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R. Griffiths
J. Mills
3 - 1
A. Keogh
J. Risdon
2 - 1
B. Holman
1 - 1
A. Keogh
Yellow Card
R. García
Diego Castro
1 - 0

Match Stats

46% 53%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 5
Total Passes 383 470
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Final Series
Final Series Play-offs


FULL TIME; PERTH GLORY 3, BRISBANE ROAR 1 - It's all over at nib Stadium and it's Perth who find themselves back in the winners circle with an extremely impressive and comprehensive performance. With Finals around the corner, the Glory have tuned up nicely with an attacking display which saw them posing threats from all over the park all night. Whilst the Roar had more than enough opportunities themselves, they always had one eye on the upcoming ACL campaign. Perth fans can revel in the taste of victory tonight with the Glory running out 3-1 victors.
90' Three minutes of added time is confirmed at nib Stadium.
89' SAVED - Maybe it's just not meant to be Taggart's night after all as Perth heave forward once more. With a cross deflecting off copious players, the loose ball somehow falls to the feet of Taggart. Once more from in front, Taggart squeezes off a shot but sees it denied at close range by Young.
86' Harold and Keogh now look set to embark on a one-two down Perth's right channel as the former hits the jets. Linking with Keogh, he instinctively tries a back heel pass which doesn't quite come off and looks quite comical. Shouldn't matter too much for Perth who lead 3-1 with five minutes remaining.
84' SAVED - Young springs into action for Brisbane to keep the defecit at two goals as Keogh rewards the overlapping run of Risdon down the right. With a lovely cross dropped into the mixer, it's Taggart who needs to stand and wait for it. With a well taken header from eight yards, Taggart directs it straight at the Roar 'keeper.
80' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Konstandopoulos ON
78' GOAL GLORY; PERTH GLORY 3, BRISBANE ROAR 1 - Superb from Griffiths and Perth are sailing home with a wet sail. With play opening up across the top of the area, Griffiths receives in a promising position and immediately opens up the angle. With a sweet right footed strike, this one is a curling stunner and bends into the right corner from 20 yards out.
76' CHANCE - Times like these where players wish they were a foot or two taller as Chianese runs down the ball. Delivering a nicely looped cross from the left, it's sent across the face of goal but centimetres over a jumping Taggart's head. If Taggart was Peter Crouch, that would've been headed home.
74' CHANCE - They've definitely found a spark with a little under 20 minutes remaining as Risdon now puts Harold into space. Gathering inside the right of the box, Harold's attempted low cross is cut out clinically by a sliding North as Taggart and Keogh lay waiting.
69' They're turning it on now are the Glory as they now swap a neat exchange of short passes 25 yards out. With Harold and Mills combining, the final pass forward comes from Chianese who tries to feed Keogh again but pushes his pass to Young instead.
67' GOAL GLORY; PERTH GLORY 2, BRISBANE ROAR 1 - This is stunning play. Beautiful to watch. With the Glory countering through the middle, it's Taggart who bombs on down the right before he sees who he's after. That man is Keogh who bolts into the area unmarked, latches onto the perfectly weighted cross and volleys it first-time into the bottom left corner.
61' CHANCE - Not very often that Maclaren misses these kind of efforts as he's played clean through down the right. Turning inboard to sprint towards the area, Maclaren slows to a jog which allows Goian to come in from the side to nip the ball clear. Maclaren's livid with himself.
59' Absolutely immaculate timing from North as a richocheted ball falls into the path of Chianese. Needing only to win it cleanly, North throws caution to the wind and as the last defender, lunges in with both feet to clear the ball. Mess that up and potentially North's on a red card.
56' GOAL ROAR; PERTH GLORY 1, BRISBANE ROAR 1 - It's a night for the elder statesmen of the A-League as Arana strokes a ball across the top of the box. With Holman in the vicinity, Maclaren peels off and allows the ball to run. Cutting inside, Holman pulls the trigger on a shot which deflects awkwardly, bounces over Reddy and lobs into the bottom right corner.
53' Oxborrow now looks to replicate his prior free kick heroics from a few seasons back as he lines up 40 yards from home. Whilst Oxborrow connects cleanly and swiftly, it's always slightly raising over the crossbar. Decent effort regardless from distance.
51' Harold's almost had an immediate impact for the Glory as his pace allows him to take possession down the right. Turning inside the area, he works over a cross which is intended for Taggart but defended well enough by DeVere. Brisbane survive an early scare.
46' Underway in the second half..
HALF TIME; PERTH GLORY 1, BRISBANE ROAR 0 - We're done for the first half at nib Stadium and this one has the hallmarks of an epic if first half proceedings are anything to go by. In one of the most open-ended and attack-minded displays between these two, both sides have swapped forays and opportunities in an absorbing half. At the interval,it's a controlled finish from the veteran Garcia which is the difference; Perth with a one-goal cushion at the break.
42' CHANCE - North to the fore again for the Roar defence as Castro, Williams and Mills combine patiently to set up. With Chianese then released down the right, he sends in a low cross which Keogh can't tuck home as North intercepts.
40' CHANCE - Taggart is again cursing himself as Castro wheels down the left and does the leg work for this raid. Looping over an aerial cross which is well placed, Taggart angles away to the left of goal to produce a glancing header which drifts across the face. Taggart's livid; knows he should have done better.
Yellow Card
38' YELLOW CARD GLORY - And there it is. As expected, Keogh now goes into the notebook also as he sets about righting the wrongs from Pepper's previous tackle. After a fair bit of push and shove, his team-mates eventually calm him down. Still picks up a yellow regardless though.
Yellow Card
36' YELLOW CARD ROAR - It's starting to tee off again as Pepper goes into the notebook for a challenge which takes Castro clean down. With Keogh in the vicinity and not appreciating the efforts, he comes in to make his point known too. Watch this space...
34' GOAL GLORY; PERTH GLORY 1, BRISBANE ROAR 0 - It's surprising that the opener's taken almost 35 minutes but it's well worth the wait. With the free kick maestro in Castro standing over the free kick, he lifts a majestic effort into the middle from the right channel. Up early to meet it is Garcia who arcs his back, whips his neck and lofts a perfect header over Young from nine yards.
31' Brown won't want to be affording Castro too much room too often as he does on this occasion. With Castro easily standing up his opponent, he skips to the outside to work the ball onto his right. With a crafty chipped effort from 20 yards, it's lifted straight to Young's gloves.
29' Another promising raid from Perth as Castro applies his wares down the left wing and leaves two defenders trailing. Lifting in a cross towards the back post, it looks to be falling for Chianese before Caletti appears to put it out. Ruled as a goalkick though which is perplexing.
27' Perth showing that they don't really mind how far out from home they area in order to take a shot. On this forward foray it's Taggart who leads the line and sees open space ahead. With 35 yards left to travel, Taggart unleashes a powerful drive which just clears the crossbar.
25' SAVED - Lovely play from Brisbane once more as Holman plays a sublime through ball to Borrello. With the latter galloping towards goal, he draws Reddy off his line but then inexplicably diagonally crosses to Maclaren. With Maclaren being shut down, Williams slides through and dispossesses clinically. Borrello should've shot.
22' SAVED - Amazingly slick counter from the Roar as a lofted ball into the left channel sees Brown chasing it down. Squaring it back into the middle close to the byline, Maclaren connects first-time from six yards and draws out a top-drawer parry from Reddy. 
Yellow Card
20' YELLOW CARD GLORY - Started to go a little pear-shaped over the past few minutes as now Oxborrow absolutely clatters into Arana. With a heavy challenge from behind, Arana thunders to ground heavily. Referee Beath rushes over to quell any players rushing in. Bit heated this.
17' This isn't good at all. Not good at all. With Holman contesting for possession down the left, Goian lunges in off his feet, over the ball and absolutely scythes down Holman cruelly. With Holman taking treatment, subsequent replays do nothing to sway the original opinion. Should be a card; red perhaps.
14' CHANCE - Incredible football on offer from the Glory as Chianese again trundles down the right to gather possession. Steering a ball across the box, it's Taggart who rises beautifully to meet the ball with his head. Turning a header across Young, the ball drops millimetres outside the far post. Not sure how that stayed out?!
12' CHANCE - At this rate the score may be 5-5 if either of these teams can convert their chances as Perth steam forward. With Keogh asked to retrieve a ball, he just narrowly misses squaring it back to Castro as it trickles out of play. Both sides showing scant regard for defence at the moment.
9' CHANCE - Great play down the right from the Glory as Chianese stands up a ball towards the back post. Falling to the feet of Taggart, he weighs up the task ahead and offloads a skewed shot which rushes across the face of goal. This game is frantic and we haven't even played 10 minutes.
6' CHANCE - We're going to be in for one of those nights at nib Stadium as now it's the Glory on the front foot. With his first foray of the night, it's Williams who tries to bend a shot home from the right edge of the box. The effort is tame though and deflects clear off Hingert.
3' CHANCE - Brisbane look to have started from where they left off last weekend against the Mariners as Borrello feeds Arana. From the fringes of the area, it's Arana who controls the ball well before cracking off a low drive. Young does enough to see it late and duly smothers.
1' Our referee for tonight's game in Perth is Chris Beath and after checking the ball pressure is fine, it's given to Maclaren. It's the Roar who start us off in the first half and are moving from right to left..
Brisbane Roar Starting XI (4-4-2) Young, Hingert, DeVere, North, Brown, Caletti, Holman, Pepper, Borrello, Maclaren, Arana. Substitutions - D'Agostino, Brady, Crestani, Bilic, Konstandopoulos.
Perth Glory Starting XI (4-4-2) Reddy, Risdon, Williams, Golan, Mills, Chianese, Oxborrow, Garcia, Castro, Keogh, Taggart. Substitutions - Feely, Harold, Djlubic, Wilson, Griffiths.
Welcome to nib Stadium as the final Saturday match for Round 26 in the A-League sees the Perth Glory hosting the Brisbane Roar. This game, by all accounts, will shape the Top 6 with both teams sitting 6th and 3rd respectively. With the Glory having to settle for a point in their last start against Adelaide, the Roar on the other hand are looking as deadly as ever. Putting five second-half goals past the Mariners, will the Roar prove to be too strong tonight or do the Glory have something special up their sleeve? Find out shortly as kick-off is five minutes away..