'Your life's a car crash' - Barton & Hamann in furious Twitter row

The former Manchester City duo engaged in a long-running public argument on the social networking website, exchanging personal insults over their time as team-mates
Marseille midfielder Joey Barton has engaged in a row with former Manchester City team-mate Dietmar Hamann on social networking website Twitter.

The war of words began after the former Germany international took exception to a Barton rant regarding the running of his former club Newcastle.

However, the QPR loanee responded in typically brusque fashion, leading to the pair exchanging insults at regular intervals.

Here is a selection of the exchange:

DH: "Joey do yourself a favour and stay out of club politics QPR and NUFC have paid you well for playing not to commentonrecruitment"

JB: "trying to give me stick you cheeky man. Get your own life in order first... #peopleinglasshouses"

DH: "I never said a bad word about my ex clubs and I never will as that's called respect and dignity Joseph .You got a lot to learn"

JB: "only cos your trying your ******** off to get a job now your skint. Don't try a be all self righteous u blert. I know u!
"what about they way I seen you prepare for a game. That dignified? Worst pro I've ever seen Youve got more front than Harrods"

DH: "My life was in order well before yours you should light a candle for Fernandes and Llambias every day for paying you that money"

JB: "you earned a few quid yourself. U choose to spunk it. Don't hate me cos ur a **** up!
"u WHERE a good player. More to life than football, u nugget...
"if you wanna have it out publicly. Am here all day mate. Not having idiots like you talking like u actually have a clue!
"you where a good player. Won more than me, yeah. Thats were you en mate on the pitch. Ur life's a car crash. #pipedown

DH: "The problem is that you think because you play in France you think you are an international player #farfromit"

JB: "like being a family man. Being honest. Being loyal. Being a man. Being able to look at yourself in the mirror. Can u do that?"

DH: "Yes I do look in the mirror. I made mistakes but don't forget where you come from.Dont bite the hand off that feeds you"

JB: "don't be getting all self righteous. If I were you i'd think twice about trying to be clever or giving ANYBODY stick."

DH: "Joseph I won't get personal as Twitter is not the place to do that but don't think you are bigger than you are"

JB: "before you get fully emptied out publicly, you blert. You've got my number. You know where to find me 24/7"

DH: "No problem Joseph lets see each other in 5 years I hope I don't have to go to Walton #prison
"You said you want to boil burglars alive last week ..get a grip son and concentrate on your football ...England international

JB: "champions leagues medals don't make ur wife or kids respect u. Ur life like a car crash mate. Sort ur own house out!"
"Sick of washed up former pro's giving it big portions cos they've wasted their money. Medals don't pay your kids schools fees... #jogon
"I won't however be told be someone I deem vastly inferior as a MAN, how to live my life."

DH: "The medals won't make my kids respect me but im not prepared to punch a child in the face in McDonald's for them to respect me"
"I love a pint but never took drugs in my life be careful what you say England international #dontgetangryjoseph"