ISL 2018-19: Mumbai City's Jorge Costa - Want people to remember me for the good things

Jose Mourinho's former player aims to use the Special One's teachings at the Ranbir Kapoor co-owned outfit...

After stints in Eastern Europe and Africa, apart from his native Portugal, Jorge Costa has arrived at the Indian Super League (ISL) to take charge of Mumbai City FC for the upcoming 2018-19 season.

"I was working in Africa before and before that in Europe. But football is the same everywhere. Every country is a new challenge and one day when I go back home, players can remember me as someone who is honest and hard working. I want people to remember me for the good things," wished Costa.

The Ranbir Kapoor co-owned club had a three-week pre-season in Thailand and Costa could gather plenty of positives from the tour. He said, "The pre-season was good. We played four games and we won three.

"It is a very important aspect. The players must be confident. We still have a few days in hand. We will like to work hard and give a good response in our first match."

A central defender during his playing days, Costa captained Jose Mourinho's victorious FC Porto team to the 2003 UEFA Cup and the 2004 UEFA Champions League.

The 46-year-old has learnt a lot from the current Manchester United manager and hopes to utilise it in his coaching. " It was a pleasure to play and work with him(Jose). It was good working under him and it is great to have somebody who will teach you things which you will never forget in your life."

Mumbai City Thailand

After reaching the playoffs under Alexandre Guimaraes in his first season, the Islanders decided not to pursue with the Costa Rican after a seventh-placed finish in 2017-18. According to Costa, the pressure to reach the top four will be equal for every manager.

"When I was in France I was told that if you can't handle the pressure then it is better to change and work in the supermarket. All throughout my life I have been under pressure. All the others have the same expectations and we will try to finish in the first four," he opined.

Mumbai City will have an Iberian at the helm of affairs for the first time and Costa is looking forward to testing his team against his Spanish counterparts in the league.

"I like to play the Portuguese way. You must see what you have. I have my own ways of playing. I have my players whom I respect a lot and I would play the way which would bring out the maximum from them.

"Yes, I want to have the ball and I know the Spanish coaches also want to have the ball. So we have a problem here (laughs) and we will all fight for the ball. But game by game, we will evolve", he revealed.

Lastly, Costa was let down by the fact that the ISL is yet to reach television sets in his native Portugal. But, he affirmed that he had prior knowledge of the competition before signing on the dotted lines for the Mumbai-based club.

" Unfortunately, in Portugal, you don't get to see ISL. But after taking charge of Mumbai City, I have seen some matches to understand the league and quality of players," he concluded.