Julio Cesar set to quit Brazil: It would be selfish for me to continue

The 34-year-old goalkeeper feels that it is only right that he step aside now to allow the Selecao to find a worthy successor for the World Cup in Russia in 2018
Julio Cesar is ready to call time on his Brazil career, explaining that he feels it would be "selfish" for him to play on given his age by the time that the next World Cup is played.

The QPR-owned goalkeeper, who is currently on loan at Toronto FC, will turn 35 next year and does not believe that he should make himself available for the 2015 Copa America, believing that the Selecao's focus should be on finding a new No.1 for Russia 2018.

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"This is probably my last World Cup," he told reporters after Brazil's 3-0 loss to Netherlands in Brasilia on Saturday evening.

"To play at the Copa America in 2015, at the age of 35, would be quite complicated. To go there without having the 2018 World Cup in mind would be selfish on my part.

"The time has come for other goalkeepers and I think Brazil have seven or eight who are quite capable of pulling on the national jersey."

Julio Cesar also urged Brazil and their fans to try to put the traumatic conclusion to their World Cup campaign behind them as quickly as possible.

"[Our failure] is a sad moment for Brazilian football," he conceded. "Now I think it is time to relax and try to forget about all of this."

Brazil suffered a humiliating 7-1 defeat at the hands of Germany in the semi-finals before losing out on third place to Netherlands.