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Key Events

N. Fitzgerald
A. Caceres
5 - 4
A. Taggart
C. Harold
5 - 3
N. Colazo
B. Fornaroli
4 - 3
T. Cahill
N. Colazo
4 - 2
N. Marinković
4 - 1

Match Stats

38% 61%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 8 7
Total Passes 278 459
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Final Series
Final Series Play-offs


FULL TIME - It's all over here at nib Stadium with a very entertaining and open second half that saw seven goals. In the end Perth Glory record the 5-4 win to finish the season in fifth position and will need to travel to Melbourne next week for a re-match against City who have finished fourth.
90' + 2' We are into the second of three minutes of stoppage time.
P. Retre
N. Kilkenny
90' + 1' SUBSTITUTION CITY - Kilkenny comes off with Retre coming on for a crazy couple of minutes.
A. Caceres
90' Assist Anthony Caceres
N. Fitzgerald
90' GOAL CITY - What on earth is Liam Reddy doing? He runs out and tries to take on the City attackers then loses the ball. The ball came out to Fitzgerald who places the ball into an empty net! This is an unbelievable game of football with Glory leading 5-4. Reddy has to be credited with the assist for that goal!
A. Taggart
88' GOAL GLORY - Wonderful run by Harold who slides it across to Taggart who taps it in past a stranded Bouzanis who has not had a good game. It's Glory leading 5-3.
87' Fornaroli opens up room for the shot but Reddy is fine to get down low and make a good stop.
N. Colazo
84' GOAL CITY - Jakobsen to Fornaroli who lays it off to Colazo and it's a marvelous finish from Colazo who gives Reddy absolutely no chance. It's 4-3 and City may still get something out of this game yet.
83' Perth now need two more goals to host a home final against City next week. If they don't score two more goals they will be flying over to Melbourne to take on City and will do so with confidence.
82' Fitzgerald is in the box once again and his shot again slams into the cross bar. How does he not get a spot in the starting line up?
T. Cahill
80' GOAL CITY - Colazo with a good square ball for Cahill who slides it past Reddy to make it 4-2.
80' Glory are looking for their fifth goal which will hand them a home final.
L. Goian
Yellow Card
79' YELLOW CARD - Goian is booked after blocking the run of Fitzgerald.
78' The second corner is dealt with by the Glory defence with ease.
78' City win the corner with a low delivery sent in towards Jakobsen but it's sent out for another corner.
N. Marinković
75' GOAL GLORY - Marinkovic comes on as a substitute and his first touch of the ball is a free kick that has Bouzanis beaten again. It comes off the cross bar and rattles the back of the net. Glory lead 4-1 and they need one more goal to host Melbourne City in a final next week.
N. Marinković
M. Oxborrow
75' SUBSTITUTION GLORY - Mitchell Oxborrow is replaced by Nebojša Marinković.
74' Kilkenny clips Keogh on his way through and Perth have the free kick in a very dangerous position.
A. Caceres
L. Brattan
73' SUBSTITUTION CITY - Luke Brattan is replaced by Anthony Caceres.
72' Risdon finds Keogh free in the box but his shot is blocked by Malik.
71' Risdon hangs it up to Taggart who heads it straight to Bouzanis.
L. Brattan
Yellow Card
70' YELLOW CARD - Castro is caught late by Brattan who is shown the yellow card.
68' Fitzgerald with a very good run into the box and his shot just goes over the cross bar.
68' The corner is sent in low by Brattan and cleared. It comes back with Colazo shooting from the edge of the box, but that is closer to the car park than the goal.
67' Fornaroli has it deep in the box but his shot is blocked by Djulbic and out for a corner.
J. Rose
Yellow Card
65' YELLOW CARD - Joshua Rose is booked for kicking the ball away after conceding the foul.
65' Brattan with a good ball to Fitzgerald but his pass in the box is terrible.
N. Fitzgerald
B. Kamau
62' SUBSTITUTION CITY - A good change by City with Bruce Kamau replaced by Nick Fitzgerald.
61' Rose tries to stab it towards goal but he can't keep it down.
O. Malik
Yellow Card
60' YELLOW CARD - Osama Malik is booked for his challenge on Oxborrow.
60' Kamau has just wasted two chances to shoot for City. For some reason he is always reluctant to shoot.
58' Brattan shoots from outside the box but he would have to do a lot better than that to beat Reddy.
R. Griffiths
R. García
57' SUBSTITUTION GLORY - Richard García is replaced by Rostyn Griffiths.
C. Harold
56' GOAL GLORY - Risdon crosses to the far post and Harold heads it downwards with Bouzanis motionless as it bounces in. Glory are a chance for a home final at 3-1. They need two more goals.
55' The edge is back in the contest and the crowd are getting back involved again.
54' Fornaroli somehow creates space for himself for the shot and it hits the cross bar and bounces out.
C. Harold
J. Chianese
53' SUBSTITUTION GLORY - Joel Chianese is replaced by Chris Harold.
A. Keogh
50' GOAL GLORY - Castro passes ahead to Keogh through the legs of Franjic and Keogh beats Bouzanis inside his near post. A bad goal to concede for Melbourne City with Perth leading 2-1.
48' A lovely ball by Kilkenny to Kamau but he is caught offside.
46' The second half is underway with Perth kicking off.
HALF TIME - Referee Peter Green calls an end to the first half with an open and entertaining encounter seeing both teams scoring with a 1-1 scoreline at half-time.
M. Jakobsen
Yellow Card
44' YELLOW CARD - Jakobsen is very late on Garcia and is shown the yellow card.
43' Kamau with a good run that sees Garcia concede the corner.
39' Bruno Fornaroli needs two goals to at least retain the golden boot or at least share it with Berisha and Maclaren.
36' The home fans are making a lot of noise here trying to lift the Glory.
34' Perth are enjoying a good few minutes here.
34' Castro sends it to the far post where Keogh heads just wide.
32' Danger here for City Garcia arriving at the perfect time to meet the cross but Bouzanis makes a fine save.
T. Cahill
Yellow Card
28' YELLOW CARD - Tim Cahill is shown the yellow card for his sliding challenge on Chianese.
M. Warren
Yellow Card
26' YELLOW CARD - Marc Warren is shown a yellow card for a harsh challenge from behind.
26' Brattan crosses to Fornaroli who heads at the far post and Reddy makes a fine save.
26' Perth Glory are a little rattled at the moment and are making basic mistakes.
24' Cahill shakes off Goian and puts it on a plate for Colazo who goes first time and goes well over.
T. Cahill
21' GOAL CITY - Kamau plays it through to Cahill after his initial cross was returned to him. From the edge of the box Cahill unleashes a brilliant finish to equalise for Melbourne City. It's 1-1.
B. Kamau
21' Assist Bruce Kamau
18' Perth are totally dominating this contest at the moment.
16' Castro went for goal himself and he shoots over.
15' Malik concedes the foul after pushing Chianese in the contest for the ball. Another dangerous free kick for Perth.
15' Castro sends the free kick in and Djulbic gets first touch on it, but the City defence cleared the danger.
13' Fornaroli comes back on after some treatment.
12' Colazo sends the free kick in where Malik shoots, but it's dealt with by the Glory defence.
11' Fornaroli has been fouled by Warren and he requires some assistance from City's medical team.
9' The Melbourne City defence is under enormous pressure at the moment and they need to find their feet and fast.
9' Castro sends the free kick into the box and it's flicked dangerously to Keogh who heads it wide.
7' Melbourne City now need to score at least twice to win and earn that third ACL place which the club's owners crave so much.
7' The corner is sent into the box where there is a Perth foul and the City defence can clear.
6' Castro is through in the box and he shoots for the top right corner and it's a fine save by Bouzanis to keep it out.
Diego Castro
Penalty Goal
5' PENALTY GOAL GLORY - Diego Castro steps up to the spot. Bouzanis dives away to the right and Casto calmly slots the penalty away to the left to give Perth Glory the early lead. Glory 1-0.
4' PENALTY! Taggart brings down Kilkenny in the box and Perth Glory have been awarded the penalty!
2' Chianese feeds Keogh who shoots but it was always fading away for a goal kick.
1' City have the early corner which is knocked out for another corner by Garcia.
1' We are off and underway with Melbourne City kicking off.
Melbourne City (4-3-3): Bouzanis (GK); Rose, Malik, Jakobsen, Franjic; Brattan, Kilkenny, Cahill; Colazo, Fornaroli, Kamau. Subs: Sorensen (GK), Retre, Caceres, Fitzgerald, Tongyik.
Perth Glory (4-4-2): Reddy (GK); Risdon, Goian, Djulbic, Warren; Chianese, Oxborrow, Garcia, Castro; Taggart, Keogh. Subs: Feely (GK), Griffiths, Wilson, Harold, Marinkovic.
Lets take a look at the line ups.
There is a real possibility these teams could be meeting again next week.
The equation is simple here. Perth need to win by four goals to host a final. Melbourne City need to win to finish third and host the Wanderers, also avoiding Sydney FC in the run in to the Grand Final.
Good evening and welcome to nib Stadium for the 135th and final game of the home and away season. It's Perth Glory v Melbourne City.