VOTE NOW: Goal Ultimate 11 powered by FIFA 19 - Who is the best right central midfielder in the world?

متوسط الميدان الأيمن
We want to know who is the best right central midfielder in the game currently

We at have teamed up with the gaming series FIFA 19 to identify the top 11 players existing in the game today.

Join us in the poll sponsored by FIFA 19 and vote for your favorite right center midfielder (off the five below) but before that here is a quick snippet on the players:

Luka Modrić: A footballer who in close-up looks like a small boy is as graceful as they come. Technically perfect with the ability to pass the ball with either feet, he is also very practical and effective while maintaining the least amount of touches on the ball. Overall FIFA 19 rating: 91

Ivan Rakitić: The Croatian is a lot quicker than one may think, has excellent grasp of the game in front of him and is ability to play quick balls at a speed that defenders left scratching their heads. And oh yes, he can also score golazos when needed. Overall FIFA 19 rating: 87

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Thiago Alcântara: The Spaniard is physically intelligent that a defender will think twice about using his physicality on Thiago. When in form, Alcântara conquers that exceptional space in football of being unstoppable. Overall FIFA 19 rating: 86

Miralem Pjanić: A pure #10 and the one you would give the ball to when it comes to setpieces, the playmaker continues to drive the offense for Juve while taking his game to the next level as he becomes more effective defensively. Overall FIFA 19 rating: 86

Jorge Resurrección Merodio (Koke): Among the best in shadow marking, the Spaniard’s sense of positioning is remarkable. Koke is brilliant adept in the sense that he is abile to play as a central anchor breaking up plays while also providing support as the occasional playmaker delivering the decisive ball if needed. Overall FIFA 19 rating: 85