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90' + 3'
1 - 2
C. Biraghi
Yellow Card
Yellow Card
D. Vlahović
G. Castrovilli
1 - 1
H. Seferović
Raúl de Tomás
0 - 1

Match Stats

48% 51%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 8
Total Passes 500 528
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That concludes our commentary of the International Champions Cup fixture between Fiorentina and Benfica! We hope you enjoyed it!
Fioretina’s ICC is over, and they will be in action next on August 3, when they play Livorno in a friendly. Benfica finish their International Champions Cup campaign on Saturday, when they play Milan.
Caio’s late smashed volley gives Benfica a last-gasp 2-1 victory over Fiorentina, who finish their ICC tournament with two losses in a row. The Portuguese champions started the better side and gained the lead through Seferovic, before Vlahovic’s equaliser on the half-hour mark brought parity to the match once again. The appearance of Chiesa in the second half boosted his side’s confidence, but a raft of late changes killed the momentum heading into the final 10 minutes. It looked certain for penalties, but Caio’s heroics at the 94th minute give Benfica their second win on the bounce in the competition.
90' + 3' Chiquinho’s inch-perfect cross looks to be the assist for the match-winning goal!
90' + 3' BENFICA SURELY WIN THE MATCH WITH WHAT MAY BE THE LAST KICK OF THE GAME! 2-1! Fiorentina’s centre-backs are pulled horribly out of position as Chiquinho crosses to the far post for Caio, who smashes an absolute thunderbolt of a half-volley into the roof of the net!
90' + 1' The fourth official indicates an additional three minutes at the end of the 90 for stoppages.
88' Eysseric looks to play Baez through on goal, but he somehow contrives to hit the easy delivery with too much pace as it rolls in front of the winger and out for a goal-kick.
86' A Benfica free-kick is taken to the far post where a backwards header trickles out to Jota. The player rides two challenges and has a shot, but it's put centrally - making it easy for Dragowski.
84' What looked to be a lively final 10 minutes has turned into a slow and limp finish, with both sides keeping the ball in midfield. Just a reminder that there is no extra-time and the match will finish in a shoot-out with the winner receiving two points and the loser earning one.
Rafa Silva
81' Caio will look to influence the result in his time on the pitch, coming in for Rafa.
81' Gabriel won’t finish the game as Jota takes his spot in midfield.
Raúl de Tomás
80' De Tomas’ finishes the night without a goal despite looking promising, as Chiquinho gets a chance.
E. Lakti
M. Benassi
80' Benassi’s evening comes to an end with 10 minutes remaining, with Lakti his replacement.
J. Báez
S. Cristóforo
80' Cristoforo did not impact the game meaningfully in the first 80 minutes, so perhaps Baez can do better in his cameo.
B. Dabo
L. Venuti
80' Fiorentina make a trio of substitutions, with the first one in defence, as Venuti is replaced by Dabo.
78' The raft of substitutions has killed Fiorentina’s momentum heading into the final 10 minutes as they’ve not moved forward with the same intensity. Benfica are starting to show a little bit more once again, with Taarabt looking quite tidy in possession.
76' De Tomas finds Taarabt just outside the penalty area, but the midfielder’s curled effort towards the top corner goes just wide of the intended target.
L. Fejsa
Florentino Luís
74' Fesja enters the pitch, relieving Pizzi - and gains the captain’s armband in the process.
A. Taarabt
74' Luis’s evening comes to an end as Taarabt comes on in his place.
72' It’s end-to-end stuff as Benfica’s counter-attack ends prematurely due to a poor cross from Seferovic after Rafa had run the length of the pitch, only for Simeone to be denied at the other end after a clever Chiesa reverse-pass. It certainly does feel like we’ll get a winner in 90 minutes tonight.
70' A Benfica corner isn’t cleared properly as it comes out to Gabriel on the edge of the penalty area. The midfielder smashes a volley towards Dragowski with ferocious pace, but it goes wide of the target.
V. Eysseric
G. Castrovilli
68' Castrovilli’s evening is over as Eysseric comes on in his place.
S. Żurkowski
R. Saponara
68' Saponara has really impressed in midfield, but he’ll make way for Zurkowski.
G. Simeone
D. Vlahović
68' Simeone does make an appearance in this match, replacing Vlahovic who has Fiorentina’s goal tonight. 
P. Hristov
N. Milenković
68' Milenkovic is replaced in defence by Hristov with 22 minutes remaining.
C. Biraghi
Yellow Card
67' The fifth yellow card is shown to Biraghi for pulling Rafa back in order to stop a Benfica counter-attack.
65' Chiesa wins a corner after trying to get through three Benfica defenders who all swarm the electric winger immediately. Saponara’s ensuing corner is a poor one, played straight to Svilar who catches confidently.
63' Fiorentina are holding onto possession in midfield, looking for an opening as Benfica press with every pass. They do win the ball back through Rafa who wriggles into the penalty area, only to see his blocked from close range by Dragowski.
60' Fiorentina have come out very positively in the second half, attacking with much more confidence since the entrance of Chiesa. The Benfica defence seem unable to keep up any longer with the pace of the wide players, who are getting great service from Saponara.
58' Biraghi hits the free-kick low towards the first man, who is unable to flick it on towards the far post as the set-piece is wasted.
Yellow Card
57' Gabriel catches Saponara late and gives away a free-kick just outside the right-hand corner of the penalty area - earning himself a yellow card in the process.
55' BRILLIANT FROM RAFA BUT IT GOES JUST WIDE! Rafa cuts inside from the left and plays a lovely one-two with Gabriel which gets the winger on his preferred right foot. His curling effort flies dangerously close to the goal but ultimately misses the target.
53' Grimaldo finds Seferovic at the far post, and the striker is once again allowed to attack it as the Fiorentina defence watches nonchalantly. Fortunately for Dragowski, it rolls across his goal and out for a goal-kick.
L. Ranieri
Yellow Card
50' Ranieri is booked for dissent following a disagreement over a Benfica free-kick in midfield.
49' BENASSI HAS SOMEHOW MISSED AN OPEN NET! Vlahovic gets into the penalty area and drags the only centre-back in the area towards him. Svilar comes off his line too and the shot is blocked by the goalkeeper, which sends it to the far post. Benassi has time to shoot at the open goal, but somehow manages to loop it over the crossbar from two feet out!
Rafa Silva
Yellow Card
48' Rafa is booked early in the second half for a handball during an attempt to intercept a Fiorentina pass.
46' Fiorentina get the match restarted from the kick-off! 
B. Drągowski
P. Terracciano
46' Dragowski is in goal for the second half, giving Terraciano the rest of the evening off.
C. Biraghi
A. Terzić
46' Terzic is replaced by Biraghi at half-time.
F. Chiesa
R. Sottil
46' Montella gives his star player a chance to stretch his legs as Chiesa enters the fray in place of Sottil.
M. Svilar
I. Zlobin
46' Benfica change their goalkeepers at the half, with Svilar replacing Zlobin.
Montella should take comfort knowing that his side are still in the match despite not starting arguably their two most important forwards in Simeone and Chiesa. The defence will certainly need changing however if La Viola want to secure a result. For Benfica, a number of young, exciting attacking options line the bench, should Bruno Lage wish to switch the partnership up top.
Fiorentina and Benfica enter the half-time interval level at 1-1 after Seferovic’s strike on nine minutes was cancelled out by a Vlahovic strike just before the half-hour mark. Benfica lead in shots and possession statistics while looking the more composed side, but Fiorentina grew into the match and looked to trouble the Benfica defence - forcing Zlobin into a wonderful save from a goal-kick. The defence, however,  has allowed Benfica several chances to retake the lead, with De Tomas looking the most likely.
45' The fourth official indicates an additional minute of stoppage time at the end of the first half.
43' Vlahovic gets into the penalty area after a pass from Castrovilli, but the shot across his body is hit weakly, allowing Zlobin to smother.
41' Nuno Tavares looks to turn Terzic and get into the penalty area, but the Fiorentina left-back impresses once again and blocks his path, letting it roll out for a goal-kick.
Rúben Dias
Yellow Card
39' Ruben Dias is booked for a deliberate bodycheck on Vlahovic. It’s a dangerous challenge, deserving of a yellow.
37' De Tomas stays onside despite the entire Fiorentina stopping after a cross from Grimaldo gets overtop the back line. The striker even seems surprised as he hesitates for a moment before having a strike which is blocked out for a corner.
35' Sottil gets on the ball and uses a quick change of pace to get through the Benfica midfield. His final pass to Vlahovic is poor, but it filters out to Benassi whose long-range effort goes harmlessly wide.
33' De Tomas is allowed to rise in the penalty area to meet a cross from the right due to some lax defending from Ranieri once again, but the striker glances it wide of the far post.
31' Fiorentina have found themselves back in the match, but Benfica have dominated the match, save for the last five or so minutes. La Viola look to be growing in confidence though - at least going forward.
G. Castrovilli
29' Castrovilli finds the striker with a wonderful pass, putting him in position to score.
D. Vlahović
29' FIORENTINA MAKE IT 1-1! A simple pass to the edge of the penalty area finds Vlahovic, who shifts his weight to make some space before wrong-footing the goalkeeper with a deflected shot that beats him in the bottom corner!
27' WHAT A SAVE FROM ZLOBIN! The free-kick is curled to the far post by Terzic, and it looks to be going in at the top corner, but Zlobin comes across and reaches with his left to tip it just over the bar!
26' Fiorentina win a free-kick somewhat fortunately after Sottil slows down a quick build-up, but forces Pizzi to bring him down from behind. It’s just outside the penalty area - in dangerous range for a shot.
24' WHAT A SAVE FROM TERRACCIANO! Grimaldo swings a cross towards the penalty spot for an open De Tomas, who has the time to shape his body before hitting a first-time volley with the instep of his right foot. The Fiorentina goalkeeper leaps to his far post and pushes it around the post with his fingertips!
22' Terzic begins the Fiorentina build-up by putting the ball through the legs of Nuno Tavares in a pass to Castrovilli, but his final ball into the penalty area is too close to Zlobin who clutches it in his arms.
20' Sottil flashes a cross to the near post after a lovely long pass from Saponara, but Ruben Dias comes across with a great slide to put it out for a corner.
19' Benfica are certainly the better side, constantly taking advantage of misplaced passes in the Fiorentina defence and midfield. Montella’s team look tentative as they try and build an attack.
17' Benfica work it to the right of Fiorentina’s penalty area via a Pizzi pass, but De Tomas’ pass across the face of goal isn’t met by a team-mate as Terracciano collects for a goal-kick.
15' Benfica work it to the right of Fiorentina’s penalty area via a Pizzi pass, but De Tomas’ pass across the face of goal isn’t met by a team-mate as Terracciano collects for a goal-kick.
13' Castrovilli plays a disguised pass into the penalty area for Saponara, whose reverse-pass is missed by both Benassi and Sottil.
11' Saponara has a strike from a long way out which bounces comfortably for Zlobin to collect.
H. Seferović
9' SEFEROVIC MAKES IT 1-0 BENFICA! De Tomas fires a low cross to the near post from the left-hand side, and Ranieri switches off, allowing Seferovic to get in front of him to tap it past Terracciano!
Raúl de Tomás
9' De Tomas intelligently kept his cross low, allowing his strike-partner to attack it at the near post for the assist.
7' This time it’s Terzic who gives it away near his penalty area, but he manages to block Pizzi’s cross with his face, sending out for a throw-in and saving Fiorentina’s blushes.
5' Venuti loses possession inside his own penalty area but De Tomas’ quick strike is blocked by a sliding Ranieri, who puts it out for a corner.
3' It’s a sloppy start as both teams are unable to retain possession in midfield. The two sides are pressing high and playing at pace, though perhaps too fast.
1' Benfica get the match underway from the kick-off. 
1' Fiorentina have found themselves back in the tie, but Benfica have dominated the match, save for the last five or so minutes. La Viola look to be growing in confidence though - at least going forward.
Benfica respond with two alterations of their own despite beating Chivas 3-0 last Saturday. Vlachodimos is dropped to the bench in favour of Zlobin in goal, and Rafa gets a start over Caio on the left wing.
La Viola make two changes from the side that lost 3-0 to Arsenal, with Terracciano replacing Dragowski in goal, and Milenkovic in for Ceccherini at centre-back. 
BENFICA SUBS: Jota, German Conti, Franco Cervi, Chiquinho, Caio, Andre Almeida, Lubomir Fesja, Andreas Samaris, Joao Ferreira, Tiago Dantas, Jardel, Adel Taarabt, Odisseas Vlachodimos, Andrija Zivkovic, Mile Svilar, Tyronne Ebuehi.
BENFICA XI (4-4-2): Ivan Zlobin ; Nuno Tavares, Ruben Dias, Ferro, Alejandro Grimaldo; Pizzi, Florentino Luis, Gabriel Pires, Rafa; Raul de Tomas, Haris Seferovic.
FIORENTINA SUBS: Cristiano Biraghi, Niccolo Chiorra, Nicky Medja Beloko, Giovanni Simeone, Jaime Baez, Bartlomiej Dragowski, Valentin Eysseric, Petko Hristov, Christian Koffi, Szymon Zurkowski, Tofol Montiel, Bryan Dabo, Federico Chiesa, David Hancko, Federico Ceccherini, Erald Lakti.
FIORENTINA XI (4-3-3): Pietro Terracciano; Aleksa Terzic, Luca Ranieri, Nikola Milenkovic, Lorenzo Venuti; Marco Benassi, Sebastian Cristoforo, Gaetano Castrovilli; Riccardo Sottil, Dusan Vlahovic, Riccardo Saponara.
With 15 minutes to go before kick-off, let's take a look at the team news, starting with Fiorentina. 
Benfica visit Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey after defeating Chivas 3-0 in their opener in Santa Clara. It was a strong showing from the champions of Portugal, who will finish their tournament on Sunday against Milan. With nine points still a possibility, Benfica are in with a real shout of topping the ICC table at its conclusion.
Fiorentina take to the pitch for the final time in the ICC, and will look to make it two wins out of three. Their campaign started off on the right foot with a 2-1 victory over Chivas, but a 3-0 thumping at the hands of Arsenal followed. Vincenzo Montella will be looking to rally his side as he will be hoping to use a strong preseason to bolster their hopes of bettering their 16th place finish last year in Serie A.
Good evening and welcome to our LIVE commentary of the International Champions Cup fixture between Fiorentina and Benfica!