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Afcon 2019 Ball: What ball is the Africa Cup of Nations using?

9:57 PM SGT 19/6/19
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The 2019 Afcon tournament is getting underway on June 19, and Goal looks at the official match balls for the continental competitions since 2008

The 2019 Africa Cup of Nations tournament is upon us, and the African continent will be watching closely on how the players cope with the official soccer ball.

The Afcon ball has evolved over the years, from colour to different names, and this has seen it play its part in creating and influencing the football conversation around the continent.  

Jabulani was the official match ball that was most talked about during the South Africa 2010 World Cup and Afcon 2010 in Angola as players and especially goalkeepers complained a lot about its performance. 

Here is Goal's history of the official Afcon balls since 2008. 

CAF Umbro Neo Pro - 2019

CAF Umbro Neo Pro is the Afcon 2019 official match ball for this year's Afcon tournament which will be staged in Egypt between June 21 and July 19. 

The ball is mainly white but the designers included black and red colours to represent the flag of Egypt, who are the host nation. 

According to the officials, the Afcon match ball is based on the Umbro Neo Pro ball model. 

Photo credit: Umbro















The Neo Pro soccer ball is approved by Fifa to be used at the highest level of the game simply because it features a textured Teijin Microfibre outer casing for durability, accuracy and true flight dependability. 

The Afcon 2019 ball has a hand-stitched 14-panel design with sealed seams to ensure zero water absorption and it is built with a five-layer construction over a latex bladder to ensure consistent bounce. 

Caf Mitre Delta Hyperseam - 2017

Caf Mitre Delta Hyperseam was the name of official match ball for the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations tournament which was staged in Gabon.

It was produced by Mitre; a well-known brand when it comes to soccer balls.

The Afcon 2017 ball had some exciting features which included but not limited to Hyperseam - this was beneficial to the players in terms of helping them with power and control. 

It was also ensured zero water absorption to be playable in both wet and dry conditions.

Caf Mitre Delta Hyperseam had a textured surface with a 12-panel construction for optimum aerodynamic control. 

Marhaba - 2015

Marhaba was the of official match ball for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations 2015 in Equatorial Guinea.

The design of the Afcon 2015 ball was inspired by Brazuca ball which was the official match ball for the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil

Marhaba was made in silver colour and there were light inserts around its images, and designers said it was inspired by the contrasting landscape of the African continent and azure sky. 

It went through a rigorous testing process before it was passed.     

Katlego - 2013

A very unique Tswana name which simply means success, Katlego was the name of official match ball of the Africa Cup of Nations which was hosted in South Africa in 2013.

It was an Adidas ball which was dominated by Ndebele colours and it included colours of the majority of African national team flags that participated in the tournament. 

Football fans around the continent were requested to vote for a name that would be the official ball for the Afcon 2013.

Khanya and Motswako were the other two names, but Katlego got more votes and it was made the official match ball for 2013 edition. 

Comoequa - 2012


Comoequa was the name of the official match ball for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations tournament in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

The name was inspired by the Como River which runs through the two nations. 

The bright yellow colours symbolized the African culture, and the markings on the Afcon 2012 ball had the central triangular panels which referenced the flags of Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.  

Jabulani Angola - 2010

Photo credit: Footballbookreview

Jabulani Angola was used as the official match ball for the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations which took place in Angola.

The ball had style similar to the Jabulani ball was that used during the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa. 

However, it had yellow, red and black colours on it to represent the Angolan flag. 

Wawa Aba - 2008

Wawa Aba was used as the official match ball for the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations in Ghana

The Afcon 2008 ball was inspired by Ghana's red, yellow and green colours from the country's flag. 

Photo credit: Hypebeast

It was later used for other major competitions across the African continent after it became a success at the Afcon 2008 games. 

The name Wawa Aba is a symbol of durability, and it also a seed of the Wawa tree which is one of the strongest woods in Africa.