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The best adidas footballs you can buy in 2022

6:00 PM SGT 24/8/22
Best adidas footballs
From budget-friendly Starlancers to top tier UCL-branded official match balls, adidas have you sorted

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Every game needs a ball, and there's never been a wider range to choose from at adidas; boldly brilliant designs that stand out on the pitch, pocket-sized rockets to help train new skills, and specialist numbers for when the five-a-side has to move inside.

There's no being caught short on the field with these – here are 10 of their finest footballs to keep your feet busy all year long, no matter the weather.

Tiro Club Football

This classic Tiro Club number does more than stand out on virtually any surface with its striking pink colour. Its machine-stitched finish will prove pleasingly smooth no matter the terrain.

WhWhat'sore, with a butyl-crafted bladder, air retention properties are practically second-to-none. Once inflated, it will stay pumped up for longer, allowing players to get on with the game.

Get it from adidas for £15.00

UCL Pro Void Football

This season's official ball, you'll see this match-quality football shining on the pitch in the UEFA Champions League group stage matches. Sleek and eye-catching, it refreshes the iconic star symbolism of Europe's most prestigious club competition with a bright neon pattern.

Thermally bonded for a seamlessly smooth surface, its lightweight finish is fantastic for playing in all climates, particularly wet weather. Add the FIFA Quality Pro stamp, and you've got one match ball good enough for the game's gods.

Get it from adidas for £130.00

UCL League Void Football

If you're not ready to splash out on the official match ball, this replica has got you covered with all of the good stuff at a fraction of the price.

While not coated with a laminated finish like the real thing, it still boasts star-shaped seamless panels to look and feel the part as a durable understudy come rain or shine. Throw in its seamless TSBE build, and it will continue to perform with little wear-and-tear, match after match and game after game as it takes to the field.

Get it from adidas for £30.00

Tiro League TB Football

The Tiro League TB brings a top-drawer finish to a low-budget ball to ensure there is some sizable bang for your buck.

Treated with the thermobonding process typically reserved for pricier, top-tier models, its royal blue and silver metallic finish delivers a smooth touch on a traditional white palate background. Certified with the International Match Standard stamp of approval too, it's a quality piece of kit, whether pressed into action for more competitive means or just a knockabout in the yard.

Get it from adidas for £25.00

Tiro League Sala Football

Want something built explicitly for the indoor squeak of sports hall five-a-side action? The Tiro League Sala has the aficionado who likes to avoid the winter chill covered.

Its moniker, taken from the Spanish translation of the word "hall", has been designed with indoor games in mind, be it football or futsal, to respond to matches played inside four walls.

Built with a low-rebound build to prevent frenetic bounce action, its red visuals give it a blur of style when on the move, sharp, and effectively sweet for a high-energy kickaround.

Get it from adidas for £22.00

UCL Pro Void Winter Football

When the darkness rolls in and the fog gets low, there's not much like this winter version of the UCL football to cut through the doom and gloom.

Transposing the competition's typical logos into a literal textured galaxy of tiny stars across its fiery orange body around the edge of its larger panels, it's the perfect seasonal effort to stick out in the snow.

Thermally bonded once more, like the best of the adidas range, this one will fly seamlessly – and prove a proper highlight to those long European nights you can imagine in the park.

Get it from adidas for £130.00

Al Rihla Club Football

Taking its inspiration from the FIFA World Cup match ball, the Al Rihla Club ball is perfect for getting into the match spirit.

Built to last, this robust ball guarantees durability and size retention through all training sessions. Its sturdy outer shell provides clean and consistent contact with the ball, helping keep you at the top of your game.

Get it from adidas for £20.00

UCL Club Void Football

A durable football designed to help you shine when you play, the Club Void mimics the look of the UEFA ChChampion'seague official ball and performs perfectly for kickabouts.

Its hardwearing and machine-stitched design keeps it bouncy and tough for wherever your training sessions take you, and its butyl bladder ensures it stays inflated for longer. A great budget-friendly football perfect for training and park kickabouts.

Get it from adidas for £20.00

Starlancer Training Football

Another effort that shoots for the stars while keeping its budget firmly on the ground, this training football is one of the steals of the adidas range.

At its bargain price, it's a wonderfully dependable number too, wrought from a butyl bladder and just as effective for regular usage or a rare appearance when the mood takes hold.

Get it from Sports Direct for £14.00

Tiro Competition Football

A step-up from the Tiro training balls in terms of quality and price, the competition marries a classic hexagonal-panel design with thermal bonding to deliver an industry-standard finish.

Its construction from sustainable imitation leather takes it a step further, helping craft a lighter number that still carries the great textured look you'd want from this design.

With a black, blue and silver metallic finish, it carries a simple elegance that has much to be appreciated. Pack in its durable materials, and it'll last longer than you think too, no matter the action it sees.

Get it from adidas for £43.00

Tango Rosario football

From its dramatic Latin-inflected title to its classical design, this ball carries a piece of history with it that can help mark out your knowledge of the world game as a cut above the rest.

Inspired in design by ArArgentina'saiden World Cup-winning tournament, when they beat the Netherlands on home soil, this ball lives up to the AlAlbiceleste'sorld-beating reputation forged since then too.

Deep-stitched by hand and with an injection-moulded lightweight latex bladder, it's a near-perfect fit, a durable powerhouse ready for action, whatever the occasion.

Get it from adidas for £23.00

Predator Training Football

Featuring a highly durable design that'll suit for everyday play, the adidas Predator ball is perfect for showing skills in training sessions and kickabouts.

With a machine-stitched and hardwearing TPU cover, this football stands against the most powerful strikes and offers exceptional performance session after session. Its butyl bladder also provides superior air retentions, holding its shape for consistent flight.

Get it from Pro: Direct Soccer for £23.00

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