Thailand coach Winfried Schafer: There is no agreement to terminate my contract

The War Elephants coach is upset that Thailand Football Association president Worawi Makudi has told the media that he will leave his post, and is considering legal action
By Khalis Rifhan

It has been a frustrating week for Thailand national team coach Winfried Schafer after coming under heavy artillery from Thailand Football Association (FAT) president Worawi Makudi.

Makudi had, on several occasions since the start of the month, said that the FAT will part ways with the German coach, who has been at the helm since 2011 after taking over from former England international Bryan Robson. 

A week ago, both Worawi and Schafer had met up amidst media reports that the former had reportedly sack the 63-year-old from his post.

“I [had] asked Worawi for a meeting for a long time and we finally met yesterday [May 9],” Schafer said.

“Like he said to the media, he told me that we had many enemies, which [would] make work[ing] difficult, and suggested it would be better to cancel the contract.

“I explained that I don't fear these enemies and that we could overcome all enemies with hard work, which is what we've been doing all along and we agreed to talk again in July.

“I can't go more in detail about what we talked about, but I don't want to cancel my contract.

“Instead I want to begin with the reform project and that's what I told him. So when a few journalists began calling me to ask about Worawi ending my contract at the end of June, I was very confused.” 

Earlier this week, Worawi was up to his old tricks again when he reportedly informed the media that the FAT would definitely sack Schafer.

Upset with the developments, Schafer is now considering legal options to insist that he is the head coach of the War Elephants. 

"I have no idea why Worawi said that," he stated.

“I am the national team coach and I am currently preparing for the friendly match against China.

"Maybe I must consult my lawyer and I might sue him if he don't stop talking to the press like that."

“I have to repeat myself: here is no agreement between Worawi and me. I never agreed to terminate my contract.” 

Schafer had come under heavy criticism from some quarters since their losses in the Asian Cup qualifiers earlier in the year, where they went down 3-1 to Kuwait at home on February 6 before getting thrashed 5-2 away from home by Lebanon on March 22.

Thailand are scheduled to face Asian powerhouse China at the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center on June 15.