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Key Events

90' + 3'
O. Sail
Yellow Card
J. Koutroumbis
Yellow Card
T. Hemed
Yellow Card
B. Waine
0 - 2
D. Ball
U. Dávila
0 - 1

Match Stats

50% 49%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 3
Total Passes 402 429
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FULL TIME - Wellington have ended their three game losing streak in defeating Newcastle 2-0. It was a tough, gritty and determined performance that sees Wellington jump off the bottom of the ladder at Melbourne Victory's expense. 
90' + 5' Koutroumbis curls it into the box where Sail claims it safely. 
90' + 5' The corner is sent towards the near post with Sail punching clear. 
90' + 5' Newcastle have yet another corner. 
O. Sail
Yellow Card
90' + 3' YELLOW CARD - Oliver Sail is shown the yellow card for time wasting. 
90' + 3' Topor-Stanley comes down the left but his attempted cross into the box goes all bad and it's out for a goal kick. 
90' + 3' The ball is sent into the box with Sail fumbling the ball, but he is helped out by his teammates who clear. 
90' + 1' There will be six minutes of stoppage time. 
90' Topor-Stanley is caught in a tangle of legs with Ball. After a lengthy VAR review the penalty is not given. 
T. Hudson-Wihongi
A. Rufer
87' SUBSTITUTION PHOENIX - Alex Rufer is replaced by Te Atawhai Hudson-Wihongi.
85' Davila sends it in but Yengi heads it clear. 
84' Wellington win the corner and they will not be in any hurry to take it. 
83' Thurgate goes down on the edge of the box but the free kick is actually going the other way much to the Jets' horror. 
A. Goodwin
C. O'Toole
82' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Connor O'Toole comes on for Archie Goodwin.
82' Ball shoots from close range but he drags it across the face of goal and wide. 
M. Ridenton
C. Lewis
81' SUBSTITUTION PHOENIX - Clayton Lewis is off and Matt Ridenton is on. 
79' O'Toole sends it in across the face where Thurgate is waiting but Sail gets in the way claim the ball. 
J. Koutroumbis
Yellow Card
76' YELLOW CARD - John Koutroumbis is booked for his foul on Piscopo. 
75' Hemed creates a chance out of nothing but his effort from distance goes wide. 
T. Hemed
Yellow Card
74' YELLOW CARD - Hemed is booked for his foul on Yengi. 
71' The corner is well claimed by Sail. 
70' Yengi takes on Lewis and wins the corner. 
T. Yengi
V. Yuel
70' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Valentino Yuel is replaced by Tete Yengi.
Ali Abbas
L. Pršo
69' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Luka Pršo comes off for Ali Abbas.
A. Rufer
Yellow Card
67' YELLOW CARD - Alex Rufer has been booked for his challenge on Thurgate. 
65' Wellington seem to have weathered the storm and are in control of proceedings. 
63' Koutroumbis tries one from a long way out but he misses badly and wastes an opportunity for the Jets. 
T. Hemed
B. Waine
61' SUBSTITUTION PHOENIX - Ben Waine is replaced by Tomer Hemed.
L. Mauragis
M. Millar
61' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Matthew Millar comes off for Lucas Mauragis.
A. Stamatelopoulos
R. O'Donovan
60' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Roy O'Donovan is replaced by Apostolos Stamatelopoulos.
C. O'Toole
Yellow Card
58' YELLOW CARD - Connor O'Toole is booked for an unnecessary challenge on Fenton. 
56' Wellington have well and truly set the cat among the pigeons here with a two goal lead. 
B. Waine
53' GOAL PHOENIX - Ben Waine launches a rocket from well outside the box. He keeps it low and hard and Duncan can't get across quickly enough to stop it from rattling the back of the net. Wellington lead 2-0. 
M. Millar
Yellow Card
52' YELLOW CARD - Millar is booked for sliding in on Davila. 
52' The corner variation is taken but it brings no success. 
51' Topor-Stanley sends it in to Yuel with Sail making a magnificent save to keep it out. 
49' It has been a slow start to the second half. 
J. McGarry
J. Laws
46' SUBSTITUTION PHOENIX - Joshua Laws is replaced at the break by James McGarry.
45' The second half is underway. 
HALF TIME - David Ball's deflected goal separates both sides at half-time with Wellington leading 1-0 at the break. 
45' There will be two minutes of stoppage time to be played. 
43' It's two on one with the one winning out in McGing who sees off Ugarkovic and Thurgate to win the goal kick for the Jets. 
41' The corner is sent in but Wellington's scrambling defence is working wonders in this first half. 
39' Newcastle with chance in the box but it's been scrambled out for a corner. 
J. Laws
Yellow Card
36' YELLOW CARD - Laws is booked for his challenge on Koutroumbis which was more of an AFL bump!
33' The fans are on the quiet side of normal at the moment. 
31' Ugarkovic sends a low hard shot through the defence and it misses by the narrowest of margins. 
29' Matt Millar runs down the right but his ball in was too close to Sail. 
27' Newcastle are down against the run of play and they have a bit of work to do to get back on level terms. 
25' Davila with a shot from a long way out but it's blocked by the Jets defence. 
D. Ball
22' GOAL PHOENIX - Davila passes to Ball who turns in the box and shoots with his shot taking a deflection off Boogaard leaving Duncan flat footed. All Duncan can do is watch it go in! Wellington lead 1-0. 
22' The corner is easily dealt with by the Newcastle defence. 
20' Wellington win the corner. 
19' Thurgate sends the ball in to Topor-Stanley who rises high and heads wide. 
18' Down the other end O'Donovan has it down the right with his cross sent out for a corner.
18' The free kick amounts to nothing and Newcastle clear. 
17' Ball wins the free kick against Topor-Stanley and Wellington have the set piece. 
14' Rufer heads the corner clear and the Phoenix can relieve after Koutroumbis' shot rolls out for a goal kick. 
14' Newcastle have another corner with Wellington forced to defend again. 
11' Ugarkovic tries one from distance but the shot is blocked by the Wellington defence. 
9' The ball is sent into the box for O'Donovan but Sail is in total control of the situation. 
7' O'Donovan is through but he can't control the ball and the Phoenix defence clears. 
5' This is a very important must win affair for both sides so we are expecting some fireworks tonight. 
3' It has been an even start to the match. 
1' We are off and underway with Wellington kicking off. 
Wellington (4-4-2): Sail (GK); Laws, Payne, McGing, Fenton; Piscopo, Laws, Rufer, Davila; Ball, Waine. Subs: Marinovic (GK), Hemed, McGarry, Ridenton, Hudson-Wihongi, Ngoy, Muratovic. 
Newcastle (3-4-3): Duncan (GK); Topor-Stanley, Boogaard, Koutroumbis; O'Toole, Thurgate, Ugarkovic, Millar; Yuel, Prso, O'Donovan. Subs: Italiano (GK), Yengi, Abbas, Mauragis, Jackson, Goodwin, Stamatelopoulos.
Wellington can move off the bottom of the ladder with a badly needed win tonight. 
A win for Newcastle tonight against the bottom placed Wellington will send them into the top six.
Good evening and welcome to McDonald Jones Stadium for tonight's clash between Newcastle and Wellington.