FA Cup final player ratings: Perak vs Kedah

Raianderson da Costa Morais, Shakir Hamzah, Perak v Kedah, Malaysia Fa Cup final, 27 Jul 2019
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Kedah turned in a steely performance before hitting Perak with the winner, to lift their fifth FA Cup title. Which players starred in the victory?

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Kedah turned in a steely defensive performance before hitting Perak with the winner, to lift their fifth FA Cup title. Which players starred in this victory?




Hafizul Hakim - 7/10

The goalkeeper made a number of crucial saves especially towards the end of regulation time, but the one time he could not keep out the ball, it ended in the only goal of the match.

Amirul Azhan - 5/10

The right back had a good game overall, although it was perhaps a little foolish of him to let himself be booked twice in a game that was refereed by foreign, and much stricter, officials. It resulted in his sending off just before regular time ended, and perhaps his team's downfall.

Hussein El Dor - 7/10

Kedah offered little in the way of attacking threat, and the centre back paired up well with Shahrul to keep the danger to the minimum. At least before they went down to ten man. 

Shahrul Saad - 7/10

The centre back did very little wrong in the game, but his job was made a lot harder by Amirul's sending off, and that was enough to stretch the Perak defence and allow the Red Eagles to score.

Nazirul Naim - 7/10

Despite having a relatively good game, the left back had to be sacrificed in the second half of extra time for an attacking player, after Perak went behind.

Leandro dos Santos - 6/10

The midfielder was booked early in the game, ensuring that he was on his best behaviour for the rest of the night, and perhaps not as effective for his team.

Brendan Gan - 6/10

While the midfielder could join in the attack a lot more against a cautious Kedah, he was not as effective as he had been in previous matches.

Partiban Janasekaran - 7/10

Perhaps the liveliest of the Perak players of the night, the right winger however could not provide effective deliveries into the box, and the Bos Gaurus were not as threatening as they could have been.

Careca - 6/10

The forward could not break down the tough Kedah defence, and was taken off after they went down in the extra time first half.

Nor Hakim Hassan - 5/10

The winger did not shine and failed to help his side overcome Kedah who were not too lively in attack, and was substituted off at the start of extra time.

Ronaldo - 5/10

A quiet night for the striker, who could not combine effectively with the other Perak attackers.


Hakim Hassan, Firdaus Saiyadi, Shahrel Fikri - NA

Late changes who could not help Perak find the much needed equaliser.



Ifwat Akmal - 7/10

The custodian was still a nervy pair of hands, but thanks to his solid defenders, Kedah were able to record their first clean sheet in seven games, and lift their fifth FA Cup title.

Rizal Ghazali - 8/10 (Man of the Match)

Anwar Ibrahim, Felda United, Rizal Ghazali, Kedah, Malaysian FA Cup, 22062019

Rizal Ghazali (right). Photo by DS Regime

The right back was not bothered too much down his flank, kept it solid in the back, made a crucial block to deny Perak, and turned provider for the only goal of the night.

Amirul Hisyam - 7/10

Filling in for the suspended Renan Alves, the centre back did a solid job of partnering with Shakir, to keep out the Perak attackers.

Shakir Hamzah - 8/10

The centre back commanded his defence line very well in the match, ensuring that there was sufficient cover for Ifwat in the danger area. 

Alif Yusof - 6/10

The left back was constantly troubled by Partiban, and was fortunate that the winger was not more effective in the match.

Baddrol Bakhtiar - 7/10

His team looked to him as the most experienced player and their skipper, but the midfielder slightly underwhelmed. On a night they could not attack often, Baddrol's free kicks seldom threatened the Perak goalmouth.

David Rowley - 7/10

The midfielder could not help his side control more of the midfield, and was substituted off just before the first goal was scored.

Edgar Bernhardt  - 7/10

The forward had a relatively quiet night, and was taken off just before the regulation time ended.

Jonathan Bauman - 6/10

A relatively quiet night for the forward, but it was still enough to help them lift the trophy.

Farhan Roslan - 6/10

The right winger could not make a big impact down his flank, on a night his side was not too effective on the attack.

Fernando Rodriguez - 7/10

The striker was not able to offer more threat, as his side could rarely venture into the final third area.


Fadzrul Danel - 8/10

Mere moments after coming onto the pitch in extra time, the young forward did everyone else failed to; score. Although he was helped massively by Perak going down to 10 men and Rizal's assist, he made sure he did not miss from yards out, for the winner.

Azamuddin Akil, Fayadh Amin - NA

Substitutions who did not make a big impact.


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