I-League: Gokulam Kerala's Bino George - Pep Guardiola can't make India win!

Bino George is back in charge at Gokulam Kerala ahead of the team's second season in I-League...

Gokulam Kerala head coach Bino George would like to see more opportunities for Indian coaches.

The Kerala-born coach believes India don't have the players with the necessary know-how to play the Spanish style of football. He feels that Indian coaches are as qualified as any other foreign coach but this reality has not sunk in yet in Indian football.  

"India needs Indian coaches. We don't have the subjects to play a Spanish, Barcelona or even a Manchester City style of football. We can only come up with formations and tactics according to what we have. Otherwise, our attempts won't succeed," Bino George opined to Goal

"For example, if Pep Guardiola is appointed as the head coach of the Indian national team, will the team win? No, they won't. Indian style needs an Indian coach. Once we have developed a new style at the grassroots level, we can think about other stuff (different style of play)."

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He further added, "An MBBS degree from America and India are the same, right? The coaching licenses are also the same. We become experts when we learn from our experience. Here, we don't have the chance to experience and learn. It is not that Indian coaches are not brilliant."

Bino George is all set for his second season in I-league with Kozhikode-based Gokulam Kerala. The Malabarians have been at the forefront in giving opportunities to young Kerala-born footballers in their squad. As an experienced coach and a cognoscente of Kerala football, Bino George feels the future is bright for the state. 

"There was a Malayali player in the first-team of Bibiano Fernandes' India U-16 side. Until recently, chances for our youth were limited. Now that we are doing better at the grassroots level, our youth is benefitting. In the near future itself, there will be a much better representation of Kerala in the national team. 

"Even if players are highly talented, I give importance to the physicality. As and when more coaches here do that, there will be more players coming out of Kerala."

Arjun Jayaraj Gokulam Kerala

In the end, however, the final call will be of the team's head coach, according to the former United SC coach. 

"There are around 15 Kerala-born players in my team this season. Last season, Sahal played like an experienced footballer for the Kerala Blasters reserves. If Malayalis get chances, they will be back in the national team fold soon for sure.  But I must also say that Constantine will pick players who suit his style of play. It does not mean the Kerala boys are less talented.

The head coach of the Malabarians feels professional clubs need to provide an opportunity for local players to succeed but the need for results is a hindrance. 

"From my experience in I-League, I know that North-East based teams will prefer North-East-based players. Teams from Kolkata hand opportunities to Kolkata-based players. Goan teams field Goan players. So why can't the Kerala-based teams play more Kerala-born players? Let them get a platform. The issue here is results because professional clubs need results."