S.League attendance up by 45% compared to last year

The Football Association of Singapore will continue to enhance match-day experiences for fans as well as to improve the quality of play in order to attract even more support
The crowd figures for S.League matches during the first round of this season has improved by 45 percent compared to the same period last year, according to the Football Association of Singapore (FAS).

That appears to be good news, given that the average attendance for last season was a dismal 932.

This was announced at the FAS's 31st Annual General Meeting at Jalan Besar Stadium yesterday evening, where president Zainudin Nordin noted that local football has "progressed well" during the past financial year.

Zainudin pledged that more will be done to attract more fans to support Singapore's only professional league, which began in 1996. This includes measures to raise the quality of play on the pitch and to enhance the match-day experience for the crowd at S.League games.

Currently, there are initiatives like the S.League Superbabes,  a group of 10 dancers formed to entertain crowds before kick-off and during half-time at selected matches. Last year, another cheerleading group known as the S.League Supergals performed for the same purpose. Another scheme started this July enables any paid ticket-holder at S.League, League Cup and Singapore Cup matches to participate in a lucky draw for the chance to win a brand new Hyundai Electra 1.6 car, along with other cash prizes.

The FAS also revealed that they will be looking at enhancing the National Football League Club licensing criteria so as to further raise the standards of the clubs in all aspects.

Zainudin then went on to thank the S.League club chairmen for their “dedication and relentless efforts” over the years, as well as volunteers for their hard work and commitment towards local football.