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Key Events

M. Icardi
Penalty Goal
1 - 3
Ander Herrera
Yellow Card
K. Mbappé
1 - 2
F. Centonze
F. Boulaya
1 - 1
K. Mbappé
Ander Herrera
0 - 1

Match Stats

33% 66%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 8
Total Passes 325 678
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Lille LIL Lille 36 23 10 3 62 22 +40 79 W W W D W
2 PSG PSG PSG 35 24 3 8 79 27 +52 75 W W W W L
3 Olympique Lyonnais OL Olympique Lyonnais 36 21 10 5 74 38 +36 73 W W L W W
4 Monaco ASM Monaco 35 22 5 8 73 41 +32 71 L W W W W
5 Olympique Marseille OM Olympique Marseille 35 15 11 9 50 43 +7 56 D W W D W
6 Lens RCL Lens 36 15 11 10 55 51 +4 56 L L W D W
7 Rennes REN Rennes 35 15 9 11 48 37 +11 54 L W W W D
8 Montpellier MON Montpellier 35 12 11 12 55 59 -4 47 L L D D D
9 Metz MET Metz 35 12 10 13 42 42 0 46 W L D L L
10 Nice NIC Nice 35 13 7 15 44 47 -3 46 L W L D W
11 Reims SR Reims 35 9 15 11 41 43 -2 42 D L D D D
12 Saint-Étienne ASS Saint-Étienne 35 11 9 15 41 53 -12 42 W L L W W
13 Angers SCO SCO Angers SCO 35 11 8 16 34 53 -19 41 L L L L D
14 Brest BRE Brest 35 11 7 17 48 61 -13 40 L W D D L
15 Bordeaux GIR Bordeaux 36 11 6 19 37 55 -18 39 L W L L L
16 Strasbourg STR Strasbourg 35 10 8 17 44 54 -10 38 D L D L W
17 Lorient FCL Lorient 36 10 8 18 47 66 -19 38 L W W L L
18 Nantes NAN Nantes 36 8 13 15 42 53 -11 37 W W W L L
19 Nîmes NIM Nîmes 35 8 8 19 35 64 -29 32 D L D D L
20 Dijon DIJ Dijon 35 3 9 23 24 66 -42 18 L L W L L


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That concludes our commentary of the Ligue 1 fixture between Metz and PSG! We hope you enjoyed it!
Metz will look for their next win on May 2, when they travel to face Dijon. PSG will look to take their good form into their Champions League tie against Manchester City on Wednesday, before a Ligue 1 meeting with Lens on May 1.
What looked a simple task at the end of the first half was turned upside down for PSG, as Metz came out of the half-time interval swinging - scoring just two minutes after the restart thanks to Centonze’s header from a wonderful Boulaya cross. What looked to be a revitalised home side had the steam taken out of their sails just 13 minutes later though, when Mbappe’s screamer from outside of the penalty area left Oukidja without a chance. The double from the France international ultimately proved to be enough to take the three points, though an Icardi penalty late on sealed the deal and made it 3-1. The victory may have come at a cost, though, as a potential injury to Mbappe could be cause for concern ahead of the Champions League. The win takes PSG top of Ligue 1 by two points, ahead of Lille’s match tomorrow. The loss keeps Metz in ninth, though they could find themselves 10th by the end of the weekend. 
90' + 1' The fourth official indicates three minutes will be added for stoppages. 
M. Icardi
Penalty Goal
89' IT IS 3-1! An exceptionally confident penalty, Icardi steps up and puts a Panenka right down the middle coolly - sending the goalkeeper to the right in vain!
88' PENALTY! Icardi drives into the penalty area chasing a loose ball, where he’s knocked over clumsily by Bronn! The referee had no option but to point to the spot - can the substitute striker make it 3-1?!
H. Maïga
87' Vagner is in for Maiga as Metz look to switch things up as time expires. 
M. Udol
T. Delaine
87' Delaine is another Metz player removed, as Udol receives a chance to impress. 
P. Yade
F. Boulaya
87' Boulaya is brought off with three minutes left, as Ndiaga gets a chance to stretch his legs. 
J. Draxler
K. Mbappé
87' Pochettino brings off his talisman with less than five minutes remaining, as Draxler is on for Mbappe. The question everyone will be asking though is will he be okay for the Champions League?
85' After receiving treatment, Mbappe has managed to climb to his feet under his own power, and he walks off to the touchline to be checked. After waiting a moment more, he’s waved back onto the pitch - though he doesn’t look comfortable.
83' Worrying signs for PSG late in the match as Mbappe has gone down holding his knee following an attempt to get past Maiga. The striker has gone down completely on his own without intervention from the Metz midfielder - which has Pochettino pensive on the bench.
81' OFF THE LINE BY BOULAYA! HE DOES IT ALL! Neymar plays Mbappe through on goal with a fantastic touch, before the France international lifts a chip which the goalkeeper can only volley behind him. It looks to be headed into the empty goal, until a backtracking Boulaya volleys it over his head and out for a corner!
M. Icardi
81' Neymar makes way with nine minutes left in the match, as Icardi is brought on in his place. 
Ander Herrera
Yellow Card
79' Herrera is shown a yellow card, much to his dismay after sliding in and taking Boulaya down. It’s the right call from the match official, who has shown four bookings in the second half alone.
79' Di Maria ghosts past two defenders and makes a simple, square pass along the edge of the 18-yard box for Florenzi. The Italian international takes a quick shot in order to catch the goalkeeper off-guard, but the right-back sends his shot wide. 
77' Centonze has become the first player to reach 100 interceptions in Ligue 1 this season. It is the first time for a Metz player since Opta began analysing the competition in 2006/07.
75' Neymar passes up the opportunity to send a free-kick from the left into the penalty area, instead playing it short to Bakker in order to take more time off the clock.
73' PSG are holding onto possession with just over 15 minutes left, looking to sap all the time they can off the clock. It’s been brought down to a walking pace by the visitors, who seem happy to see out the 2-1. 
71' Bronn grabs the jersey of Neymar and brings him down outside the penalty area, giving PSG a chance to deliver a free-kick into the penalty area from the left. 
K. N'Doram
V. Angban
68' The booked Angban sees his number come up on the board, as he'll be replaced by N'Doram. 
I. Niane
A. Leya
68' Niane enters the match with 22 minutes left, replacing Leya Iseka. 
67' No defender has scored more goals in open play in Ligue 1 this season than Metz left-back Delaine (3 – level with Romain Perraud).
Á. Di María
Pablo Sarabia
65' Sarabia's match ends after 65 minutes, with Di Maria primed to replace him. 
M. Bakker
L. Kurzawa
64' A change at left-back sees the booked Kurzawa replaced by Bakker. 
64' Paredes tries to get involved in the goals with a long-range effort, but the speculative effort fails to hit the target.
62' Back in the driver's seat with under a half-hour remaining, PSG can’t afford another lapse in concentration like the one that saw them allow Metz back into the contest. With the three points in-hand, Pochettino’s side can’t allow themselves to slip up ahead of a crucial Sunday in Ligue 1.
L. Kurzawa
Yellow Card
60' Centonze goes for a run past Kurzawa, who takes exception and sticks out a leg to trip up the winger. It’s a yellow card for the full-back.
K. Mbappé
59' WHO NEEDS A PENALTY WITH A RIGHT FOOT LIKE THAT?! 2-1 PSG! Neymar wins the ball on the left and manages to centre a pass to Mbappe, who takes a touch to set himself before smashing a shot from 20 yards out that hits the hands of the goalkeeper as it sails into the roof of the net! Oukidja had no chance with that one!
K. Mbappé
Yellow Card
58' Mbappe is booked for dissent after complaining to the referee that he should have been given a penalty. The referee for the second time disagrees, and has enough of the protestations.
56' THAT IS A MATCH-WINNING STOP! WHAT AN EFFORT! It was an absolutely certain goal! A corner is taken to the penalty spot, where it’s flicked behind by an unwitting Metz defender. Paredes waits at the back post and whacks a volley towards goal from inside the six-yard box, which forces Oukidja to step across his line furiously and whack a hand at the ball to keep it from going in! It remains 1-1 somehow!
54' It seems Boulaya has woken up for Metz, finding himself involved in the middle of everything positive about the visitors in what has been a storming opening 10 minutes to the second. Antonetti’s team talk at half-time must have been rousing, as his side look so much better.
52' SAVE! NAVAS KEEPS IT LEVEL! Boulaya is again involved, playing Delaine down the left with a pass that frees the winger completely from markers. The cross is fired into the area where it’s missed at the first attempt, but Sarr’s follow-up effort forces a great block out of the PSG goalkeeper!
50' CLOSE! Verratti gets free on the left and cuts back before firing a cross to the far post for Sarabia. The winger gets into the right position but pops his header up and over the crossbar.
48' PSG have it all to do after seemingly not coming out for the second half. Their slow start has condemned them to conceding against the run of play, which makes Pochettino’s job significantly harder.
F. Boulaya
46' It's another assist for Boulaya, who leads Metz with six on the season. Centonze gets all the credit as the goal scorer, but the phenomenal cross can't be spoken of highly enough. It was a tremendous delivery. 
F. Centonze
46' METZ GET THEMSELVES LEVEL! UNBELIEVABLE! 1-1! Boulaya receives the ball on the left corner of the penalty area and shapes a superb cross to the far post. The perfectly arced delivery goes over the head of the marking Kurzawa and falls perfectly to Centonze, who nods it past Navas with confidence!
46' Metz get the second half underway from the kick-off! 
The good news for Metz is that they’re down by just a goal - as it could have been much worse at this stage. With the side’s top scorer on the bench, perhaps Antonetti will send Niane on to impact the game. As for the visitors, Pochettino will no doubt look to give his best players a rest if the match is secure, with one eye on their Champions League tie with Manchester City. Look for Kean or Icardi to get some time, with Mbappe or Neymar the men to make way. Also just back from injury and already booked, it would be no surprise to see Verratti’s number go up on the board at some point in the second.
Metz have provided precious little in the match, as PSG take a 1-0 lead into the half-time interval. Herrera’s spectacular pass for Mbappe allowed the France international to break the deadlock after just four minutes, though it’s nothing less than the visitors deserve - as they’ve been far the better side. With under 40% possession and having registered just one, tame shot, Antonetti will need his side to produce much more going forward if they are to take a point off of PSG.
43' With just two minutes left in the half, will PSG be able to double their advantage? Their dominance of the match would merit some insurance, though they’ve often lacked the final incisive pass in this contest.
41' Kurzawa works some space for himself ahead of Centonze on the left wing and crosses into the penalty area, but Sarabia’s weak header is put right at the goalkeeper.
39' Perhaps a bit too generous from Verratti, who looks to square the ball to Florenzi inside the penalty area instead of having a strike for himself in time and space. The attack breaks down disappointingly as Metz bring it away looking to counter.
M. Verratti
Yellow Card
38' In the aftermath of the penalty not awarded - Verratti tracks Sarr down and gives him an impetuous kick from behind. The referee is immediately over with his yellow card brandished - the first of the match for PSG.
37' Mbappe is incensed as he’s denied a penalty after being brought down on the edge of the penalty area. His fast footwork appeared to put Boye in danger, but replays suggest there wasn’t enough contact for a set-piece to be given.
36' Angban brings Verratti down in midfield cynically to prevent a counter-attack, though it’s perhaps not the best decision from the one player that’s already been booked. He avoids a first-half sending off, but the referee won’t do him any more favours.
34' PSG have won their last five away Ligue 1 games, the best current run in the division and their best such run since November 2019-February 2020 (6).
32' Neymar attempts a spectacular backheel flick to get the ball to Mbappe on the edge of the penalty area, but Boye steps across to disrupt the play and clear his lines. 
30' Herrera steps forward and has a whack at goal, looking to add to his earlier assist but his powerful effort is blocked by a well-placed centre-back on the edge of the 18-yard box. 
28' Verratti goes to ground and catches Angban on the shin near the far touchline, prompting the referee to call the midfielder over to have a word. No stranger to a referee’s notebook, the Italian international will be spared a yellow, as it’s just a free-kick. 
26' GREAT SAVE! Mbappe is played through into the penalty area after a great pass from Sarabia, but the goalkeeper gets to the foot of the striker and makes himself big, narrowing the angle and blocking the eventual shot out for a corner.
24' Sarabia gets into a good position on the left after receiving an Mbappe pass, but his ensuing cross for Neymar is struck with too much power, never allowing the PSG number 10 a chance to play on the ball.
22' PSG attempt another longball over the top of the defence, with Neymar looking to pick out Mbappe, but Oukidja refuses to be caught again, coming off his line quickly to meet the pass before the striker.
20' Verratti is dispossessed by Maiga, but a misplaced pass forward ends the threat of a counter and allows enough time for PSG to get their defence back in shape to repel the attack.
18' Centonze hits the byline and drives a cross into the penalty area to the far post, but Delaine is called for leading with his elbow in an attempt to win the aerial ball over Sarabia, who catches an unintentional strike to the face. It’s a free-kick for the visitors.
16' Neymar and Herrera stand over the dead ball, but it’s the former who hits it - curling an effort up and over the wall but missing the near corner narrowly!
V. Angban
Yellow Card
15' Neymar is brought down outside the penalty area by Angban, who receives a yellow card for his lunge.
14' Boulaya cuts inside from the left and hits a long pass over the top of the defence for Leya Iseka, but the inaccurate delivery falls comfortably for Navas.
12' Paredes looks to play Kurzawa through into the penalty area with a slick pass from deep, but he overhits the delivery, encouraging the goalkeeper to come off his line to collect the loose ball.
10' Neymar fires a corner into the penalty area from the left, but it sails over the head of the intended Paredes, allowing Oukidja to watch it go out for a goal-kick.
8' What a brilliant start for PSG, who have looked extremely comfortable in the opening 10 minutes. Metz will have a long match ahead of them if they aren’t able to get onto the ball and force the visitors to defend. 
6' PSG have won their last nine Ligue 1 games against Metz, scoring 28 goals (3.1 per game), their second-best current run against an opponent behind their 10 consecutive wins against Angers.
Ander Herrera
4' Herrera is credited with the assist, after picking out the run of Mbappe and servicing him perfectly with an inch-accurate pass. 
K. Mbappé
4' PSG TAKE THE LEAD IN UNDER FIVE MINUTES! It’s a simple ball over the top from Herrera, who launches a delivery from inside his own half for Mbappe, who gets between the two centre-backs, takes a touch off his chest to control it and fires a low half-volley that takes a touch off of the inside of the post before crossing the line! 1-0! 
3' It’s a key week for PSG, who could go top of the table with four matches remaining, ahead of a massive Champions League semi-final first leg against Manchester City. Having Verratti back and healthy will be key to Pochettino’s plans, as he is able to provide a creative thrust through the middle.
1' Paris Saint-Germain get the match underway from the kick-off!
PSG make five changes from their last-minute victory over St. Etienne six days ago. Navas returns between the posts replacing Rico, while a change at left-back has Kurzawa in ahead of Bakker. Mauricio Pochettino will be overjoyed to welcome Verratti back to the XI ahead of a Champions League tie in midweek, as he and Paredes start over Rafinha and Danilo in midfield. The final change is in attack, where Kean is dropped for Neymar.
Metz make just one change from their 0-0 draw with Reims last time out, as Angban replaces Vagner to provide some extra cover in midfield.
PSG SUBS: Mitchel Bakker, Julian Draxler, Moise Kean, Sergio Rico, Idrissa Gueye, Angel Di Maria, Mauro Icardi, Danilo Pereira, Colin Dagba.
PSG XI (4-3-3): Keylor Navas; Alessandro Florenzi, Thilo Kehrer, Presnel Kimpembe, Layvin Kurzawa; Ander Herrera, Marco Verratti, Leandro Paredes; Pablo Sarabia, Kylian Mbappe, Neymar.
METZ SUBS: Matthieu Udol, Marc-Aurele Caillard, Vagner, Youssef Maziz, Ibrahima Niane, Papa Ndiaga Yade, Kevin N’Doram, Mamadou Fofana.
METZ XI (3-5-1-1): Alexandre Oukidja; Kiki Kouyate, Dylan Bronn, John Boye; Thomas Delaine, Pape Sarr, Victorien Angban, Habib Maiga, Fabien Centonze; Farid Boulaya; Aaron Leya Iseka.
With 15 minutes to go before kick-off, let's take a look at how the two sides are lining up - starting with the hosts! 
France’s closest title race in years heats up as PSG look to put pressure on their rivals with just five matches remaining. Three points separate leaders Lille from fourth-placed Lyon, with Paris Saint-Germain trailing the front-runners by a point. A victory for Mauricio Pochettino’s side would put them temporarily at the summit, ahead of an absolutely massive tie tomorrow when Lyon host Lille.
Six matches on the bounce without a win in Ligue 1 has Metz down in ninth place after a positive start to the campaign saw them start with four wins and three draws in their opening 10 fixtures. Even still, in just their second season in the top flight since returning after relegation - manager Frederic Antonetti has seemingly improved upon what was already an impressive season last year when they finished 15th.
Hello and welcome to our LIVE commentary of the Ligue 1 fixture between Metz and Paris Saint-Germain!