want to hear!

Feeling a bit nervous to speak in front of so many people, Sihle was glad that he would be on stage with his friends. The hall hushed as he took the stage. Everyone was listening and smiling at them. It gave the boys confidence and by the end of the interview, no one was nervous or shy anymore.

Finally, the part of the evening which Sihle had been waiting for arrived. The auction! He watched as various items were auctioned off. Everyone was so generous but would they really want an artwork done by amateurs? Sihle hoped so. It had been such a wonderful experience creating the painting. And certainly, a time which would stay in his memory bank for years to come.

Eventually, lot number 9 was announced. A quiet descended upon the room as John unveiled the piece. The bidding began. And rose and rose and rose…until Sihle could not believe his ears as the final bid was awarded. Sihle and his friends beamed as they delivered the painting to its new owners. How amazing that an outsider would value their art piece and want to hang it on their wall!

It had been a good day for Young Bafana Soccer Academy. They had raised the much needed funds and John had told Sihle and his friends how proud he was of how well they had represented Young Bafana. Sihle knew they had made a difference today. While usually, they were beneficiaries of the academy, today they had had a definite role in supporting all the other kids who would benefit from belonging to Young Bafana Soccer Academy.