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EXTRA TIME: Orlando Pirates' Innocent Maela inspired by Batman

8:24 PM SGT 5/6/18
Orlando Pirates, Innocent Maela
This Bucs player hasn't had enough chances for the first team in the PSL, so he's had enough time to work on movie quotes

Orlando Pirates player Innocent Maela has chosen an inspirational quote from Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Or is it just a coincidence?

Maela has used a combination of two Batman quotes. "What defines us..." is the beginning of a symbol that Bruce Wayne stands for in Batman Begins. It's not what's inside us but we do that defines us...

Then the other part of the sentence is from The Dark Knight Rises and Batman Begins on how the butler Alfred teaches Bruce that the reason we fall is to learn how we pick ourselves up.

Maela writes this in his own way, but is also seemingly inspired by the rising and falling symbol of the film.

The PSL player is using this to show that he will rise from his injury troubles, the same way Batman rose up after his back was broken. Or are we reading too much into it?

Here's hoping that Maela can also be a hero one day for Pirates and South Africa. That's a hero we deserve.