Yan Dhanda dreams of becoming the first Indian to play for Liverpool

The youngster spoke of his desire to ply his trade for the Merseyside outfit in the near future...
At the age of just 14, Yan Dhanda has attracted a lot of attention recently ever since his move to Liverpool from West Bromwich Albion.

The Birmingham born youngster has been involved with a number of clubs including the likes of Aston Villa, Birmingham before making the big move to Liverpool this summer. In an interview with the club's official website, the youngster revealed his plans as he dreams of becoming the first Indian to represent the club.

"I was born in Birmingham and then I was at Walsall, Villa, Birmingham and West Brom when I was seven. When I was nine, I decided to sign for West Brom and then joined Liverpool at U14." Dhanda explained his early days.

"I was at a team called Tipton Town, where I live. The scouts from the local clubs saw me playing there and asked me to go for trials. I enjoyed it most at West Brom so I went there when I was nine" he mentioned.

Unlike many boys of his age, Dhanda does not support any major football team - a trait that he gets from his father, "I didn't support anybody because my dad never supported anybody."

Dhanda reveals that he won a trial at Chelsea after winning the club's 'Asian Star' award in the U-11 category, but prior commitments with West Brom made him miss out on the chance.

"I think it was just on their website and my dad asked Chelsea if I could go. I went with another boy from West Brom. They did different awards for fitness, Team of the Tournament and then Player of the Tournament, and whoever won the Player of the Tournament got a trial at Chelsea. I won the fitness award, Player of the Tournament and my team won as well. I was surprised to win because I was at West Brom at the time. I won a trial at Chelsea but I was away with West Brom so I didn't go." elucidated Dhanda.

The youngster revealed that Brendan Rodgers's presence played a key role in his move from West Brom to Liverpool.

"I was so excited and the fact that Brendan Rodgers was manager made me even more excited. It made me want to join Liverpool more than ever because of the way he has faith in young players." He said.

"My dad was interested in Brendan Rodgers and the players he brings through. My dad really liked the coaches at Liverpool because they all worked together. My mum was more interested in whether I was going to be happy at school and with my house parents, and if I would like it at Liverpool," he told the official website.

Despite living away from his family, Dhanda is settling in nicely in his new home with his friends and house parents.

"It's really good. I've just got used to everything. I've made loads of friends. I'm learning a lot from the coaches and what the coaches expect from me."

"I live with house parents in Liverpool they are really nice. They're just like my nan and grandad! I go home on Saturdays after the game. If I don't have a game on a Saturday, I'll go home Friday and come back Sunday morning if we have a game." He added.

The Birmingham born youngster explained his usual life in the academy and life in his new school.

"On a Friday and Wednesday I go to school, and then at 12.20pm after lunch I go to the Academy for day release. But on a Monday we go to school as normal, 9am till 3.10pm, and then on a Monday I have a gym session. And then Tuesday and Thursday, I go to school till 3.10pm, and then train from 5pm to 7pm or 7.30pm. And then I go back to my house parents."

Dhanda describes himself as a creative midfielder who is capable of playing on either wings as well just like his idol David Silva.

"I'm a creative midfielder but I play on the wing at Liverpool, coming in off the left, or coming in off the right. Liverpool have played me as a nine as well, dropping down. And I like to score goals, and assist."

The youngster just like many other Liverpool supporters loves Steven Gerrard and former defender Jamie Carragher but the U-14 star is yet to meet any of the first team players. He spoke of his interacted with Raheem Sterling via Twitter.

"I really admire Steven Gerrard for all he's done in the game and coming through the ranks. He started where I am now. Jamie Carragher has gone now but he did it the same way. I really respect that."

"The only player I've spoken to is Raheem Sterling on Twitter. He was just giving me advice."

While it is his dream to play for the club in the future for now he is only concentrating on giving his best at the training and practice games.

"Short-term is to keep getting fitter, work on both feet, keep developing as a player, keep listening to the coaches and learning from them. My long-term ambition would be to get into the first team before I am 20. That is the dream but I am a million miles away from that now. So I just have to keep my head down and work as hard as I possibly can every day," he concluded.

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