Jamshedpur FC’s Antonio Iriondo - We are aiming for the top prize

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The new Jamshedpur FC coach revealed that the club is searching for a foreign striker who is a genuine goal-getter…

Veteran Spanish manager Antonio Iriondo took over as the new manager of Jamshedpur FC on Friday.

The former Rayo Vallecano manager replaced his compatriot Cesar Ferrando at the helm after the latter parted ways with the Men of Steel at the conclusion of the 2018/19 season.

The Tata Group-owned side had finished fifth on the Indian Super League (ISL) table in the past two seasons, narrowly missing out on a top-four spot. The new appointment can be seen as a strong bid to finally make it to the play-offs.

The 65-year-old Spaniard has vast experience of managing several Spanish clubs. He has also experience of coaching in the prestigious La Liga where he was in charge of Rayo Vallecano in 2003.

Speaking to Goal, Jamshedpur’s new boss revealed why he chose to come to India. “Well, first of all, I wanted to say that it has been a long journey until finally, I have arrived in India. A long journey because since a long time ago I was wishing to come here. Now that I’m here, I feel very grateful to be in India and I am going to give my best to Jamshedpur FC. I’m really excited and fully sure that it is going to be a great season.”

Jamshedpur v Bengaluru, Indian Super League

Iriondo mentioned that he has been following the club since past one month and has thoroughly researched before taking up the new project. He also suggested that the club is searching for a goal-scoring overseas striker.

He said, “I started following the team a month ago when I was approached for the job. And yes, I did look up the results and videos from last season and will be continuing my research until before the pre-season.

“We have a good squad of players and of course, we are aiming for the top prize. We are still looking for a foreign striker who can score lots of goals for us.”

Cesar Ferrando

The former Rayo Vallecano coach suggested that it will be easier for him to instil his philosophy as the local players already have a taste of Spanish football from their last coach Cesar Ferrando.

“It could, surely. Obviously, my approach to the game may not be exactly the same but the players might be more familiar and comfortable with the culture with Spanish players also being around. And again, this season we have quite a few Spaniards in the squad including Tiri who will be in his third season with us,” said Iriondo.

The new Jamshedpur boss disclosed that his style of football is possession-based and he wants his team to play fearless football.

Iriondo said, “I want my team to dominate ball possession in every match and to play with freedom. Enjoy the game, score as many goals as possible and play without fear.”