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Key Events

R. Sottil
2 - 1
A. Pulido
Penalty Miss
B. Drągowski
Penalty Save
G. Simeone
A. Terzić
1 - 1
J. López
A. Pulido
0 - 1

Match Stats

46% 53%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 10 6
Total Passes 415 484
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That will do it for our live coverage of this International Champions Cup match between Fiorentina and Chivas! We hope you enjoyed following along, and will join us again soon!
As for what's next for these sides, Fiorentina will next face Arsenal as they continue their International Champions Cup adventure, while Chivas will face Benfica as they further prepare for the start of the Liga MX season.
It was largely a match of two halves with Chivas often the protagonists in the first half, but Fiorentina the better side in the second. It didn’t take long for La Viola to show their class either as, just six minutes after the break, Sottil turned and fired a terrific, curling shot into the bottom-left corner of goal. From there, Fiorentina had plenty of chances despite substituting almost their entire team, and Vlahovic looked the most likely to score, coming incredibly close on multiple occasions. They never did manage to extend their lead though, and Chivas nearly took advantage with a Huerta strike that missed just wide of goal. On balance, Fiorentina were the better side and leave deserved winners.
90' + 4' FULL-TIME: Fiorentina 2-1 Chivas
C. Koffi
Tòfol Montiel
90' + 2' Rather than risking the player any further, Montiel is replaced by Koffi.
90' + 2' Montiel walks off the pitch of his own volition, though he may not be able to continue.
90' Montiel lands awkwardly on his ankle and play stops as the medical team jog onto the pitch.
C. Huerta
Yellow Card
88' Just seconds after nearly scoring, Huerta is shown yellow for running through the back of Saponara.
87' CHANCE! Huerta trapped the ball well on the edge of the box and fired a curling effort that seemed destined for the bottom-left corner of goal, but missed just wide!
86' All of Fiorentina's players are in their own half as they try to hold onto the 2-1 win.
83' Chivas are pushing forward now as they try to find a levelling goal.
81' After failing to do so in the first half, Fiorentina have held the majority of possession (51 per cent) since the break.
E. Lakti
Yellow Card
78' Lakti pulled Gonzalez back in midfield, and the former is shown yellow.
C. Huerta
A. Pulido
78' Pulido, who missed a penalty chance for Chivas, is now withdrawn for Huerta.
M. Mayorga
J. Sánchez
78' Mayorga will now enter the match as Sanchez departs.
W. Sandoval
J. López
78' Lopez is replaced by Sandoval for Chivas.
A. Briseño
O. Alanís
77' Antonio Briseno comes onto the pitch as Alanis comes off it.
76' There are now just two players on the pitch that started this match for Fiorentina (Dragowski and Ranieri).
P. Hristov
F. Ceccherini
73' Hristov is the next player to enter this match as Cecchirini is taken off.
E. Lakti
S. Cristóforo
73' Another change by Fiorentina as Cristoforo is replaced by Lakti.
B. Dabo
L. Venuti
73' Dabo comes on for Venuti for La Viola.
A. Cervantes
D. Villalpando
73' Cervantes enters the fray with Villalpando the player to make way.
72' CHANCE! Vlahovic is denied by Gudino once more after the former was slipped in behind yet again! It hasn't resulted in a goal yet, but you have to feel that one is coming from Fiorentina sooner rather than later.
F. Ceccherini
Yellow Card
70' Ceccherini leaves a leg out on Lopez, and the former is shown yellow because of it.
69' CHANCE! Vlahovic was played into the penalty area and, from a tight angle, hammered a shot that rattled the crossbar but stayed out!  How unlucky!
67' Montiel drifts in from the right, and unleashes a curling left-footed effort... that sails right into the waiting arms of Gudino.
65' During the substitutions, Benassi limped down the tunnel after coming off the worse after a 50-50 challenge with a Chivas player.
D. Vlahović
G. Simeone
63' Vlahovic comes on for Simeone who scored Fiorentina's first goal of the match.
S. Żurkowski
M. Benassi
62' Benassi, who was being worked on by the training staff, is taken off with Zurkowski the replacement.
Tòfol Montiel
R. Sottil
62' Sottil, who scored an excellent goal for Fiorentina, goes off with Cristobal Rodriguez entering the fray.
M. Pérez
J. Molina
62' Perez comes on to replace Molina for Chivas.
J. González
O. Peralta
61' Peralta makes way for Gonzalez as Chivas make another change.
R. Gudiño
A. Rodríguez
61' A change in goal from Chivas as Rodriguez makes way for Gudino.
60' Brizuela cuts into the penalty area and tries to cut a ball back towards Pulida that's blocked by Fiorentina, and then cleared.
58' Simeone breaks through the backline again, though this time he sees the flag raised for offside.
57' Simeone seemed to be in on goal, but a heavy touch just ran away from him at the crucial moment and Rodriguez smothers it.
54' Cristoforo is upended just outside of the penalty area, and Fiorentina will have a free-kick from a near perfect position.
R. Sottil
52' GOOALLL!!!! FIORENTINA TAKE THE LEAD! After a Benassi shot was deflected away by Rodriguez, Sottil ran onto the ball and buried a curling strike into the bottom-left corner of the goal! Great pair of chances for La Viola there, and the latter was finished excellently! Fiorentina 2-1 Chivas
51' Fiorentina have now had three players shown yellow today, and they'll need to be more careful if they want to end this match with 11 men on the pitch.
G. Simeone
Yellow Card
49' Simeone is shown yellow after swiping at the legs of Mier. The paperwork is starting to pile up for the referee.
48' Play has been a bit choppy to start the half as the substitutes have yet to settle.
46' The referee's whistle sounds once more, and this match is back underway!
R. Saponara
G. Castrovilli
46' Another change in the Fiorentina midfield as Castrovilli makes way for Saponara.
J. Báez
V. Eysseric
46' Baez replaces Eysseric in the Fiorentina midfield.
D. Hancko
A. Terzić
46' Terzic, who had a busy day with both an assist and a penalty conceded, is withdrawn for Hancko.
It would be safe to assume that we will see loads of changes from both sides in the second half, since there are unlimited substitutions in this friendly competition.
It was an interesting first half of football that ends with honours level. Fiorentina got off to an excellent early start, controlling the wide areas, but they failed to capitalise on their early success. Rather, it was Chivas who, after taking control of the midfield, scored the opening goal in the 25th minute from a deflected strike by Lopez. Just minutes later, though, Simeone brought Fiorentina back level with a flicked header in the 27th minute. Chivas had a chance to take the lead again 10 minutes later, but Pulido failed to convert from the penalty spot and saw the score stay level. While there has clearly been some rust on some of these players, there have been some spectacular moments thus far and, hopefully, there will be plenty more in the second half.
45' + 1' HALF-TIME: Fiorentina 1-1 Chivas
L. Ranieri
Yellow Card
45' Ranieri goes through the back of Peralta, and is shown yellow for his efforts.
45' There will be one minute of added time.
43' Chivas with a run of possession in the opposing third now, as they look to find a way through the Fiorentina defence.
41' Things are starting to slow a bit as we draw nearer to half-time.
39' Benassi is on the receiving end of a heavy challenge, and Fiorentina will have a free-kick in their own half.
Penalty Miss
37' PENALTY MISS! Pulido stepped up from the spot and, after a sizeable hop, hit the ball slowly into the chest of Dragowski who had it covered the whole way! Embarrassing attempt from the Chivas man.
B. Drągowski
Penalty Save
36' Penalty Save Bartłomiej Drągowski
A. Pulido
Penalty Miss
36' Penalty Miss Alan Pulido Izaguirre
A. Terzić
Yellow Card
35' Terzic is shown yellow for his handball in the penalty area.
35' PENALTY CALLED! Molina tried a shot from range that hit the hand of Terzic and the referee immediately pointed to the spot!
32' CHANCE! Eysseric slipped Benassi in behind the defence and the latter tried to sneak a shot past Rodriguez, but the 'keeper did well to block the attempt! Fiorentina are really applying the pressure now.
29' CHANCE! Simeone shapes his body and curls an excellent strike towards goal that Rodriguez just managed to push wide with a fantastic diving effort!
A. Terzić
27' From a free-kick, Terzic sent in a fantastic cross that found Simeone at the front post, and the striker headed the ball low and into the back of the net!
G. Simeone
27' GOOALLLL! Fiorentina bring things level! Just seconds after the Chivas goal, Simeone powered a header low and past Rodriguez off of an excellent ball in from Terzic! Things are certainly getting interesting now! Fiorentina 1-1 Chivas
J. Sánchez
Yellow Card
26' Sanchez is shown yellow after a particularly heavy challenge on Sottil.
A. Pulido
25' Izaguirre is awarded the assist after laying the ball off to Lopez in the midfield before the latter's effort from distance was deflected and wound up in the back of the net! 
J. López
25' GOOALLLL!!!! Lopez struck the ball from distance and, after a big deflection off of Ceccherini, it left the 'keeper wrong-footed and rolled into the bottom-left corner! Not exactly the best goal you'll ever see, but Chivas now lead! Fiorentina 0-1 Chivas
24' Fiorentina earn the first corner of the match after a Benassi shot was deflected behind by Chivas.
22' After an initial slow start, Chivas have taken control of the midfield, having boasted over 55 per cent of possession thus far.
20' A long ball is played over the top to Brizuela on the right who then flicks the ball over his defender before crumpling to the ground. The referee doesn't view the incident as a foul, however, and play continues.
18' Sanchez bowls over Simeone from behind, and the former is called for the foul.
16' PENALTY SHOUT! Castrovilli goes down in the box, it looks like a penalty.... oh, but the flag is up! There was an offside prior to the foul and it will be a free-kick to Chivas!
13' Chivas are growing back into the match now after a slow start.
11' CHANCE! Pulido races down the left and sends in an early cross that found Brizuela at the back post, but the latter just couldn't turn his effort on goal! 
9' Brizuela launches a volley from the edge of the penalty area that was always rising and soars above the crossbar.
8' Castrovilli, who has been able to do whatever he's wanted down the wing thus far, opts to cut inside and try a shot of his own that trickles harmlessly into the arms of Rodriguez.
6' CHANCE! Castrovilli broke down the right, and sent in a low cross that Simeone could only get a toe to, with the ball eventually rolling wide for a Chivas goal-kick.
4' An early cross is sent in towards Simeone who was making a run to the front post, but the ball was played a little too close to Rodriguez who secures it.
2' For those interested, Fiorentina are wearing all white, while Chivas don an all-red strip.
1' Referee Rubiel Vazquez blows his whistle, and this match is underway!
Both teams are out on the pitch. Not long to go until kick-off now!
Chivas, interestingly, are the only Liga MX side where every player is Mexican as they do not allow foreign players to play for the club.
Chivas are just a week away from the start of the Liga MX season and the line-up today certainly reflects that with six players that start today also having played in their side's final match of last season as well. The most important one, though, is surely Alan Pulido who will be leading the line today. The striker was the most prolific member of his club’s attack in 2018/19, leading them in goals, shots on target, and chances created last season. Can Pulido make the difference in this match?
There will certainly be a different look to Fiorentina both tonight, and this year on the whole. Last season, Fiorentina saw significant contributions from Luis Muriel, Marko Pjaca, Gerson, and Edimilson Fernandes, but all have now returned to their parent clubs ahead of the 2019/20 campaign. Whether or not there will be significant incomings to replace those players for La Viola remains to be seen, but we will certainly be seeing plenty of new Fiorentina faces throughout this tournament.
Chivas substitutes: Raul Gudino, Carlos Villanueva, Alexis Vega, Alan Torres, Gael Sandoval, Alan Cervantes, Alejandro Zendejas, Antonio Torres, Alejandro Mayorga, Michael Perez, Miguel Ponce, Guillermo Madrigal, Jose de Jesus Gonzalez, Miguel Basulto, Cesar Huerta, Hedgardo Marin, Fernando Beltran, Ronaldo Cisneros, Antonio Briseno.
Chivas (4-3-3): Jose Rodriguez; Jose Van Rankin, Hiram Mier, Oswaldo Alanis, Jesus Sanchez; Javier Lopez, Jesus Molina, Dieter Villalpando; Oribe Peralta, Alan Pulido, Isaac Brizuela.
Fiorentina substitutes: Nicky Medja Beloko, Pietro Terracciano, Bryan Dabo, Nikola Milenkovic, Jacob Rasmussen, Vitor Hugo, Riccardo Saponara, Erald Lakti, Jaime Baez, Szymon Zurkowski, David Hancko, Tofol Montiel, Petko Hristov, Cristiano Biraghi, Niccolo Chiorra, Christian Koffi, Federico Chiesa, Dusan Vlahovic.
Fiorentina (4-3-3): Bartlomiej Dragowski; Lorenzo Venuti, Federico Ceccherini, Luca Ranieri, Aleksa Terzic; Marco Benassi, Sebastian Cristoforo, Gaetano Castrovilli; Valentin Eysseric, Giovanni Simeone, Riccardo Sottil.
Now, let’s take a look at the team news!
Neither side had the campaign they would have wanted in 2018/19 with both Fiorentina and Chivas failing to manage a top-half finish in their domestic leagues.
Hello, and welcome to our live coverage of this International Champions Cup match between Fiorentina and Chivas!