Lokomotiv Sofia's Dimitrov alleges sack over mud-bathing accusation

The 26-year-old says that he was let go without any prior warning and then told that he had come up with a bizarre excuse to sit out a match against Bulgarian champions Ludogorets
Martin Dimitrov has claimed that he has been released by Lokomotiv Sofia after being falsely accused of opting to go mud-bathing instead of playing in an important league game.

The 26-year-old says that he is now a free agent after being the subject of a bizarre allegation by coach Stefan Genov after the club's recent meeting with reigning Bulgarian champions Ludogorets.

"I knew from the media that I’ve been released," the midfielder told BGsport. "Later, [Lokomotiv director] Christian Dobrev called me and told me Genov is not going to count on me for the future.

"Genov told Dobrev he wanted me to play in the match with Ludogorets but, according to him, I refused in order to go mud-bathing.

"This is not something any professional footballer would ever say. I’m hurt because this is my childhood club."