Wazito FC president Badoer promises KSh10M for alleged match-fixing whistle-blower

Wazito FC boss Ricardo Badoer.
Wazito FC.
The club owner wants anyone who knows the perpetrators of the vice to furnish him with names of such individuals

Wazito FC President Ricardo Badoer has promised to award anyone with enough proof of alleged match-fixing in Kenya KSh10 million.

Badoer had claimed in January there was an anonymous person who has been frustrating him with extortion and alleged match-fixing.

In a statement carried out by Wazito’s Twitter handle, the businessman has come out to promise any whistle-blower with millions concerning these revelations.

“I challenge anyone with proof of match-fixing in Kenya to come forward. Anyone who gives me the names of these people will get KSh10 million from me,” Badoer is quoted as saying.

The president also revealed why the club had to part ways with 11 players who were mostly signed at the beginning of the 2019/20 season.

“We are looking at some players from other teams to sign. We are going for young hungry players as we want players who want to play football for Wazito,” the businessman added.

“We released players based on performance, future goals and financial aspects.”

He also admitted it was not an easy decision to see head coach Stewart Hall leave especially after helping Wazito stabilise and remain in the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) after a turbulent start at the beginning.

“It was a tough decision to let [Stewart] Hall go because he had done a good job. But I always wanted a Kenyan to be in charge of Wazito,” he added.

“Fred Ambani [former head coach and now an assistant coach] is a good guy, he knows how to do the job and I have full confidence in him.”

The club owner also talked about the much-anticipated Wazito Stadium and plans to invest in a girls’ team.

“Construction of our stadiums will start soon. Covid-19 has affected the project but once we are able to travel things will take off really fast. We want to finish it in one year,” Badoer explained.

“I have plans of investing in women's football. It will show how much I love Kenyan football and how much I want to change the issues.”

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Wazito players continued to enjoy salaries despite the league suspension and Badoer revealed why he had to ensure that was happening.

“We are a professional team and during this Covid-19 period we are paying our players, they have insurance. We are taking care of our players,” he concluded.

Wazito were 13th when the KPL was abandoned due to the restrictions brought about by the emergence of the coronavirus.