Zwanziger launches tirade at Bayern president Hoeness

The former DFB president has heavily criticised die Roten's chief in a new autobiography, slamming his 'lack of willingness' to take responsibility and for using his fame poorly
The former president of Germany's Football Association (DFB), Theo Zwanziger, has hit out at Uli Hoeness, calling the current Bayern Munich chief an "alligator" and a "know-it-all".

Zwanziger, who handed over the presidency of the DFB to Wolfgang Niersbach in March, has made headlines in Germany with the publication of his autobiography Die Zwanziger Jahre ('The Twenties'), partly due to its inflammatory comments regarding die Roten's president.

Speaking in an interview with Welt am Sonntag, the 67-year-old said: "He has made me very disappointed, especially in the international sphere with sweeping awards in the 'all of them are corrupt' and 'I know everything better' categories and the complete lack of willingness to take on responsibility.

"He had the offer to go instead of me to the FIFA executive branch. He refused. So all I have are his utterances so I am disappointed.

"He is a man who has done an incredible amount in football. He uses his fame but unfortunately not to heal divides but to open them up."

Zwanziger has also apparently drawn criticism from Niersbach for his half-hearted social activities, something the former president refutes.

"You can not blame me for being a social romantic. This charge would only be disrespectful if I had neglected the national team, youth development or amateur football," he said.

"My message is that we must do two things: look after the sporting arena and face the strong social responsibility we have."