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M. Neill
C. Pain
N. Ansell
B. Berisha
J. Ingham
1 - 0
R. O'Donovan
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Shots On Target 5 4
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FULL TIME; MELBOURNE VICTORY 1, CENTRAL COAST MARINERS 0 - It's all over at AAMI Park and it's the Victory who have finally managed to chalk up a win with Finals looming. The hosts however needed to do it the hard way as for the most part, they were outplayed and out-enthused by the Mariners who just couldn't finish their opportunities when it mattered. It's the Victory who pick up the three points and limp into the 2017 Finals campaign on the back of a scratchy 1-0 win.
90' SAVED - Ridiculous goal-keeping from Izzo as a raid up forward sees Ingham angling in towards home. With his cross semi-cleared, the ball drops into the path of Berisha from nine yards. Steaming onto it and duly connecting with power, Izzo scrambles to his feet and chests it over the crossbar. Unbelievable effort. Should be 2-0.
85' CHANCE - Almost a second for the Victory inside four minutes a free kick is taken by Troisi. Positioned 30 yards out, Troisi lifts a ball into the area which Berisha misses. Dropping for Ingham though, the latter can't turn it home as he's off-balance from 12 yards out. Unlucky.
83' GOAL VICTORY; MELBOURNE VICTORY 1, CENTRAL COAST MARINERS 0 - Finally the Victory find their way through as Austin releases Troisi down the left. With a low cross sent to Berisha, the Melbourne striker sees his first shot blocked before Ingham tees him up the return ball. From close range, Berisha steers it home.
78' Incredibly, for a side that will play Finals in the next few weeks, it's now been six hours since the Victory have last scored an A-League goal. The last time that the hosts managed to find the back of the net was via Troisi on March 11th vs. Perth Glory.
76' Bit of a talking point amongst the benches as Pain turns down the left for Central Coast. With Geria standing his way, the Victory defender turns in an effort to shield the ball clear but whacks Pain in the chest in doing so. No movement from Referee Gillett who waves play on.
71' Sloppy defensive work from the 'Coast almost lets the Victory in for their first as Roux mistimes a backheel to Mahazi. With the latter escaping to the byline, he tries to cut a ball back but it's Rose who intercepts cleanly for the visitors.
69' Nice awareness from Geria as gets himself onto the end of a succession of slick passes down the right. With the Mariners defensive line looking to keep him onside, Geria's aware he's off and duly pulls out of the contest. Replays show it was closer than he thought though.
67' Geria and Rojas now combine in slick play down Melbourne's right channel which sees Central Coast's defence sitting back. With a ball turned to Troisi, he tries to nestle a shot inside the top left corner but his effort has too much curl from 20 yards. Exciting nonetheless.
65' CHANCE - Not sure how we're still at 0-0 as it's again Appiah who provides the leading run for Central Coast. Turning in sharply from the right channel, Appiah has Pain and O'Donovan to choose from but it's Donachie who stretches to nip the ball clear for the hosts.
63' CHANCE - Millimetres in this effort as Pain applies his wares down the left. Closing in on the byline, Pain's not shut down Broxham. Firing a cross straight in front of Thomas, O'Donovan arrives but can't connect with the simplest of tap-ins from close range.
61' CHANCE - This is shaping to be an amazing second half as Donachie marches on through midfield. With space opening up, Donachie cracks a stunning low drive towards home. With Izzo shuffling across his line, the Mariners 'keeper is a relieved man as the ball sizzles past the far post. This could be 3-3 at this rate.
60' CHANCE - This second half has been nothing but opportunities for both sides as Appiah drops into space and continues his run down the right. Crossing sublimely into the middle, it's Thomas who smothers the danger beautifully before Pain could arrive to poke it home.
58' CHANCE - Almost a spectacular mix-up in Victory's defence as O'Donovan is looked for down the left. With Thomas inexplicably racing up to meet the ball 40 yards out, he collides with Donachie and almost turns the ball back to O'Donovan. Fortunately though, the ball is cleared by Broxham.
56' CHANCE - Central Coast onto the front foot as Pain prods downfield before angling his way into and across the box. Electing not to tee off from 20 yards, he turns a ball to Ferreira. The latter's shot is somewhat skewed though and trundles on past the near post from 18 yards.
54' CHANCE - Still the Victory find more room between the Central Coast lines as Troisi tees up Mahazi. With open space in front, Mahazi unloads on a venomous drive towards home. Unleashing from 35 yards out, the ball swerves promisingly but lifts late to creep over the crossbar.
52' CHANCE - Melbourne starting to thread through a few more promising balls than they did in the first half as Ingham surges forward. Stopping in possession 12 yards out, he takes too long to decide to square it back as the Mariners regroup to clear the danger.
49' CHANCE - That was it. That was the moment. A gilt-edged chance for Berisha to chalk up his 100th A-League goal as Rojas gets deep inside the right of the box. Spearing a cross across the face, Berisha leaps and only has to get a shin on it but misses tapping it home from point blank.
46' Underway in the second half at AAMI Park..
HALF TIME; MELBOURNE VICTORY 0, CENTRAL COAST MARINERS 1 - The first 45 minutes of action is done at AAMI Park and surprisingly, it's not the Victory who have had this contest all their way. With a spate of openings, the Victory have looked to reluctant to shoot when called upon and have only really troubled the Central Coast defence once. Conversely, the visitors have created numerous opportunities themselves but for the moment, can't quite the right finishing touch. An open and tight first half sees us breaking at 0-0.
45' CHANCE - Central Coast with yet another opportunity to prise open this game as Ferreira is released on the overlap by Rose. With the former closing to within 16 yards, he fires off a volley which is brilliantly saved by a sliding Baro. Mariners starting to ask questions here..
43' Too narrow this time from the visitors but the build-up is to be admired. With Appiah and Pain swapping passes, the ball's sent to Ferreira in a centralised position. From 20 yards, Ferreira tries to release Roux on the overlap but overhits a pass which rolls dead.
41' Nice interplay once more for the Mariners but they're just struggling with the final passes inside the area. With McGing, Rose, Montgomery and Pain all linking up, it's the latter who breaks down the left but can't find a forward option presenting.
39' Khalfallah's looking the man most likely to crack this contest open as he challenges O'Donovan down the right. Trying to escape into room, O'Donovan's slight shove into Khalfallah's back as he turns is enough for the Tunisian playmaker to poke the ball out of play.
37' CHANCE - Great work from the Mariners on the counter once more as Galloway tees up Pain's run down the left. Surging onto the ball, Pain breaks towards the area and puts in a cross which is too fast for O'Donovan but turned out by Donachie. Well earned corner for the visitors.
35' SAVED - Stunning 'keeping from Izzo as Troisi goes the closest to opening the scoring. Blazing a nice angled path into the area from the right channel, Troisi opens up the angles and blasts a shot on-goal which forces Izzo to dive at full-tilt to tip the ball over the crossbar. World class.
33' CHANCE - Melbourne need to start making these opportunities count as they continue to overpossess. With Troisi releasing Khalfallah, the latter angles a cross towards the back post which deflects back to Mahazi. Urged to shoot, Mahazi goes back with a pass which is turned out by Roux.
31' Still really compact for both sides as Berisha tries to work tightly with Valeri. With Roux and Rose combining, they manage to win the ball back before Montgomery rakes a ball upfield for O'Donovan. It's too obvious though and easily cut out by Baro. Still 0-0 with 30 minutes played.
29' It's a lovely combination of passes from Melbourne as Khalfallah works with Valeri on the right side of the box. With Rojas then finding Berisha, the latter draws out Izzo before squaring a ball back towards the middle. Flag's up late to deny Berisha as Galloway clears in either case.
Yellow Card
27' YELLOW CARD MARINERS - Second card for the night and it heads towards the Central Coast as O'Donovan tries to pursue Khalfallah. With the Victory midfielder a yard or so clear, O'Donovan clicks his heels to bring him to ground. Referee Gillett's on the spot and duly brings out yellow.
25' Nice play from the Mariners defence as they manage to thwart another Victory raid. With Rojas working his way to the right, he releases Khalfallah with  a nicely timed ball. With Khalfallah then spotting Berisha, he hangs a ball towards the back post which Roux does well to intercept.
23' CHANCE - Terrific play from the Victory and terrific defending from the Mariners as Rojas burns downfield. Releasing Troisi to his left, Troisi tries to slide a diagonal ball across the box to find the onrushing Berisha. McGing, with impeccable timing, intercepts the ball and turns it out.
21' Superb play from Melbourne and in particular Rojas who hammers down the right at pace. Seeing Khalfallah arrive centrally inside the box, Rojas floats in an inviting cross. With Khalfallah turning with his back to goal, he elects for a mid-air bicycle but shanks it well wide.
19' CHANCE - Central Coast should be up 1-0 as a lovely intricate move sees them breaking on the counter. With Pain skipping a challenge to release O'Donovan, he angles across the top of the box and shoots low. Thomas is out though and sprawls himself to deflect the shot clear.
16' SAVED - Thomas is called into action for the first time tonight for the Victory with Ferreira bombing on down the right. Hanging in a cross which dips dangerously, Thomas does enough to push it away before O'Donovan can pounce at the back-post.
14' CHANCE - Cheeky effort this from Troisi as the Victory playmaker is starting to grow into this game. Wriggling free of Montgomery and Berry, Troisi closes to about 40 yards out before trying to chip Izzo. It almost comes off as the ball lobs over the crossbar from distance. Fair crack.
Yellow Card
12' YELLOW CARD MARINERS - Early card for the visitors as Mahazi tries to work his way onto the ball to set up the hosts centrally. With Berry clutching at Mahazi's arm as he passes, Referee Gillett is quick as they come to brandish yellow. Silly effort; Victory free-kick 30 yards out.
11' CHANCE- Rare that the Victory don't make the most of these chances as Berisha is released down the right. Leading McGing well, Berisha breaks into the right side of the box before the Central Coast defender wins out. The effort eventually falls down as Troisi is dispossessed 20 yards from home.
9' Central Coast with a good passage of pressure on the hosts as Pain and O'Donovan work the ball around the box. With a shot on goal sent back towards the edge of the area, Berry shows exactly why he's a defender, spooning a shot well over from distance.
7' CHANCE - First real effort on goal as Montgomery puts a nice little ball into the path of O'Donovan. With the Mariners striker controlling well enough, he still has two defenders to beat and has the ball taken away from him by Donachie 10 yards out.
5' Both sides still looking decidely scratchy with the game yet to hit any great heights. Central Coast conjure up a half-opportunity as they press forward through Ferreira who loses out inside the area. Really slow kind of pace to this one at the moment.
2' Fair few lofted balls from both sides early but no clean forward movement. It's the Victory looking interested down their right through Troisi before McGing gets the ball away. Melbourne then try their luck down the left however Berry's on hand to clear.
1' Our referee for tonight is Jarred Gillett and with both teams having broken from their pre-match huddles, we're underway in Melbourne. It's the Victory starting in possession and moving from right to left..
Central Coast Mariners Starting XI (4-3-3) Izzo, Roux, Rose, McGing, Galloway, Montgomery, Berry, Ferreira, Appiah, O'Donovan, Pain. Substitutes - Poscoliero, Necevski, Wales, Neill, Bingham.
Melbourne Victory Starting XI (4-2-3-1) Thomas, Geria, Donachie, Baro, Broxham, Valeri, Mahazi, Rojas, Troisi, Khalfallah, Berisha. Substitutions - Acton, Ingham, Ansell, Austin, Nigro.
Welcome to AAMI Park as the A-League enters its final week with Round 27 action seeing the Melbourne Victory hosting the Central Coast Mariners. With the Victory assured of playing Finals, they'll be looking to use tonight as an opportunity to fine-tune for the upcoming weeks. For the Mariners, they'll be looking to end their season on a high and will no doubt push the hosts all the way. Kick-off is in 10 minutes with team news to follow.