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R. Tolói
A. Florenzi
D. Berardi
L. Insigne
4 - 0
L. Insigne
C. Immobile
3 - 0
N. Barella
2 - 0
C. Immobile
1 - 0

Match Stats

62% 37%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 0
Total Passes 626 361
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The hosts' attentions will now turn to the European Championships, where they face Turkey in their first game a week today. Czech Republic, who hadn't played since March, have one more friendly against Albania before their first group-stage clash against Scotland at Hampden Park.
Italy stretch their unbeaten run to 27 games as they dispatch of Czech Republic 4-0. Immobile started the scoring for the hosts before Barella added another first-half goal. After the break, goals from Insigne and Berardi furthered their lead as Mancini's men dominated proceedings in this friendly. Silhavy's men rarely troubled Donnarumma down the other end as Bonucci and Chiellini marshalled the Italian defence from start to finish.
90' + 1' There will be two minutes of added time before the full-time whistle in this friendly.
90' Despite nearing the game's conclusion, Italy continue to press high up the pitch in numbers. This time it doesn't work, however, and Donnarumma is required to rush out and clear for a throw-in as Schick looked to sneak in behind.
89' Vydra gets his head up and looks for Soucek at the back post but Bonucci produces another expert interception to play back towards Donnarumma. The centre-back has stopped two great chances in the last ten minutes or so.
88' Italy are unbeaten at home in 56 World Cup qualifiers. While this is a friendly, their home dominance has shown against the Czechs here too.
R. Tolói
A. Florenzi
87' Mancini makes another substitution as he brings off Florenzi for Toloi.
85' Bonucci makes a vital, last-ditch interception to intervene in front of Schick. Without Bonucci's tackle, the Czech forward would have been one-one-one with Donnarumma after a smart flick by Sevcik.
83' Soucek is far too enthusiastic in his attempts to regain possession as he bundles over Locatelli. The Italian midfielder stays down for a moment or two before getting up to carry on and signalling a minor problem with his back.
M. Sadílek
V. Darida
81' Darida makes way as Silhavy brings on Sadilek for the away side.
80' Coufal powers past Emerson in the right-hand channel before the left-back brings down his opposite man. The visitors get a free-kick in a decent position out wide, which comes to nothing.
79' Insigne drives his side forward once more before Emerson wins a corner on the left-hand side. Insigne goes short from the corner to Barella before Chiesa whips a tame, long-range effort into Pavlenka's hands.
G. Raspadori
C. Immobile
78' At the same time as Chiesa's introduction, Raspadori also gets sent on for Immobile.
F. Chiesa
D. Berardi
77' Chiesa is the next man to come on for the hosts as he replaces Berardi, who had just added the fourth goal here.
77' The referee calls for another pre-arranged drinks break and both sets of players wander over to the touchline.
75' Mancini’s men have missed just one clean sheet in their last nine matches. Can they keep the visitors out here to extend their impressive defensive record?
L. Insigne
73' Czech Republic needlessly lose the ball near the halfway line, which allows Insigne the chance to attack down the left flank. The forward drives inwards before unselfishly offloading to Berardi, who puts Pavlenka on the floor before chipping over the goalkeeper with his left foot to make it 4-0.
D. Berardi
73' GOOOOOOALLLL! 4-0 ITALY! The visitors are careless in possession, which gifts Italy the ball and allows Insigne the chance to race down the left-hand channel. He does so before drifting inwards and passing to the vacant Berardi, who from the right of goal fakes to shoot before chipping a left-footed strike over Pavlenka and into the back of the net. A cool and calm finish by Berardi extends the hosts’ lead further!
72' Soucek picks up possession near the halfway line before coasting forward and sliding in Sivcek. The substitute attempts to shoot with his right foot but the effort takes a deflection and trickles through to Donnarumma.
70' Berardi has the chance to attack, however, Boril recovers excellently to outpace the forward and clear to the left. Initially, Insigne had found space before poking through for his team-mate on the right-hand side.
68' If it wasn't already game over for Czech Republic, it seems like Mancini's men have sealed the victory now. For the rest of the game, it may be a case of Silhavy's men playing for pride as a few players continue to fight for their place in the line-up.
C. Immobile
66' Immobile takes up a central position to receive a long pass before offloading with a first-time pass to Insigne. The Italian forward is on the same wavelength as he sprints towards goal before rolling a calm, right-footed finish into the bottom right corner to make it 3-0.
L. Insigne
66' GOOOOOOALLLL! 3-0 ITALY! A long ball forward finds Immobile, who flicks a hooked pass towards the left of goal for Insigne. The Italian forward races through one-on-one with Pavlenka before sliding a low right-footed effort past the incoming goalkeeper and into the bottom right corner.
F. Acerbi
G. Chiellini
64' Acerbi also comes on for captain Chiellini in the final part of Mancini's triple change.
L. Spinazzola
64' Emerson makes his way onto the pitch as he replaces Spinazzola at left-back.
B. Cristante
63' Mancini makes his first change as he brings on Cristante for Jorginho.
62' CHANCE! Soucek wanders into the area to the left of goal before offloading towards the edge of the area. Kral runs onto the short pass before drilling a right-footed strike just wide of goal to the left. Donnarumma scrambled across but he seemed to have it covered if the effort was on target.
M. Vydra
J. Jankto
61' Alongside Sevcik's introduction, Vydra also replaces Jankto.
P. Ševčík
L. Masopust
61' Silhavy makes a double change and sends on Sevcik for Masopust.
59' WIDE! Insigne whips in the resulting set-piece from the right-hand side and picks out Chiellini, who volleys wide of goal to the right with a left-footed strike. The Italian captain had so much time and space in the middle and he looks frustrated to not have extended the hosts' lead.
58' CLOSE! Spinazzola releases Insigne down the left-hand channel before he drives towards the left of goal before dancing around Soucek with ease. Insigne then looks for the far corner with a curling right-footed effort, which gets deflected just wide of the target by Brabec.
57' Since taking charge in May 2018, Mancini has the highest win rate of any Italy manager - coming out on top in over two-thirds of his 28 games to date - and his side have smashed in 67 goals and conceded just 14 during the process.
55' Spinazzola races in behind as he latches onto Chiellini's throughball. The left-back, however, has strayed into an offside position so the opportunity to attack goes amiss.
54' Florenzi overlaps Berardi and reaches the byline on the right, where he wins a corner for the hosts. Berardi picks out Insigne on the edge of the area but the forward volleys tamely into Pavlenka's hands with his right foot.
53' Locatelli catches Darida late from the back and if this wasn't a friendly then the Italian midfielder would likely be the first name in referee Tschudi's book. The referee spares Locatelli's caution, however, and just awards a free-kick.
52' Soucek carelessly gives away the ball but Locatelli can't capitalise as his pass forward is also wayward. The away side keep trying to play out from the back and Mancini's men are frequently regaining possession high up the pitch.
51' SAVE! Berardi powers past Boril before falling to the floor and the referee penalises the left-back as he awards a free-kick on the right-hand side. Berardi takes charge of the wide set-piece, smashing a low left-footed strike towards the bottom right corner, where Pavlenka turns around the post with a diving save.
50' Insigne offloads to Spinazzola, who twists and turns past Coufal before winning a corner on the left-hand side. The hosts go short from the corner and the chance to attack fades away as they opt to retain possession instead.
48' Berardi looks to pounce on a slice of fortune as a deflection releases him through the middle. Coufal is alert to the danger, however, as he races inwards to win back possession and play backwards.
47' Insigne nearly nips around Coufal straight after half-time but the right-back recovers well to make the tackle. Down the other end, Masopust crosses towards the back post before Boril scuffs a left-footed attempt well wide of goal to the left.
46' Referee Tschudi gets the second half underway!
P. Schick
M. Krmenčík
46' The final part of the triple change sees Schick come on up top in place of Krmencik.
D. Zima
O. Čelůstka
46' Celustka, whose deflection helped Immobile open the scoring, comes off for Zima.
T. Souček
A. Barák
46' Silhavy makes a triple change at half-time, the first of which sees Soucek replace Barak.
Mancini may ring the changes at half-time as he looks to experiment with more players in this final friendly before the European Championships next week. Silhavy, in contrast, needs a response from his men, who have been fairly lacklustre after a decent start to the game.
Despite Czech Republic starting the better of the two teams, it was Immobile who gave Italy the lead in the 23rd minute with a deflected strike past Pavlenka. With just three minutes to go before half-time, Barella doubled the hosts' lead with another deflected finish. Barring the opening spell of possession, the Italians have dominated this friendly and look good value for their two-goal advantage.
45' There will be just the two minutes of added time before half-time in this friendly.
44' The hosts have gone undefeated during their last 25 outings. Their impressive record looks set to carry on here.
42' Jorginho claims the assist with a simple pass to Barella, who then powered forward before seeing his right-footed attempt from the edge of the area deflect off Boril and into the back of the net. Pavlenka gets beat by another deflected strike and he will be wondering when his luck is going to change!
N. Barella
42' GOOOOOOALLL! 2-0 ITALY! Jorginho plays a short pass to Barella, who drives forward and reaches the edge of the area before slipping as he strikes a right-footed effort into the legs of Boril. Courtesy of the left-back’s deflection, Barella’s effort loops into the bottom left corner, via the help of the post. Pavlenka scrambles across, however, he is powerless to stopping the hosts from doubling their lead.
40' CHANCE! Berardi intercepts on the right flank and finds Locatelli, who offloads to Immobile immediately. Insigne overlaps to the left of goal and Immobile plays a delicate throughball. Despite being unmarked, Insigne overruns the chance and can only drill a low left-footed effort wide of Pavlenka's goal.
38' Coufal tries to drill a low cross towards the near post from the right-hand channel but Donnarumma is on hand to collect in front of Krmencik again.
36' Chiellini heads towards goal from the resulting corner but Pavlenka punches away with ease. The Czech goalkeeper could have perhaps caught the effort, however, he gets away with the punch nevertheless.
35' Insigne surges forward and runs at Coufal before sliding in Berardi. The forward, from the left of goal, looks to cross but Brabec blocks his efforts to concede a corner.
33' Referee Tschudi blows his whistle and the players wander off to the touchline for a pre-arranged drinks break.
32' Immobile's opening goal means that Czech Republic have kept only two clean sheets in their last 16 matches. 
31' Florenzi has acres of space on the right-hand side but he slips as he tries to whip in a cross. Since Immobile's opener, the visitors haven't seen possession and Mancini's men are looking good value for their lead now.
30' Insigne twists and turns to the left of goal, however, Coufal still manages to block his attempted shot. Barella then tries to cross from the right flank and Brabec flicks a headed clearance away to the right.
28' WIDE! Barella drives his team forward as he passes the halfway line and powers into the right-hand channel. He then looks for Immobile at the back post with a curling right-footed cross. The forward looks to place a diving header back across goal but he gets the connection wrong and his attempt goes wide of goal to the left.
27' Insigne is clean through on goal if Locatelli can get his pass right but the midfielder doesn't and Brabec intercepts near the halfway line. Without the centre-back's interventions there, Insigne would have been one-on-one with Pavlenka.
25' The visitors perhaps shaded the opening stages of this game but it is the Italians who take the lead. Brabec cuts a frustrated figure out in the middle as he still looks to be considering his mistake for Immobile's opener.
C. Immobile
23' GOOOOOOOALLL! 1-0 ITALY! Immobile takes his time from the left of goal, cutting inside before rolling a right-footed finish past Pavlenka, with the help of a deflection by Celustka. Initially, Brabec’s poor defensive header couldn’t clear an Insigne cross from the left-hand side and that allowed the Italian forward a chance to sneak in and he pounced on the opportunity.
22' Barak ghosts inside and looks for the far corner with a left-footed strike but Chiellini does well to block in front of goal before Donnarumma is required.
21' After two minutes or so of medical attention for Bonucci, the centre-back limps off the pitch to have some more treatment on the touchline. Whether fit or not, that's not what Mancini will want to see a week before the European Championships start.
18' Krmencik pulls Bonucci down and the referee awards the home side a free-kick. The centre-back stays on the floor, indicating a problem with his leg as Krmencik caught him on the way down. The home side's medical team rush on to treat the defender, who appears to be in considerable pain.
17' Krmencik sees Donnarumma off his line and tries an ambitious volley from the best part of 45 yards. The hosts' goalkeeper doesn't appear concerned as he moves backwards before watching the forward's effort sail over his goal and out for a goal-kick.
16' Immobile can't quite get to Insigne's cross from the left flank and the loose ball rolls out to Locatelli, who drags a right-footed attempt well wide of Pavlenka's goal.
14' Boril has the chance to launch a long throw-in into the box and he does so as he sets his sights on the near post. Czech Republic have a few men ready to challenge, however, Donnarumma again shows his ability as he towers above his defenders to claim the ball and command his area.
13' Immobile needlessly fouls Barak to the right-hand side of midfield and the visitors get a free-kick in a decent position. Jankto whips in the resulting set-piece but Donnarumma races out confidently to punch away the cross.
12' Referee Tschudi stops the game and insists Chiellini leaves the pitch temporarily to get treated for a bleeding nose. The Italian captain does so before returning moments later in a new shirt.
11' The Azzurri have secured 2-0 victories in all of their last five matches in all competitions.
10' OVER! Immobile wanders towards the left of goal and Insigne pokes a low right-footed pass towards his team-mate. Immobile escapes the attentions of Brabec, however, he can only power a left-footed effort both high and wide of Pavlenka's goal from inside the box.
9' CHANCE! Barella knocks through the middle for the run of Insigne, who makes it into the area before being crowded out by two Czech defenders. If the Italian attacker was a bit quicker there he could have been one-on-one with Pavlenka but the chance goes amiss for the hosts.
8' Krmencik runs towards the front post and Florenzi is forced into giving away the first corner of the game. Jankto takes the set-piece, however, Locatelli blocks well to avert any potential danger for the home side.
6' Florenzi smashes through the back of Jankto and gives away a foul inside the Czech half on the left-hand side. Barella also stays down from an earlier tackle but gets up without requiring any further medical attention.
4' The visitors have started well, with Jankto drilling another low cross across the face of goal. Donnarumma can't get near to the winger's ball in, however, Spinazzola hooks away a clearance at the far post.
3' From the other flank this time, Jankto has tons of time to get his head up and cross towards the back post. Darida heads downwards but his effort is tame and trickles comfortably into the hands of Donnarumma.
2' Masopust swings in a cross from the right-hand side but Donnarumma comes out with real authority to collect the ball in front of Krmencik.
1' Referee Lionel Tschudi gets this friendly underway!
These two sides last met back in 2013 in the European qualifiers of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Italy won that affair 2-1, thanks to goals from Chiellini and Mario Balotelli.
Jaroslav Silhavy opts for five changes to his last team that faced Wales in March. Pavlenka replaces Vaclik in goal, while Soucek and the injured Tomas Holes drop out in midfield for Barak and Kral. Further forward, Krmencik starts instead of Schik and Masopust comes in for Lukas Provod.
Mancini changes his full starting line-up in the last of Italy’s friendlies. The hosts opt for experience with Bonucci and Chiellini at the back in front of Donnarumma. Up top, Insigne and Berardi join Immobile, in what looks to be Mancini’s probable line-up for the first game of the European Championships.
SUBS: Jakub Pesek, Petr Sevcik, Tomas Vaclik, Matej Vydra, Tomas Pekhart, Ales Mandous, Michal Sadilek, Ales Mateju, David Zima, Tomas Soucek, Patrik Schick, Pavel Kaderabek.
CZECH REPUBLIC (4-2-3-1): Jiri Pavlenka; Vladimir Coufal, Jakub Brabec, Ondrej Celustka, Jan Boril; Vladimir Darida, Alex Kral; Jakub Jankto, Antonin Barak, Lukas Masopust; Michael Krmencik.
SUBS: Bryan Cristante, Salvatore Sirigu, Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Federico Chiesa, Alex Meret, Andrea Belotti, Federico Bernardeschi, Matteo Pessina, Francesco Acerbi, Emerson, Rafael Toloi, Giacomo Raspadori.
ITALY (4-3-3): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Alessandro Florenzi, Leonardo Bonucci, Giorgio Chiellini, Leonardo Spinazzola; Nicolo Barella, Jorginho, Manuel Locatelli; Domenico Berardi, Lorenzo Insigne, Ciro Immobile.
This is Czech Republic’s first friendly since the end of the 2020-21 campaign. The visitors then face Albania in Prague next week before their group-stage clash with Scotland at Hampden Park. In World Cup qualifying action, results against Estonia and Belgium proved encouraging before a disappointing defeat to Wales.
After a 7-0 crushing of San Marino, Italy have one final fixture before the European Championships start. Roberto Mancini confirmed his final 26-man squad in midweek and will see this game as one final opportunity to evaluate his squad before the tournament starts.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the international friendly between Italy and Czech Republic.