Johor FC drop ‘FC’ from their name for new season

Johor FC and Johor FA have been placed under one management (PBNJ) for next year by the Crown Prince of Johor to safeguard the stability of both teams

Club side Johor FC is now under the management of the Football Association of Johor (PBNJ), and will play in the Malaysian Super League (MSL) next season as Johor.

Its president - Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, who is also the Crown Prince of Johor, said the initiative was taken to ensure both Johor FC and Johor FA are properly managed, so that the flow of funds involving the two teams can be monitored easily.

Besides that, the takeover is also to prevent problems such as unpaid salaries to players, coaches and staff.

“Johor FC’s status remains the same but we are just remodeling the existing management,” Tunku Ismail told journalists at a press conference.

Singapore legend, Fandi Ahmad, has been handed the task to coach Johor in the MSL while Johor FA will be handled in the Malaysian Premier League (MPL) by former international Azmi Mohamad, with the assistance of Ismail Ibrahim.


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