Guardiola: Conte would beat me in touchline battle... I confuse my players!

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The Manchester City boss believes his Chelsea counterpart is more animated on the touchline, and says his own gesticulations do not help his players

Pep Guardiola says Antonio Conte would beat him in a battle of the touchline antics, but insists it does not make much of a difference.

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Guardiola’s Manchester City welcome Conte’s Chelsea to the Etihad Stadium on Saturday in a highly anticipated Premier League clash.

Both managers have made huge impacts on their respective teams since joining in the summer, with Chelsea top of the table and City just one point behind, and both are noted for their animation on the touchline during matches.

Conte’s actions during Chelsea’s heavy victory against Manchester United in October even earned him the ire of Jose Mourinho, and Guardiola, who likes to issue instructions to his own players, believes the Italian would probably out-do him.

But he also believes that the City squad are unaffected, perhaps even confused, by his actions.

"I don't know who moves their arms quicker, him or me,” he said.

When asked if touchline gesticulations help players, he responded: “I don't think so. They don't hear you.

"I'm not talking about Antonio but I think I confuse them [the City players], but I cannot control myself.

“He will be stronger than me in that sense.

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"I don't think it will help a lot to speak with the players, they play, I don’t play, they have to take decisions quickly.

“Sometimes you are involved in the game, you want to help them to make it better, you want to see them, correct something. But you have 10 minutes at half-time or maybe the day after. OK you can correct something if the game stops or something like that.

"Hopefully in the future I can improve it - be more relaxed and calm - that would be good for me."