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Key Events

M. Millar
Yellow Card
A. Thurgate
V. Yuel
0 - 1
A. Thurgate
Yellow Card
N. Boogaard
Yellow Card
S. Roux
Yellow Card

Match Stats

47% 52%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 1 5
Total Passes 355 396
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FULL TIME: MELBOURNE VICTORY 0 NEWCASTLE JETS 1 - The pressure mounts on the Victory as they register another loss, this time to the Jets with the scores at 1-0 at the final whistle. The difference between the two teams was a 72nd minute goal from Thurgate. The Jets were always looking likely to pick up the three points. Melbourne Victory have a game on Wednesday and are set to make some wholesale changes.
90' + 3' The Jets with the fast break, as Goodwin takes a shot from just outside of the box, but Crocombe tips it over the crossbar.
Ali Abbas
V. Yuel
90' + 2' SUBSTITUTION JETS - The Jets make another change, as Yuel is exchanged for Abbas.
90' We have four minutes of stoppage time to play for the match.
89' The Victory fans attempt to cheer their team on, as they applaud them.
87' Folami with a header from inside of the box, but he heads it over the crossbar.
M. Millar
Yellow Card
86' YELLOW CARD JETS - Millar is shown the yellow card for time wasting.
A. Goodwin
R. O'Donovan
86' SUBSTITUTION JETS - O'Donovan's night is over as he is replaced by the debutatant Goodwin.
84' Crocombe is a little casual with his disposal, kicking it into the face of Yuel. Luckily for Crocombe, he is able to make the save.
82' The Jets seem to have players everywhere on the ground.
80' Traore looks to have done a hamstring injury. It looks like he is heading off the ground. The Victory could be down to 10 men, as they have made all their change windows.
78' Thurgate takes it to the edge of the box, he looks to give it off to Yuel, but this time Ryan takes it away from him.
76' Melbourne Victory are looking very sloppy around their attacking half.
74' All the pressure is now on the Victory as they need to find a way back into the game.
A. Thurgate
72' GOAL JETS (Angus Thurgate) Melbourne Victory 0 Newcastle Jets 1 - Yuel sends it inside the box towards the Thurgate direction, as he takes the shot from the centre of the box, finding the bottom left corner of the net.
70' The Jets continue along their merry way. They are looking very dangerous.
B. Folami
C. McManaman
68' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - McManaman is done for the day, as he is returning to full fitness, as he is replaced by Folami.
R. Gestede
L. Lawrie-Lattanzio
68' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - The Victory make their final window of changes, as Lawrie-Lattanzio is replaced by Gestede.
67' A great header by O'Donovan forcing the save from Crocombe. Yuel takes the ricochet and Crocombe once again makes the save.
66' The Jets are starting to get on top of Victory around the ground.
64' Butterfield brings down Prso inside the box. The VAR will have a look to confirm whether there was a touch on the ball by Butterfield. It comes back as no penalty.
L. Pršo
R. Najjarine
62' SUBSTITUTION JETS - The Jets make their first change as Najjarine is replaced by Pršo.
61' Traore has it all go his way as it opens up for him. He shoots from outside of the box and it is over the crossbar.
D. Ryan
N. Ansell
59' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Ansell goes down with a suspected hamstring injury and he is replaced by Ryan.
A. Thurgate
Yellow Card
56' YELLOW CARD JETS - Thurgate goes into the ref's book, after taking Kirdar down from behind, stopping a promising counter attack.
55' There are appeals for a penalty from the Jets, as Broxham kicks it onto his own arm in the box. The VAR looks at it and are happy with no penalty being paid.
54' Melbourne have had 62% of the possession in the second half, compared to 38% from the Jets.
52' Yuel with a shove in the back of Ansell as the Victory players appeal for a free kick on the wing and they get it.
50' Lawrie-Lattanzio takes a shot from just inside the box. He puts too much onto it and it goes over the crossbar.
48' McManaman with a bullet on goal, as Duncan stretches and tips it onto the post. So close for the Victory.
46' SECOND HALF - We are back under way for the second half with no changes made by either teams at the break.
HALF TIME: MELBOURNE VICTORY 0 NEWCASTLE JETS 0 - We go into the half time break with the scores all tied up at 0-0. The Jets dominated the early part of the game, but they weren't able to capatalise. Melbourne Victory took the bull by the horns and had a few shots on goal of their own, but much like the Jets, they weren't able get past the keeper. We are set for a very entertaining second half.
45' + 2' McManaman swings it into the box, but Boogaard is more than happy to concede the corner.
45' We have two minutes of stoppage time to play in the first half.
45' Kruse stretching to make connection with the ball inside the box, but Duncan gets to it first.
43' McManaman unleashes a shot on goal from inside the box, but the flag was raised for offside.
N. Boogaard
Yellow Card
41' YELLOW CARD JETS - Lawrie-Lattanzio gets around Koutroumbis, as Boogaard sticks a leg out and trips him up. An automatic yellow card for Boogaard. In fact his 75th yellow card in his A-League career, to go along with his 10 red cards.
L. Broxham
S. Roux
39' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Roux succumbs to a possible concussion and he is replaced by Broxham.
37' McManaman lifts the ball into the box, as Lawrie-Lattanzio gets on the end of it and heads it wide of goal.
35' Butterfield needs to be careful around the ground, as he has given away a few fouls already.
33' A potential handball here as the Victory players appeal after Brimmer kicks it into Boogaard, but the VAR have a look and don't think there was anything in it.
31' The Jets are becoming very sloppy around the ground.
S. Roux
Yellow Card
29' YELLOW CARD VICTORY - Roux is booked for the high boot.
28' Play is held up after a sickening collision between Roux and O'Toole. Roux had his leg up in the air, collecting O'Toole around the neck.
26' Duncan struggles to take the ball and Brimmer is unable to make the most of his opportunity on goal.
25' Melbourne Victory are starting to give the Jets some cause for concern inside their attacking half.
23' Shotton leaps into the back of Yuel on the wing and gives away the resulting free kick.
21' Finally the home fans have something to cheer about, as they win a corner. Shotton leaps up and heads it for goal and it is just over the crossbar.
19' A lovely ball for Najjarine, but it is stifled by Crocombe, who steps up and takes the ball.
17' Miller moves forward, getting away from Traore, but he flashes the ball across the face of goal.
15' The Jets are yet to make something of their commanding start.
13' Thurgate gives away the foul on Kirdar as he brings him down from behind.
11' The Jets are being allowed to do as they please around the ground. These are worrying signs for the Victory.
9' Interestingly, Butterfield has been moved into the midfield after Broxham starts on the bench today.
7' Najjarine is looking very dangerous inside the Jets attacking half.
5' Yuel gets in behind the defence as he hits the side netting, with Crocombe doing enough to put him off.
4' The tide is starting to turn, as the Jets are starting to take control around the ground.
2' Melbourne Victory have started the game off well.
1' FIRST HALF - Melbourne Victory kick off to get us under way.
NEWCASTLE JETS  SUBS: Lewis Italiano (GK), Ali Abbas, Tete Yengi, Jack Armson, Luka Prso, Archie Goodwin, Lucas Mauragis. 
NEWCASTLE JETS (3-4-3)  STARTING XI - Jack Duncan (GK); Johnny Koutroumbis, Nigel Boogaard, Nikolai Topor-Stanley; Matthew Millar, Angus Thurgate, Steven Ugarkovic, Connor O'Toole; Roy O'Donovan, Ramy Najjarine, Valentino Yuel.
MELBOURNE VICTORY  SUBS - Matthew Acton (GK), Leigh Broxham, Rudy Gestede, Ben Folami, Jay Barnett, Elvis Kamsoba, Dylan Ryan.
MELBOURNE VICTORY (4-5-1)  STARTING XI - Max Crocombe (GK); Storm Roux, Ryan Shotton, Nicholas Ansell, Adama Traore; Callum McManaman, Jake Brimmer, Jacob Butterfield, Birkan Kirdar, Robbie Kruse; Luis Lawrie-Lattanzio.
Newcastle Jets have lost only one of their last seven A-League games away from McDonald Jones Stadium with three wins and three draws. This was a 1-0 loss to the Central Coast Mariners on New Year’s Eve 2020. The Jets have played 38.4 passes into the opposition box per game in the 2020/21 A-League season, the most by any team.
Melbourne Victory have won their last four A-League games against Newcastle Jets at AAMI Park, by an aggregate score of 10-2. Melbourne Victory have won only two of their last 13 A-League games with one drawn game and 10 losses. Interestingly both of those victories have come against the same team (Perth Glory).
Welcome back to AAMI Park for the match between Melbourne Victory and Newcastle Jets.