Nakumatt coach banished! Did KPL award bring trouble to the club?

Goal Kenya.
The former Liberty Academy coach no longer attends team's training sessions and never sits at the dugout during matches

On July 3, 2018, Nakumatt tactician Antony Mwangi was named best coach for May but little did he know that the award would mark the beginning of his troubles at the club.

Mwangi, who had been demoted to the role of an assistant coach at the time he was awarded, has since fell out with head coach Melis Medo and is rumored to be heading out of the club.

The former Liberty Academy coach no longer attends team's training sessions neither does he sit at the dugout during matches. This according to a source from the club is due to the May award which coach Medo feels should have been his despite being a fitness trainer at the time.

Nakumatt coach Anthony Mwangi.

    Mwangi receives the May Award

“The award brought friction between the two. Coach Medo thinks the award should have been his but in May coach Mwangi was in charge of the team and it was only fair that he got the award. He has since banished him from attending team training.

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“He doesn't sit in the technical area during matches as well, "a source from the club told Goal.

When reached for a comment, Nakumatt Secretary General Albert Wesonga downplayed the reports while admitting there is a rift in the technical bench. “Mwangi deserved the May award because he was the coach then so I don't really think that's an issue that should cause problems in the team.

“That said, in every work place there are times when people quarrel and disagree but that shouldn't be blown out of proportion. We have not fired Mwangi, as far as we are concerned he's still with the team.”