Shahril Jantan: We are used to training during Ramadhan

The Home United goalkeeper says it is something S.League players have gotten used to, while Warriors FC coach Alex Weaver praises his players for giving their all

The festive mood can be felt all around Singapore as citizens prepare to celebrate National Day on August 9. For the Muslims, they will be decked out in their colourful traditional clothes for the Hari Raya Aidilfitri one day earlier.

Before any thoughts of celebrations could take place however, the Muslims had to endure and persevere for almost one month without food and water from dusk till dawn during the fasting month of Ramadhan.

Despite that, S.League players continued to train as per normal unlike their counterparts across the Causeway, where the Malaysian leagues took a break.

But to Home United goalkeeper Shahril Jantan, it's simply part of the job.

"For most of us it’s not as hard as it looks as we have been doing this for the whole of our careers, even in our youth days,” he said matter-of-factly.

“It is definitely a challenge to fast and train with the same intensity but it builds up our mentality at the same time.

“Coach Lee [Lim Saeng] and his coaching staff have also played a big part in adjusting the timing of our training sessions and the club has been supportive, and has expressed their appreciation at the effort the players put in during this whole month." 

Meanwhile, Warriors FC coach Alex Weaver is astonished by his players' determination and dedication to their faith as they give their all during training in the fasting month.

“You have got to respect these boys," the Englishman said.

“Our schedule did not change during this time and they gave their all despite not being able to take water breaks during training.

“In fact, I feel that it builds up their character and strength.”