Raufu Ladipo rates Nigerian football high in 2013

The president general of the Nigeria Football Supporters Club scores the nation’s football a pass mark in the outgoing year

Dr. Raufu Ladipo, president general of the Nigeria Football Supporters Club, has revealed that football in Nigeria was at its best in the year 2013.

The seasoned football supporter pointed out areas where Nigeria football deserved a pat on the back in a chat with the site.

Earlier in the year, Ladipo created controversy when he stated on an LTV programme that he used to carry juju around in order to see the national team win football matches and tournaments.

“Nigeria football was on a high in 2013. Starting from January 2013 in South Africa , the Super Eagles won the Cup of Nations and went ahead to win the Mandela Challenge,” Ladipo told Goal.

“They [Eagles] also picked the World Cup ticket. And if you look at our national Under 17 football team in August, they won the World Cup while the Falconets did well by picking the World Cup ticket.

“The Sand Eagles capped a successful year by successfully defending their Copa Lagos Beach Soccer trophy. In summary, you will discover that we were outstanding in 2013.”

Ladipo also hinged the success of the Super Eagles on the technical crew’s ability to beam their searchlight on the Nigerian Premier League.

“I believe the technical crew of the Super Eagles went to the grassroots and drafted in good players to fortify the team and that is why you have about five players in the Afcon-winning squad.

“We once got it wrong and now we are getting it right and if we continue to make our league viable and stronger we will continue to get better,” said he.