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No more willy-nilly spending for Malaysian clubs beginning 2020

1:29 PM SGT 25/1/19
Donnarumma Money
Malaysian clubs are set to have their spending curbed beginning in 2020, if MFL's plan gets underway.

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Malaysian competitions organiser Malaysian Football League (MFL) is looking to Spain in order to help them arrest the worsening plague of unpaid players in the Malaysian league.

The Spanish La Liga, who also has a cooperative partnership with MFL, has implemented economic control since 2012 on participating clubs that have incurred massive debts, a measure that MFL is to emulate beginning in 2020, according to a press release issued on Friday.

Its board member Datuk Wira Yusoff Mahadi, explained how the financial control works, in the press release.

"La Liga's economic control has managed to reduce the number of unpaid wages from 340 cases in 2012 to nil in 2017, with clubs settling all their debts to players within those five years.

"Every Malaysian [participating] club will be required to present their competition budget and black-and-white sponsorship contracts. Their spendings will then be regulated, including those on player signings. For example, even though they have a total budget of RM50 million, they will only be allowed to spend RM20 million to ensure that their finances are stable for the following year," said Yusoff, who is also a Malaysian FA deputy president.

On the La Liga website, the organisation stated that between the 2011/12 season to 2014/15, the measure was successful in slashing the accumulated debt of clubs not including Real Madrid and Barcelona by €609.6 million, to €1.8218 billion.

Financial and profit growth among its clubs in the past few years too has been some of the effects of the control, the Spanish league organiser claimed.

MFL top officials, CEO Kevin Ramalingam, COO Mohd Shazli Shaik Mohd, CCO Winnie Chan, general manager Desmond Raju and strategy and planning manager Reuben Chong have been attending a workshop at the Spanish league organiser's headquarters.

The financial control and other measures discussed in the workshop will then be presented to the MFL board, and are set to be implemented next year.

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