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Key Events

B. Fornaroli
A. Caceres
4 - 0
B. Fornaroli
Penalty Goal
3 - 0
N. Fitzgerald
A. Caceres
2 - 0
L. Brattan
Yellow Card
T. Cahill
J. Rose
1 - 0

Match Stats

60% 39%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 9 1
Total Passes 594 385
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Final Series
Final Series Play-offs


FULL TIME - The final whistle sounds to end the match as Melbourne City have run out 4-0 winners over the Newcastle Jets. The goal scorers for Melbourne City were Fornaroli with two goals, Fitzgerald and Cahill scored a goal each. The Jets finals chances are slipping away, as Melbourne City find themselves in third spot, three points ahead of Brisbane Roar.
90' + 2' Foraroli lifts it for goal, for what would be his hat trick, but Duncan denies him with a diving save.
90' We have three minutes of additional time to play out the game.
89' Sorensen is off his line and looking a little awkward but he has the time to recover.
P. Retre
L. Brattan
87' SUBSTITUTION CITY - Melbourne City make their third and final change, with Luke Brattan coming off and Paulo Retre running on.
M. Poljak
S. Ugarković
85' SUBSTITUTION JETS - The Jets clear their bench as Steven Peter Ugarković makes way for Mateo Poljak.
83' Melbourne City are still looking hungry. Are they about to exert their dominance on the Jets to post a five goal plus win?
B. Fornaroli
81' GOAL CITY - Franjic and Fitzgerald combine, giving it to Caceres to send the ball into the box, as Fornaroli finds Duncan off his line and quickly kicks it straight into the net to give Melbourne City a 4-0 lead over the the Newcastle Jets.
79' Nordstrand has a look at the ball, he attempts to centre it and it takes a heavy deflection.
77' It is game, set and match now to Melbourne City. It will take something really special from Newcastle, for them to win the match.
B. Fornaroli
Penalty Goal
75' PENALTY GOAL CITY - Fornaroli takes the spot kick as he comes in, Duncan dives to the left and Fornaroli chooses the middle of the net to give Melbourne City a 3-0 lead over the Newcastle Jets.
75' Kamau is brought down by Mullen, as the ref blows the whistle and instantly points to the spot. PENALTY!
Ma Leilei
B. Kantarovski
73' SUBSTITUTION JETS - An attacking change for the Jets, as Ben Kantarovski comes off and is replaced by Leilei Ma.
B. Kamau
N. Colazo
73' SUBSTITUTION CITY - Carlos Nicolás Colazo heads off for an early shower and Bruce Kamau is the man to replace him.
72' The Jets need to look at a way of reinvigorating their line-up on the pitch, as they are not getting much out there.
70' Melbourne City are once again starting to go missing from the game, like they did in the first half.
68' Brave goal keeping from Duncan, who dives to a skied ball, with Franjic coming in at him, attempting to connect with the ball.
67' The Jets now need to put it all on the line and go for broke. They are two goals down and need to start taking risks.
N. Fitzgerald
65' GOAL CITY - Caceres scoops one over the top into the box, as Fitzgerald lifts it over Duncan as it bounces into the bottom left corner of the net. Melbourne City lead Newcastle Jets 2-0.
63' This has become an end to end goal, as bot teams look for the next goal of the match.
61' Fitzgerald takes possession of the switch from Kilkenny, as he takes it into the box and he puts it straight down the throat of Duncan.
L. Brattan
Yellow Card
59' YELLOW CARD CITY - Luke Brattan with an over eager tackle, earns him a spot inside the referee's book.
N. Fitzgerald
T. Cahill
57' SUBSTITUTION CITY - Tim Cahill's night is done, as he turns his attention to the upcoming international, as Nick Fitzgerald is on.
56' It appears that Melbourne City are starting to regain their edge that they had in the first half.
54' Brattan sizes it up for goal, but Ugarkovic is able to block the shot, denying Brattan a chance to score.
52' The Jets need to find some fluency in their passing, as this is what let them down in the first half.
50' Hoole has been held onto by Brattan just past the middle of the ground, now he has been fouled, as the ref gives Hoole the resulting free kick.
48' Colazo takes it to the edge of the box, he pulls the trigger for goal, but Duncan has it under control.
M. Nordstrand
A. Kokko
46' SUBSTITUTION JETS - The Jets make their first change of the game, with Aleksandr Kokko making way for Morten Nordstrand.
46' SECOND HALF - We are back under way for the second half as the Jets kick off, after a delayed restart, where Sorensen had asked for the net to be tightened as had come a bit loose.
HALF TIME - The teams head off the ground for half time, with Melbourne City leading the Newcastle Jets 1-0 at the break, thanks largely to a header from Cahill that connected with the top corner of the net.
W. Brown
Yellow Card
45' + 2' YELLOW CARD JETS - Wayne Brown is booked for connecting with Franjic. Brown helps Franjic back to his feet as a sign of sportsmanship.
45' We have one minute of stoppage time to play for the remainder of the first half.
45' Nabbout runs it into attack, but the offside flag is up and he is unable to make the most of his opportunity.
44' Kilkenny is allowed to advance in the midfield unchecked, he pulls the trigger on goal and kicks it straight into a Jets defender.
42' Newcastle will be overjoyed if they can score a goal before the half time break. It will certainly give them something to play for in the second half.
R. Tongyik
Yellow Card
40' YELLOW CARD CITY - Ruan Tongyik is also into the referee's book after a strong challenge. 
38' It appears that Melbourne City have gone missing in the contest. They are trying to arrest a streak of only four wins in 14 matches since winning the FFA Cup.
36' Melbourne City have had 66% of the possession to 34% for the Jets.
34' Malik fouls Nabbout in a very dangerous position. Now is the time for the Jets to strike.
32' Hoole feeds it into the box for Kokko, who looks up at goal, but he is found to be offside.
31' Finally, the Jets look like they have a pulse, as they take the ball through the middle of the ground.
29' The Jets need to change something and do it in a hurry, before they find themselves in a non recoverable position.
27' Fornaroli takes the spot kick and it is just wide of the mark. The Jets realise how close they have come to being 2-0 down.
N. Boogaard
Yellow Card
26' YELLOW CARD JETS - Nigel Boogaard is the first player to go into the referee's book, after using an elbow on the edge of the box.
24' Melbourne City have pretty much taken control of the game, since they scored the opening goal of the game.
22' Cahill with some hang time inside the box, but the ref has informed Cahill that he was offside.
20' Melbourne City are spending some quality time inside their attacking half at the moment.
18' Nabbout is gingerly making his way back to his own half, after copping a knock.
16' We could be seeing the night that the Jets farewell their finals chances for the 2016/2017 season, the way they are allowing Melbourne City to run off them.
14' Melbourne City appear to have the momentum right now as they expedite the ball into attack once again. They are looking for a follow up goal and they want it now.
T. Cahill
12' GOAL CITY - Rose with a beautiful cross into the box, as Cahill rises up and puts it inside the top corner of the net. Cahill obviously believes in the saying, If at first you don't succeed, try again. Melbourne City lead the Jets 1-0.
11' Cahill rises up to meet the ball with a look away header, but it drifts wide of goal.
9' Cahill is starting which is rare as has been starting games as a substitution recently.
7' The Jets are making things a little difficult for Melbourne City, as the Jets attackers look as though they are ready to expose Sorensen tonight.
5' Nabbout is one on one with Sorensen, as he forces the Jets striker to rush his shot but it is pulled wide of the mark.
4' The Jets have started to test Sorensen on goal, trying to test his inexperience this season, as he has largely found himself being the back up keeper.
2' Melbourne City are out of the blocks early, as this game is known for being a high scoring affair.
1' FIRST HALF - Melbourne City kick off and we are under way.
TEAMS - NEWCASTLE JETS (4-2-3-1) STARTING XI - Duncan (GK); Koutroumbis, Jackson, Boogaard (c), Mullen; Ugarkovic, Kantarovski; Nabbout, Brown, Hoole; Kokko. SUBSTITUTIONS - Clark (GK), Poljak, Vujica, Leilei, Nordstrand. 
TEAMS - MELBOURNE CITY (4-3-3) STARTING XI - Sorensen (GK); Franjic, Malik, Tongyik, Rose; Brattan, Kilkenny, Cahill; Caceres, Fornaroli (c), Colazo. SUBSTITUTIONS - Sozer (GK), Muscat, Kamau, Fitzgerald, Retre. 
The Newcastle Jets have been winless in their last five games. A win tonight is vital, to keep their top six chances alive.
Melbourne City have won only two of their last five matches and a break last week was just the tonic to recharge their batteries. Sorensen is back in goals tonight, after Bouzanis is unavailable tonight due to suspension.
Welcome to AAMI Park for the match between Melbourne City and Newcastle Jets.