VFF refuses Vietnam Professional Football's naming proposal for the national league

The top-tier division is currently labeled as the Vietnamese Super League but the Football Federation instructed the regulator to resume the old name for the rest of season
The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) has rejected the Vietnam Professional Football (VPF) proposal to continue using the "Super League" label on the top tier of the national football league.

The VFF also recommended that the VPF bring back the old name "V-League", which is used by the second division, to replace the current top tier's name, as recommended by the General Department of Sport and Physical Training.

According to the General Department, the main reason to get back the former league name is to recognise the origin of the country where the tournament is held and to ensure that the name is in the nation's native language.

The General Department's chairman, Vuong Bich Thang, stated that the VPF could only change the league name if its proposal is approved by the VFF.

"If VFF gives the go ahead, the department will report to the Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism for further approval," he announced.

The VPF, as the current league regulator, claimed that the old name is not good enough to reflect the profesionalism of the clubs.

"The old name (V-League) will fail to reflect the professionalism of the clubs or their levels," a source from the VPF said of the proposal.

"We want the league to be called V-Super League 2012, and the second-tier league to be V-League 1."

The Vietnamese top division has been running for four rounds under the new branding, but will be replaced by the old name immediately.