FAM suspends four match officials

The FAM has decided to suspend four match officials who were involved in the controversial goal during the PKNS-Kedah game last Saturday.

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The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) has released an official statement saying that they have decided to suspend four match officials who were in charge of the quarter-final second leg match between Kedah and PKNS FC at Selayang Stadium last Saturday.

Three of the match officials will be suspended from duty until the committee holds another meeting to discuss further actions to be taken on them.

The three officials are the referee of the game, Samsudin Ibrahim, the assistant referee, Busrah Eri, and the fourth match official, Khairul Rizal Ismail.

Meanwhile, another assistant referee, will be suspended for two weeks.

According to the statement made by FAM, Samsudin, Busrah and Khairul failed to officiate the game based on the rules relating to restarting the game after a goal was scored.

All three of them were found guilty after they allowed PKNS FC to restart the game even though there were two Kedah players in their half after Sandro Da Silva scored in the 57th minute.

Due to that decision, PKNS FC managed to score their first goal of the night through Faiz Isa and after the discussion being made amongst the officials, referee Samsudin decided to give the goal to PKNS FC, and continue the game as usual.

Asmadi only received two weeks suspension because he was too far from where the incident happened, but was still found guilty as he failed to assist the referee to make the right decision.

The decision was made after the FAM analysed the video of the game as well as the match commissioner's report from Zainal Abidin Yaacob.

All four officials will attend a refresher course in the near future so that the FAM’s Referee Department can explain more about the rules of the game to them.

FAM has also urged all the match officials who will be involved in the semi-finals of the 2015 Malaysia Cup to focus to prevent similar mistakes.