Strachan: Scotland not scared of Lewandowski

robertlewandowski - cropped
The Poland international has scored 10 goals in his last three games but the Scotland boss insists that he is holds no fears about facing the in-form Bayern Munich forward

Gordon Strachan insists that Scotland are not scared of Robert Lewandowski as they prepare to face Poland next week.

The Bayern Munich striker has scored 10 goals in his last three games for Bayern, while scoring the same amount for the national team in their Euro 2016 qualifying campaign.

However, Scotland thwarted Lewandowski during their clash with Poland in October - the striker failed to net in a 2-2 draw - and Strachan insists he can be stopped.

"People point out that they have Lewandowski and that's true but they have not beaten us yet," the Scotland boss said.

"You can take it as a sign of his [Lewandowski's] brilliance, being sometimes that wee bit quicker than anyone else, a sign that we're worried when he gets the ball.

"For every good player, you want to make teams scared.

"But we're not scared of him so long as we do our unit work well. And if we keep the ball longer than them then we'll restrict his chances.

"It's about cutting his supply off and keeping the ball ourselves because if we keep the ball longer than they have it then the less chance there is of Lewandowski doing something to hurt us."