Fifa fines Hong Kong FA for alleged racial abuse against Philippines

The Hong Kong Football Association has been punished after an incident where home fans threw bottles and hurled obscenities towards Philippines fans in a friendly match last year
World football governing body Fifa has fined the Hong Kong Football Association (HKFA) for the alleged racial abuse from its fans in a friendly match against the Philippines in June last year.

The match, which was held in Mong Kok Stadium on June 4, was marred by local fans throwing bottles and shouting obscenities towards the visiting team, calling them a “slave nation”.

The abuse happened after the match, which the Azkals won 1-0.

Complaints by Philippines football officials led to an investigation by Fifa’s Disciplinary Committee and as a result, the HKFA has been ordered to pay a fine worth 30,000 Swiss francs (SGD $42,000).

In addition, Fifa has also ordered the HKFA to pay another 3,000 Swiss francs to cover the cost of investigation.

According to a statement by HKFA chief executive officer Mark Sutcliffe, the association plans to appeal the punishment.

“We are disappointed with this initial decision and we reserve the right to lodge a formal appeal once we have been given more information on the grounds for this decision,” he said in the statement.

The Philippine Football Federation has yet to release an official statement on the matter.