Wilson Raj denies World Cup match-fixing claims

The Singaporean match-fixing whistleblower was alleged to have possessed prior knowledge of the result of the Cameroon-Croatia tie on June 18
Just days after German magazine Der Spiegel published a story claiming Wilson Raj Perumal had correctly predicted the outcome of a World Cup match, the Singaporean has released a statement denying all involvement.

Perumal who has been linked with multiple match-fixing cases in the past and claims to have intricate knowledge of the industry, made the announcement via the official website of the publishers of his memoir Kelong Kings.

Currently in self-imposed exile in Hungary, he stated Der Spiegel fabricated 'informal assessments' he had made days after the match 'with the visible aim of stirring the row over match-fixing.'

The article in question had alleged that Perumal had told the magazine's reporter in a Facebook chat that Cameroon will lose their June 18 match against Croatia 4-0, with a player being sent off in the first-half. He was also reported as having claimed that there were 'seven bad apples' in the Cameroon team.

The football federation of the African nation issued a statement earlier this week that they will be conducting an investigation into the claims, although Fifa had yet to substantiate the allegations.

"At no time did I make reference to four goals being scored or to a red card being issued," Perumal claimed in his statement. "At no time did I suggest that I had any way of corroborating or substantiating what was meant to be an educated guess based on my extensive match-fixing experience. Last but not least: at no time was I informed by the Der Spiegel journalist that our chat was going to end up in the German publication."

The 48-year-old, who claims in the same statement to have turned 'a new leaf' and wishes to use his expertise 'to truly fight the scourge of match-fixing', also apologised to the Cameroon FA and to fans for causing any inadvertent offence.