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A. Hoole
Yellow Card
N. Boogaard
Yellow Card
Fábio Ferreira
C. Pain
2 - 0
D. Mullen
Yellow Card
N. Montgomery
C. Pain
1 - 0

Match Stats

52% 47%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 2
Total Passes 383 352
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Final Series
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FULL TIME; CENTRAL COAST MARINERS 2, NEWCASTLE JETS 0 - It's all over in Gosford and it's the Central Coast Mariners who have picked up their first F3 Derby victory for 911 days. With a display which lifts the hosts off the bottom, the damage could have been so much worse for the Jets who were outplayed by a quicker Mariners outfit. With a host of second half chances spurned, the Mariners did enough early damage to claim the spoils with a 2-0 win.
90' Three minutes of added time is confirmed.
84' CHANCE - Beautiful covering defence from the Mariners as Kantarovski releases an aerial through ball which sits up for Haliti. With Haliti getting inside Rose, the young Central Coast defender comes again, rounds his opponent and puts the ball out of play.
82' Newcastle not letting up as the Central Coast continue to push back further in defence. The hosts eventually scramble the ball upfield but it heads back into Newcastle territory as Haliti is asked to get on the end of a through ball. Roux intercepts cleanly though.
80' CHANCE - Now it's the Jets who have clicked into gear and are threatening to run riot. Out of nowhere it's Hoffman who works with Haliti before Nabbout is located. With the latter squaring a ball to the back post, Haliti squeezes off a shot from the right. Delivers it straight into side netting though.
78' SAVED - Izzo, who hasn't had a massive part to play in proceedings, now comes to the party for the Mariners. With Hoole again found in the left side of the box, he closes in on goal and tees off on a low volley which the Mariners custodian saves with his legs. Central Coast living dangerously.
76' CHANCE - What an opportunity for the Jets! With Hoole picked out well inside the left corner of the box, he closes in on Izzo before electing to cross. With a dangerous effort sent to the back post, it's Rose who sprints back in cover defence to clear it in front of Nordstrand.
73' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Kantarovski ON
71' For as dominant as they have been, the Mariners are still just one goal away from a potential disaster as Roux breaks down the right. Crafting a chance from 30 yards, it's delivered straight over the crossbar and doesn't trouble Duncan. Central Coast need one more you'd think.
66' CHANCE - Yet another forward foray and yet another opportunity spurned by the 'Coast as Ferreira releases Appiah. With O'Donovan arriving unmarked in the middle, Appiah takes a moment to pull the trigger and in that time, is closed down. Central Coast should be 4-0 or even 5-0 clear by now.
63' CHANCE - So many opportunities coming for the Mariners as O'Donovan picks up a loose ball and closes into the right side of the box. With Pain presenting centrally, O'Donovan doesn't see him and unloads himself. Straight past the side-netting from 12 yards.
61' CHANCE - So very close to being 3-0 for the Mariners as Newcastle cough up possession in defence. With Montgomery taking control, he sends a clean through ball upfield which falls to the feet of O'Donovan. Shaping to shoot from 10 yards, Jackson slides through beautifully to win the ball back.
59' CHANCE - Opportunity for the Mariners to break further clear as Pain shows his wares down the left. Seeing O'Donovan presenting, he tries to wheel in a cross which is semi-cleared by Jackson before Duncan pounces to pick it up. Central Coast lifting again; they look hungry.
56' CHANCE - An opening for Newcastle as Nabbout gets himself into the right channel and takes off. With room to move up front, he turns into the area and plays in Hoole. Scuffed initially, Hoole follows up his effort and from six yards, spoons a volley over the crossbar. Should've finished.
49' GOAL MARINERS; CENTRAL COAST MARINERS 2, NEWCASTLE JETS 0 - BANG! Central Coast double their advantage as their rampage upfield on the counter through Pain. With Pain keeping Ferreira onside, the latter closes in on goal, draws out Duncan and slides it into the bottom right corner.
46' Underway in the second half at Central Coast Stadium with the Mariners leading 1-0...
HALF TIME; CENTRAL COAST MARINERS 1, NEWCASTLE JETS 0 - We're done for the first half at Central Coast Stadium and this F3 Derby has plenty of life left in it. With the Mariners dominating in attack, they were rewarded for their work when Montgomery fired home a cracking drive just on the half-hour. Since, it's the Jets who have needed to get a move on however they've been well marshalled and controlled by a desperate Mariners defence. It's the 'Coast leading 1-0 at the interval.
45' CHANCE - Central Coast's best opportunity to extend their lead as they break upfield through the pace of Ferreira. With Ferreira then feeding Pain, the latter has an option to shoot early but elects to craft a chance late. Taken too late, it's sent towards the back post but hastily cleared.
43' PENALTY SHOUT - Even more drama now at Central Coast Stadium as Cowburn whips in a cross from the left which hits Rose. The original on-field decision is that it's play-on; subsequent replays confirm that the decision was correct. Looked to have hit Rose in the chest.
Yellow Card
41' YELLOW CARD JETS - Starting to heat up in the F3 Derby as Mullen now slides to ground and almost scythes down Montgomery. Seeing the challenge at the last moment, the Mariners skipper jockeys the challenge but still doesn't appreciate the intent.
39' DRAMA - We've got a talking point in this one now as a cross from the right channel looks to have flicked the hand of Jackson inside the Mariners penalty area. Mariners players are livid that the decision hasn't been given. If the VAR was utilised, it would be a spot kick to the hosts.
37' Once the dust has settled on Montgomery's challenge, it's the Jets who set up their free kick 20 yards from home. With Izzo marshalling his wall to stand firm, Poljak cracks in a venomous drive which is five yards over the crossbar.
Yellow Card
35' YELLOW CARD MARINERS - Montgomery's a little stunned with this effort as he tangles with Sawyer before the latter goes to ground inside the box. Whilst it's not a penalty, it's hardly a card-worthy offence as Montgomery pleads his case. He's got a point.
33' Another corner for the Jets and this one is a little shambolic as Cowburn trips over the corner flag in his first attempt. He's allowed to then retake the corner and delivers a ball to the back post which Jackson steers over from six yards.
30' GOAL MARINERS; CENTRAL COAST MARINERS 1, NEWCASTLE JETS 0 - Beautiful play from the Mariners as they work the ball intricately around the area. With Pain and Galloway combining, the final pass is turned back to Montgomery who opens up the angle and drives it into the bottom right corner from 20 yards.
28' CHANCE - And there's the best opportunity of the game as Nordstrand releases Mullen with an immaculate ball down the right. With acres of space to play with, Mullen sends a cross towards the back post which evades Izzo before being hustled out by Roux.
26' First time that the Jets have managed to get forward in a while as Nabbout's cross from the left is put out of play. With Cowburn taking the corner responsibility, he bends over a ball which is nodded well past the target by Ugarkovic.
24' Central Coast have now enjoyed 80% of possession over the past 10 minutes as they continue to dominate this contest. With Montgomery working with Rose, the latter tees up a through ball which just escapes the clutches of Pain inside the left side of the box.
21' PENALTY SHOUT - Heart in mouth stuff for the Mariners as Sawyer is released with a long ball and streaks off into the box. With him for company is Ascroft and as Sawyer shapes to shoot, he loses his footing. Jets fans half-plea for a penalty; it was never there though.
19' Brief pause in play for the Mariners as Pain asks for treatment after being taken down late by Mullen. Straight in front of the Central Coast bench, it's Okon who voices his displeasure at the fact it wasn't a card. Doesn't really have a point though; just silly.
17' Promise again from the locals as Berry works his way down the right before threading in a ball. With Boogaard slow to retrieve it, O'Donovan nips in from behind in order to win the hosts a corner. Ferreira's delivery from the left though is straight at Duncan. Disappointing.
15' Central Coast still on the front foot but they're lacking polish up front with consecutive forays amounting to nought. At first it's Berry whose cross meets absolutely no-one from 15 yards before Ascroft's late cross is sent back upfield by Ugarkovic.
13' Right idea here from Pain as he embarks on mazy run down Central Coast's left wing. With options presenting, Pain elects to take a touch too much. His run ends close to the byline as his intended late squareback is sent clear by Jackson.
11' A free kick for the Jets now in a promising position as the Mariners set up their defences. With 11 goals conceded from headers this year, the Central Coast ensure it's now 12 as Cowburn's inviting entry is put out of play by Roux.
8' CHANCE - Another nicely crafted chance from the Mariners as again it's Appiah pulling the strings. With a nutmeg inside the box, he tries to link up with O'Donovan. With his back to goal, O'Donovan tries a blind backheel which misses the mark by some distance.
5' These two teams come into this encounter and completely shocking form with the Mariners winless in their last six. If that's not bad enough, the Jets are actually without a win in their last eight. For one of these teams today, that stat may be altered. Unless of course it's a draw.
3' Central Coast with a salvo of their own as Appiah gallops down the right before hesitating on his next option. Creeping into the box, Appiah elects for a late cross which it's neither powerful nor troublesome for Duncan who collects at the near post.
2' First ping of the game comes from the Jets as Hoffman sees himself in room down the left. Able to close on goal, he pulls the trigger on a shot which bobbles awkwardly for Izzo but is taken comfortably enough.
1' We're underway in Gosford with Stephen Lucas the man in charge. It's the Mariners with first use and moving from right to left in the first half..
Newcastle Jets XI (4-2-1-3) Duncan, Mullen, Boogaard, Jackson, Cowburn, Poljak, Ugarkovic, Nordstrand, Hoffman, Sawyer, Nabbout. Substitutions - Hoole, Arcaba, Haliti, Vujica, Kantarovski.
Central Coast Mariners XI (4-1-2-3) Izzo, Roux, Ascroft, Rose, Galloway, Montgomery, Berry, Ferreira, Appiah, O'Donovan, Pain. Substitutions - Necevski, Neill, Buhagiar, Whyte, Bingham.
Welcome to Central Coast Stadium as Round 26 of the A-League concludes with an F3 Derby between the Central Coast Mariners and Newcastle Jets. With this game potentially allowing one side to pass the other the dreaded Wooden Spoon, the intensity is bound to be high between these great rivals. Kick-off is in 10 minutes with team news to follow.